Cafes To Explore In Australia

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Jan 24, 2017

In a continent where over 70 tourists every weak overstay their visas, it won’t be wrong to say that Australians believe in the phrase “Live Life Large”. Yup, people here are carefree and dynamic; they know how to extract out the best from the life. 

If Australia is on your list of must-go places then mind you, just don’t waste your time exploring the ancient history of that place or the adventurous spots but feel the pulse in the cafes of that beautiful continent where you can catch the blend of life, creativity and swag!

Like the local markets of any place can give you the essence of that city, similarly cafes are the places where you can find the real spirit of that place. So when in Oz observe how the Australians celebrate their life, friendship and enjoy leisure time. 

Exploring cafes of Australia settled in every nook and corner of the continent will be a fun task for first time travellers as well as routine one as they can differentiate and discover the variety. 

Let’s check out the popular cafes of Australia-

Operator 25

Weird name but cool place! The café serves amazing brews and brunch in the menu. Offering breakfast, lunch and all things in between, this is a perfect place to hang out. Catch your friends in the heritage-listed building for a cuppa brewed from Code Black Coffee Roasters beans; choose eggs, oats and toast from the Early Operator and lunch salads and mains from the Noon Operator. 


Located in the Guildford lane, the café is converted warehouse and is open late on Fridays for some of the city's most atmospheric after-work drinks. Closed on public holidays, the café serves breakfast lunch and yummylicious beverages. 

Dr. Morse Bar & Eatery

It is a concept bar & eatery inspired by a century old mural advertising Dr Morse's Indian Root Pills. It offers something for all starting from coffee to alcohol and food. Do visit to this corner to appease your taste buds with the delicious bite of Dr Morse' classic beef burgers, braised rabbit bruschetta, and more scrummy dishes.

The Pint of Milk

The café has rustic, airy interiors and plenty of outdoor seating to make the most of sunny days. It is converted milk bar in the heart of the Western Suburbs and is quite popular amongst youngsters, hipsters and families alike. It offers five senses coffee and international flavors along with sweet treats. 

El Atino & Co.

This Latin American cafe, food store and cooking school is open for all-day breakfast and lunch. The yellow-clad café serves five-chile prawn tacos, maize porridge, toast toppers ranging from Vegemite to dulce de leche, and an unmissable Pisco Sour Salmon. 

This was it for now, till we meet next take care and keep exploring!