8 Beautiful Towns in Australia That Will Stay in Your Memories Forever

Post by Anupam Pandey | Nov 20, 2018

Australia is a real wonder of nature’s ecstatic richness that makes the country any traveller’s delight. If you have to see the real essence of any place, it is not just by those iconic places of sightseeing or those big decorated cities but is reflected in the inspiring beauty of its smaller towns too. Australia scores really high when it comes to the beauty and diversity that its smaller towns offer. The smaller towns offer a lot of features that define the unique character of a place. It would be one of the best ways to explore the genuine characteristics and aesthetics of any region.

The small towns are basically not as much popular as the big cities. This also means the tourists do no flock down those places and make them overcrowded. The fact is that there is a certain influence of tourism industry on any place if you visit any such place that does not has that impact, you will get to experience the true feeling of living in those places. Australia has a number of small but beautiful towns along with those major cities. A visit to any of these towns would be an absolutely wonderful experience as you will get to see many stunning things and explore society from a far more magnified vision. So book a trip to Australia using these Expedia Vouchers and avail exclusive discounts to save aplenty from your travel bills.

Here are 8 beautiful towns that you should visit on your next trip to Australia

Alice Springs in the Northern Territory

If you wish to visit a place far from the densely populated regions at a very remote location, Alice Springs would be an ideal choice for you. While the place is secluded and isolated to an extent, there is still enough juice to fulfil a travel’s expectation. Being said that, Alice Springs is a more apt option for the adventure seekers who would readily go for physically tiresome activities. This place has a notable significance in the tourism industry too due to its closeness with the iconic Uluru rock formation. There is hardly a landscape loving traveller who visits Australia and does not end up at Uluru. But remember, one has to walk across a long barren land full of dry and thorny bushes all over the place to reach the Uluru rocks. The other noteworthy place for adventure seekers and especially for the trekkers is the McDonnell Ranges. These ranges are made even more pleasant thanks to the exquisite gorges surrounding it. The place is an absolute gem for landscape photography and offers a lot of fun with its attractive walking trails. On the other hand, one also gets to experience the desert vistas too towards the Uluru rocks.

Broome in Western Australia

Broome is situated on the coasts of the Indian Ocean and it is one of the most famous places with lots of beautiful offerings. This place is popular due to its connection with the pearls. The town has a very Asian feel to it due to its closeness to the Asian region. A large number of the local population of Broome is indulged in exploration and trading of pearls. Even many of the tourists are interested in visiting the town for the same reason. But let me tell you, it is not just pearls which make this town appear in this list. Broome has a very unique nature unlike any of the other Australian regions and it is evident from every aspect, whether it is in its population, in the social lifestyle or the general architecture style. The influence of Asia is quite evident in every bit of it which differentiates it from the Australian mainland in its traits. The beaches of Broome are quite popular for surfing as the tides are relatively modest and consistent enough for water sports. There are many beaches out of which only a certain have the actual crowd of tourists. So you can chill around the others if you want solace experience.

Goolwa in Southern Australia

Almost no non-Australian would know about Goolwa and even many amongst the urban cities of Australia would also fail to have heard about it. But that does not take away the fact that it is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia and it is also blessed with many exquisite places for nature lovers. The town has the longest river in the country, the river Murray flowing through it. There is a fantastic trail for trekkers alongside it with loads of click-worthy sites that you would surely want to have in your travel album. The city has also got a number of notable art galleries with a great collection of arts and artefacts. The restaurants found in Goolwa offer really delicious food at reasonably modest prices. Add to it the coastal views on those sandy beaches and it becomes a complete package for travel lovers.

Kalgoorlie in Western Australia

Kalgoorlie is one of those typical towns where you can get the true feel of Australia and it is also a great place to experience how Australia might have looked like during the 19th century. This is due to the incredibly preserved locales of those times when it used to have the influence of Old West lifestyle. The town back in those times was primarily dependent on railroads and mining apart from those farmers who were thriving on agriculture. The town was once popular for its gold mines and was one of the more prosperous than most small towns of that period. There is a big amount of Gold still being mined in the town which makes it a great option for any traveller to witness an active gold mine. The city is also known for its lavish horse riding culture ever since the last century.

Port Douglas in Queensland

Port Douglas is a very small town which has been known for its fishing occupation ever since it was established. The town has very well developed shipping yards and the fisherman colonies along the coastline of this town. But apart from that, you can have plenty more action during the stay in this small town. There are many well-themed restaurants which have a very trendy and contemporary feel to them. You can also find some great stays over here with these Hotels.com Voucher Codes and spend your time without caring about the budget of stay because there are a lot of sites to cover in these small but explicitly viewable places all over the town. The beaches of Port Douglas are often flooded by the tourists and one could even find them cluttered by the heavy traffic of fishermen boats on uncertain days. Although you still have a bunch of option and the most famous of them is the visit to the Great Barrier Reef which the single largest living structure on the face of the planet and is visible from the space too. This also means you should be prepared with your diving suits too in order to see the reef under the water too.

Central Tilba | New South Wales

Central Tilba is a very renowned historic town that had gained a name for its old-school leatherwork and craftsmanship. There are many blacksmith and antique shops which you would find while walking down the streets of Tilba. It has also got a cheese factory which you must not miss if you too love cheese. The town and its surroundings have been carefully preserved and protected in order to sustain the true nature of the place. This is apparently a very nice location to revisit the genuine 19th-century towns of the region and feel the heritage and history around it.  Although, this town does not has its own coastline but it is still situated at a very close distance from some of the most exotic beaches of Australia.

Esperance in Western Australia

Esperance is a majestic beach destination which offers a ubiquitous coastline with white and clean sandy beaches. The ocean near the coastline has very clean and clear water which makes it a great spot for swimmers. There is heavenly pleasure in the place which cannot be explained in words. Most of the tourist who has been to Australia would readily agree that this is an ultimate and the most beautiful beach town of the country. It would not surprise me at all if some would call it the best in the entire world. This extremely gorgeous place has been a hub of surfers, swimmers and divers who come in big numbers to fulfil their fun adventures on its shores. This city is also known for its lush greenery and has been heavily surrounded by a dense vegetative cover. There are five places which have been reserved as national parks and each one of them is equally amazing and offers no lesser joy than the rest. You can visit these national parks for some adorable picturesque locales along its trekking trails. There are salt lakes found in the surroundings which are believed to offer a therapeutic impact on bathing. The place has been used as an active role in the creation of renewable energy especially through the number of wind turbines installed all over its exteriors territories. The city has gained a positive name for itself due to its commitment to promoting green renewable energy.

Yamba in New South Wales


Yamba is another fishing town known for its extremely nice weather which is maintained throughout the entire period of 12 months. This evergreen town is one of the best places to visit in Australia irrespective of the time or season when you are visiting. The place has a very cool friendly vibe which makes is a good option for family vacations too. The beaches of Yamba are generally flooded by Surfers all-round the year and it is complemented by the very supportive nature of tidal waves in the adjoining seascape. The town is also famous for whale and dolphin sightings and one could even find tours especially meant for the same purpose. Although it is recommended to try it only between the months of May to October to have a better chance of spotting whales in the adjoining ocean territories, still you will easily get to see Dolphins at almost any time of the year. This town is also known for its various exhibitions and events held for even the slightest of reasons. A number of dance programs are conducted in Yamba every year along with some art exhibitions and special trade fairs for farmers.