Dress Up In Classic White Shirt Like A Chic

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Jan 27, 2017

A classic white button down shirt is that basic fashion essential that every woman must own. But when it comes to fun style staple, a simple white shirt does not top the list. Because they are something that you’ll wear to work or anywhere you have to appear professional. To many of us, it looks like a basic everyday piece, but very few know how to style a simple button-down shirt in a chic way.

Yeah! We cannot deny they’re kind of boring- how many times will anyone button this up and down before it finally does something new? But just with a little inspiration, this modest essential of your wardrobe can be styled in many sassy ways and for anytime. And when you’ll know it, you’ll realize it has been underestimated since ages.

Trends come and go. But a classic white shirt is like a blank canvas, where you can doodle anything. Same is with a usual boring button-down shirt, it can be dressed up in many styles; it can be knotted or tucked into a favorite pair of jeans; styled with a pair of relaxed sneakers; paired with a voluminous skirt. Or we need to say more?

We’re showing you the ways to style crisp white shirt for office, a night out and a weekend fun-

For Office LookTuck a white button down into a pair of slim black trousers. Top it off with a tweed blazer for stylish texture.

Well, if you have a classic black suit, fold your shirting cuffs over your blazer. Add a pair of colorful heels to brighten up your otherwise colorless ensemble.

A Night Out LookOn a casual night out, pick up skinny black jeans and a casual cotton shirt. Finish it off with a pair of head-turning heels.

Or you can also opt to pair a flirty miniskirt and stiletto heels with a button-down shirt.

A Weekend LookGo for the evergreen blue denim and white cotton shirt. You can style the look depending on where you're going with everything from flats to statement heels.

And in case you want to step up your overall game, take out your jumpsuit and pair a white button-down shirt with it.

Are you the owner of a white shirt? If not, be the one and style it in your own way.