How About An All-White Outfit With Tint Of Pastel!

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Jan 05, 2017

Pairing up an all-white ensemble has always been a tough task for lassies. However, finding the correct match is the key to dressing up in a monochrome palette. The fashion experts at CollectOffers advise that all you need is the right pairing up of your ensemble with the layering of chunky accessories will give you the top notch style statement to show off! 

The basic idea while carrying a single colored outfit is how you team them. Many lassies around would stay to follow the trend and let the mix and match of colors but keep aside the trends and experiment with new ones. A monochrome ensemble is an evergreen trend, one which never fades but yes people somehow stop experimenting with it. 

Today, we would love to share with you the art of pairing up an all-white outfit with the hue of pastels. It has always been advised for a subtle outfit to pair a printed top wear with a solid pair of denim or vice versa. However, when we are discussing monochrome, that is a single color, an overall solid outfit also does wonders! 

Yes, of course, you get to play with the accessories, adding layers to your ensemble. Pair up a ripped, high-waisted denim with that perfect fit, to get the chic yet elegant grace. 

Teaming it up with a solid white top add the suave guise and then all you need to add is a touch of pastel to complete your dress. Throw a pastel ruffled or collared knee length coat and you get a perfect style check ready outfit.

To match up your footwear with your dress, you can try on a tan or brown colored ballerina or heels in that case. Even sneakers will give you a super comfy and cooler look.  

As told earlier, with monochrome the best part is that you get to play with accessories. The foremost important accessory for a lady is her bag, the one she cannot leave her place without. Add a pastel colored bag to compliment your look and it will surely add stars to your outfit. Avoid dark colored bags when you are carrying a monochrome palate ensemble of lighter shades. 

Here, you can add layering to accessories with wearing chunky rings. A watch will definitely add poise to your complete look. Accessorizing your outfit never does blunders until unmatched with the get-up. Avoid wearing neckpieces and yes a bracelet can also be added to your guise.

Here, were a few tips and tricks that you can follow while trying on a monochrome look with a lighter shade and especially white.