Get Blown Away by The Breath-taking Island Destinations of Australia

Post by Anupam Pandey | Jul 30, 2019

Australia is a name you would often hear for its ubiquitous tourist attractions and unique geographic attributes. The features of Australian landscape indeed make it a place unlike any other on our Earth and it does deserve to be acknowledged beyond any doubt. But it would be unjust if you begin to confine the aura of a place as diverse and varied as Australia to a specific stereotype. The Australian territory stretches far out and wide covering a whole different array of landscapes and climatic zones. You would find the waterless deserts as well as flooded rainforests, you would find annual tropical paradises as well as completely frozen barren terrains down south, Australia has it all within its periphery.

If I have to mention one thing which does make it the most special and class apart from other tourist destinations, then I would suggest it is its impeccable connection with the ocean. This does make Australia a notch above the rest of the world as the facts speak for themselves. Australia has the longest-running coastal border with the ocean and there are more than 8000 islands small and big islands under the territory of Australia. While there is no doubt tourists have been in awe of the gorgeous beaches of Australia, but still the marvel of the dazzling tropical islands has been relatively kept under the wraps for unknown reasons. It is the time for travellers to explore the hidden gems of these impeccable Australian Islands and explore a side of the country which even many citizens of the country are frankly uninformed about. The time of the year is just about perfect as the summer in the Southern Hemisphere is at its end and the days are beginning to get better and brighter. You can book your trip right away without wasting any time with help of the Klook Promo Code to avail exclusive Klook Australia Discount offers on your travel bookings. Here is a collection of some of the secret island destinations of Australia which you can explore for this trip…

Magnetic Island

This island is located near Townsville and justs take around half an hour to reach from Townsville. Magnetic Island is as beautiful an island as you will get to see and shows an exquisite side of nature. There are a number of walking trails on these islands which you would love to walk around and enjoy the marvellous view on the way. On place you should not forget to check is the Radical Bay Road and yes, do look out for the Koalas on the Eucalyptus trees along with the parks. You can check out the Klook Attractions and activities that are offered for the visitors to get a better idea about what else you should be doing on this tourist Magnet.   

Wilson Island

Wilson Island is a secluded islet of the Great Barrier Reef Islands and it was closed for some time in the past few months. The Island has now made a grand reopening this year and is a really great place to check out. Since it has been secluded and unavailable for tourist visits for a long while, you can surely enjoy a feel of fresh new Island. It is also home to the Capricornia Cays National Park where you can enjoy the vibrant and colourful coral reefs. You can book the Klook Sightseeing & Day Trips to the Island using the Klook Discount Code to get exclusive concessions and rebates on your tour packages if book them online.

Frankland Islands

Frankland Island is one of the best examples of natural places which is still preserved in its genuine unaltered state. This Island is an even though a part of the Great Reef Marine Park, yet it is easier to reach the island from Cairns city within an hour than the through the convoluted waterways of the reef. This island is specifically known for its fringing coral reefs, serene & clean lagoons with colourful marine life. Enjoy a tour of the most surreal beautiful nature in its original form at this island with the help of the Agoda Promo Code Australia to avail the lowest prices on tour packages. Though you will not find accommodation over here still there are some great options for stay at the nearby islands where you can use the Promo Code Australia to book the best rooms at cheapest prices.

Moreton Island


Moreton Island is a classic tropical island known for its outstanding snorkelling and scuba diving friendly sites. It has impeccable coral and colourful marine wildlife scattered around the reefs. Tangalooma boat wrecks are also a popular site for divers and snorkellers. These waters are frequently visited by the Dolphins and these marine animals are not just cute but truly intelligent and friendly with human beings. Check out the whole range of water sports adventures and under fun available at Moreton Island with exclusive benefits of the Klook Australia Discount offers for your trip.

Hinchinbrook Island

Many times people would have scared you by saying what if you ever found yourself on a deserted Island! If you ask me, it would be a dream come true in case the Island was Hinchinbrook Island. This secluded island gives a nonchalant tropical charm and pleasure vibe which in itself is enough to keep you happy and going. The island is though strictly restricted and governed as no more than 40 persons are allowed to be present at this island at a time. There are a whole lot of things to do on this island along with 39 other people with you which includes,  hiking, camping, fishing, wildlife tours, four day trip on the Thorsborne’ trail, kayaking and much more.

Keswick Island

The Keswick Island is one of the southern islets of the Whitsunday Islands which is exclusively known for its rainforest-like setting and mind-blowing hidden coves. The colourful reefs and the idyllic great barrier reef surrounds the islands as it is expected with the island being situated in proximity with the reef. The island is even though small in size yet, it has a small local indigenous community which is very friendly by nature. You can find a number of great luxury resorts and spas on these beaches where you can find accommodations for your stay. Use the Promo Code to get the cheap hotels and room bookings with premium features to ensure the best value on your travel stay.

Lady Elliot Island

It is no secret that the Great Barrier Reef is a region that is tailor-made for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts. In fact, it is hard to find a better place if you like to put it this way. The Lady Elliot Island puts a mark of approval to this argument as this island is considered to be amongst one of the top five premier places for such underwater activities. It is a hub of flora and fauna with abundant range and versatility of marine life in nearby waters. The ocean outing from this island is also popular for whale sightings.   

Bribie Island

Amidst all the islands of tropical flourish and escapades, if you are looking for a family trip then you should be heading to Bribie Island without giving any second thought to yourself. The island situated on the north of the Moreton Bay and known for a whole range of activities for the families. There are a number of organized tour packages available for this place wherein you can enjoy watersports, camping, fishing, watch wildlife, boat around and go for long walks. You will fall short of time but there will always be something or the other that you can do to keep yourself engaged. To book a full-fledged family vacation in this exotic island paradise, use the Agoda Discount Code and avail the best deals on travel bookings from Agoda Australia

Flinders Island

The Flinders Island is a rugged island located in the Bass Strait situated at the north-east side of the Tasmania mainland. This island is a great place to explore if you are looking for tranquillity and peace of mind at a place far from the rush of urban lifestyle. Even though the place is devoid of human inhabitants but the beauty of nature is at its best reflected over here, thanks to human absence. There are a plethora of sites which will leave your jaws dropped from the nature parks to the beaches and rocky coastlines.

Penguin Island, Western Australia

Penguin Island also is known as Phillips Island, is a sensational place for the liking of any animal lover. This island the destination is not only known for its gorgeous scenic locales and beaches but also for the peaceful and tranquil vibe that has a soothing impact on the mind. It just takes a ride of 45 minutes to reach here if you take a ferry from Perth. The families often prefer to visit this place for its calm and relaxed feel. The most popular sightings which people come looking for includes the Dotted Dolphins and Penguins, both of which are very calm and human-friendly by nature.  

Bruny Island

The Bruny islands stretch across a territory covering more than 350 sq km of rugged terrains. The major chunk of its land is covered with forest and coastal walkways. The island is also known for its vineyard and distilleries and fresh fruits farm produce. This is a great place for the heartland explorers as they would get to witness the true feel of the rural lifestyle of the community of famous indigenous Truganini. There is an art gallery as well to explore for those who have a knack for artistic senses. You take a break from the busy lifestyle and stay on the open landscapes of these islands for a reprieve, so book an accommodation with the discount code Australia and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with the freshness of the farmlands.

Granite Island, South Australia

This is one of the least known but most awe-inspiring hidden gems of Australia as far as tourism is concerned. The island located just at a distance of 80 km from the city of Adelaide has astonishingly gone unnoticed for a long time even after having some of the most mundane scenic landscapes, hiking trails, seascape views and even the little penguins keep visiting its shore between June and October. It is truly amusing to even consider the fact that such a vivid and potent place had gone unnoticed for such a long span of time, or maybe it was being deliberately kept a secret, who knows? Anyways, you can better have a say on this only if you visit it once…

Three Hummock Island

Three Hummock Island of one of the parts of the Hunter Island Groups located in the Bass Strait situated at the North-west of the Tasmanian coastline. The island is renowned for its wild and rugged appeal which often attracts the wildlife and nature lovers to this place, especially those looking for goods photographs. Apart from the wildlife enthusiasts, one can not deny the fact that the beaches of this the island is also lucrative enough to attract any beach lover with its appealing sunset and wavy waters.

Macquarie Island

The Macquarie Island is a place you just can’t ignore as it should be apparent to you by the fact that UNESCO has included this place in the list of its heritage sites for protection and conservation of the marine wildlife of this island. This actually makes it the second-largest island by area to get the protected status from the organization.  Even though this island lies between the midway waters at the almost same distance from New Zealand and Antarctica, yet the territorial administration comes under the Australian state. This island is known for its special species of Elephant Seals and Penguins which are usually spotted on this Island from the month of April to October.