7 Things Not To Miss In Port Campbell National Park

Post by Sameena Farooq | Aug 16, 2019



There are several attractions and national parks in Australia. If you happen to travel Australia then you will be welcomed by some best spots that satisfy you as a traveller. Let’s take a closer look at Australia’s top spot Port Campbell National Park attracting many tourists. Learn more about a few things not to miss in Port Campbell and make your trip memorable.


The Port Campbell National Park welcomes you and offering impressive coastal panorama, elite stonework arrangement and cliffs along with best-known features of the form seashore of Port Campbell National Park.

The maximum number of tourists visiting Australia makes sure they visit the famous Port Campbell National Park.


Reserved in 1864, now Port Campbell National Park covers 1830 hectares of coastal land between the Princetown and Peterborough, the scenery unique formation and sheer cliff are the best-known landmarks or Port.


On your visit to Australia, you will realize how right will be your decision to travel the Port Cambell National Park. Now, let’s dive into things you shouldn’t miss when in the Port Campbell National park.


1. Observe the London Bridge


The London Bridge is one popular and must-visit formation you must head to. Located in the west of Port Campbell on the Great Ocean Road, the London can be easily accessible passing through the Great Ocean Road and thereby it makes one of the must-visit tourist’s destinations where you can take some lovely pictures. To know more about the rock formations, you can read the billboards and know the geology behind it. You can easily reach here by booking a cab ride using Agoda Discount Code Australia.

2. Watch the Wildlife


The Port Campbell National Park offers habitat for a different range of wildlife species including several birds. You can spend your time watching wildlife and look skyward to spot Peregrine Falcons or walk take a walk near the beach and see terns and dotterels protecting themselves in locations. Many birds including Australasian Gannets, itinerant Albatrosses and Muttonbirds take a long flight in hurt for food. You can book your adventure tour watching wildlife from Klook Australia and use the unique Klook Discount Code on your bookings.


3. Stopover at the Twelve Apostles


Twelve Apostles is known as the most popular and iconic sight with an enduring image for most visitors to the Great Ocean Road. It attracts tourists and is a not-to-miss sight which can be explored at the last. Coming out from the ocean, the rocky stacks are a sight not to miss and especially when the waves hit the receding cliff. Now only seven apostles are left and seen from the platform linked by timber boardwalks.


4. Loch Ard Gorge


Near the Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge is also a spot you shouldn’t miss. This place is famous for its haunting and unfolded tale when two immature survivors of the broken iron clipper Loch Ard have survived to the shore.  You can even take a walk in the area through the path down to the charming beach and cave and take away the shelter. The trail will guide you to bets scenic landscapes, blowhole, rocky beach, and resorts to stay which you can book online using Agoda Promo Code.


5. Bay of Islands Coastal Park


For the most sweeping and lesser visited places, Past Peterborough is the best choice (located 12km west of Port Campbell) offering spectacular options with unbelievable coastal walks great seashore at Crofts Bay. You can even find a budget-friendly resort and hotel with a fantastic view and us the unqiue Hotels.com Discount Code on your stay.


6. Swimming / Diving Opportunities


There’s nothing you can afford to miss at Port Campbell National park. You could even get admittance to several diving opportunities near the sea or in local marine national parks and marine sanctuaries. You can book exciting swimming and diving fun activity at the breathtaking islands of Australia online using Klook Promo Code Code Australia and let your fun begin.

7. Notice the sound of the sea at the Thunder Cave


Many times you must have wondered why the cave is called with this name which you will realize when you visit one. At Port Campbell National park, you can witness the thunder sound when the seawater touches the rocks. The water is poured into the cave and sprayed upwards through the blowhole. The sight is a memory which you won’t want to miss out. To make it everlasting and memorable, you can find a hotel near it and use the unqiue Hotels.com Promo Code on your bookings and then anytime you wish to enjoy the surreal view, you can easily head to the cave.


Mark all these above places on your priority list and make sure you do not miss out any of the above things to do in Port Campbell National Park.