12.12 Sale

12.12 Sale 


Considering how the last quarter garners online sales, 12.12 became the South-Asian version of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale, drawing excitement that precedes the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Local brands, online retailers, and stores are fired up with fantastic discounts for treating their loyal customers with something truly delicious before the year marks its end. The very famous 12.12 Sale event is brimful of overwhelming promos on your favorite categories and crafted to aid you in making the most of your money!

The Origin of 12.12

After the colossal success of the 11.11 Singles’ Day Sale, 12.12 Sale or Double 12 was launched by the retailing giant Alibaba as another important sale event of the year in 2005. Since then, it has fueled this shopping carnival with the extravagance of deals and offers that keep pouring in for a 24-hour window, adding a superfluous meaning to this amazing day.

Due to a large number of happy shoppers, 12.12 can safely be declared as one of the mega sale events of the year where shoppers get the opportunity to empty their wishlists.

When does the 12.12 Sale begin?

Taking the fact of how desperate the shoppers get as the Christmas Festivities approach, the 12.12 Sale goes live on December 12 every year and continues for an entire day in Australia.

It offers the shoppers a golden chance to pick anything that adds more to the merriment without guilt-tripping themselves for overspending. The purpose of hosting this event a week before Christmas serves the motive of smart festival shopping and reaping profits. 

Expectations about this Shopping Carnival

12.12 Sale is the last shopping titbit of the year to delight your Christmas festivities and to ensure that you make the most out of whatever is left before you enter into the New Year.

You’ll get access to your favorite e-commerce websites offering markdowns on electronics, consumer gadgets, clothing, travel, food, and fashion accessories along with gift sets as well. With a top-notch promotional strategy, various merchants withdraw great profits eventually delivering great discounts to the shoppers.   

Brands & Stores participating in 12.12 Sale

As the preparations for 12.12 online deals have already begun, we can safely assume that you’re going to be bombarded with vicious offers that will lure you into buying spectacular things. While you prep up for scouring the racks of the virtual stores like Cotton On, Slick Case, Rosegal, PrettyLittleThing, and others, these stores are brewing amazing deals for you and you can have look at them through our website.   

Get notified about the early bird offers! 

To keep the shopping frenzies hooked, the 12.12 Sale event assembles every element of surprise in order to plan a full package for the deal hunters!

And in order to not miss out on anything that has got your heart, you must keep regular tabs on the offers and discounts proffered by the online stores. You can do the same by subscribing to their mailing list or checking out CollectOffers from now and again! 

 When does the 12.12 Sale end?

For letting the shoppers check out everything freely, the 12.12 sale goes on for 24 hours starting exactly from 12 am on December 12 goes until midnight every year.

As the stores already list their offers and deals beforehand, you’ll be able to find the concerned products at the least possible prices. You’re advised to take a pick beforehand in order to avoid the rush that is experienced during the last hours of this shopping festival. 

 What inspired retailers for 12.12?

12.12 Sale is mostly about the retailers willing to glam up the days before Christmas by offering the shoppers amazing deals and discounts on the preferred categories. Being a follow-up version of 11.11 Singles’ Day, this shopping festival is laced with creativity and planning from the sellers’ end to attract new customers.

Assuming how the preparation for Christmas inspires the shoppers to go on a shopping spree, brands formulated various strategies to keep the customers engaged and gave birth to the concept of 12.12 Sale.  

Ideal hours to shop away from the 12.12 offers 

As you’re already aware of the fact that the buzz for 12.l2 Sale is getting the best of every shopper and being how reasonable it may, most shoppers tend to miss the real goodness due to the incompatibility of shopping.

Experts recommend that the most ideal time for you to shop during 12.12 is the late-night hours and you’re suggested not to drain out your resources before the peak sale time arrives. From flights, travel, kitchen appliances to household goods, 12.12 Sale promotion will cover it all.   

An accumulation of legit deals!

12.12 online sale brings forth a plethora of too good to be true deals that are specifically designed to add more spice to your celebrations. In such a case, shoppers often raise the question if the 12.12 sale is legit or not.

Nonetheless, you need not question the quality of the products and services bought during this sale event as the goodness of the brands participating in it is never compromised and remain 100% authentic.  

Tips to make the most of the 12.12 Sale!

As some of your favorite shopping destinations like Klook, Shein, Yoox, Boohoo, Sephora, and others are already running unmissable 12.12 offers on fashion, homeware, cosmetics, and skincare, and more categories, you need proper guidance for getting the maximum benefits. Given below are the certain points that you must consider while gearing up for the festive shopping:

Compare the prices 

Before you decide to check out any particular product that you spot in a store at a lesser price than usual, then be sure to compare its prices listed in other stores as well in order to get the maximum advantage. Once you have compared and decided, then you can finally move on to make a purchase.   

Know all about the 12.12 Sale  

Keep your eyes on the details of the 12.12 Sale if you want to know about the announcements, exclusive offers, and big news regarding this event. And it is quite simple to do that under one roof if you take a look at our website where all the merchants participating in this sale are listed. 

Add the desired products to the Wish-list 

Considering the crowd that rushes to extract the sale benefits when the 12.12 deals go live, you must avoid checking and researching over the products you want to buy at the last moment. Add whatever you want to buy to your wish list beforehand in order to avoid the last-minute rush.