Melbourne Travel Guide: What To See, Where To Eat, and When to Visit The City

Post by Sameena Farooq | Aug 20, 2019



Every traveller planning a trip makes sure he chooses a place that offers the best things for their itinerary. Melbourne is among the top liveliest city in Australia that offers a diverse range of attractions that satisfy tourists intensely.


The city, Melbourne boasts a lot of attraction spots with a giant observation wheel, blessed sports ground, museums, a historical secure unit with the oldest building in Australia named as 20 must-see attractions in Melbourne.  


So, on your visit to the most sparkling city, you will surely feel mesmerized to enjoy the amazing things to do in the city. From exploring the top scenic places to trying out the most amazing opportunities Melbourne has to offer. It gives you a European feel, shopping carts, the best food to eat and drink in the country where you can enjoy the tangy coffee taste.


Head down to the city’s break in the wonderful country and just go with the flow and experience all beautiful things. The below Melbourne travel guide will ensure you about some best places to visit, best markets to hit for the tastiest food, some secrets and ideas to help with planning your trip!



The graph above shows you last six years tourists arrival in the city of Australia, Melbourne. Therefore, it clearly signifies that domestic visitors are much more than international tourists.


The Best Things to See and Try in Melbourne

Below are some amazing things to try in the beautiful city of Australia. You could prep your trip in advance by booking all these things to do using Klook Discount Code and ride on a beautiful trip.


Discover Melbourne Museum


The Melbourne Museum located in the Carlton Gardens is the largest Museum in the world in the Southern hemisphere. You could roam around some beautiful spots by roaming underneath soaring dinosaurs, determine the Melbourne story, see native artefacts near the Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre, leisurely walk around the living forest and come in face to face with Phar Lap. Also, the museum features IMAX Melbourne that is a clear representation of theatrical experience. You could book your cab ride to the museum by using the unique Agoda Discount Code Australia on your reservations.


Get Mesmerized by the Street Art In Hosier Lane


Hosier Lane is one of the most popular and most visited streets in Melbourne. If you are fed up with the graffiti artists then the Melbourne city lets you offer a living street art gallery with heaps of opportunities.

The whole street is covered with a living street art gallery. The art and design on the wall change with time and if you are lucky then you might see some of the artists in action, giving you insight into the city’s cultural life.


Walkthrough the Botanic Gardens


The walk in the middle of the city at the Royal Botanic Gardens is a tranquil oasis and is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. On a sunny beautiful day, you can plan to go on a picnic and enjoy the day in the fussily kept gardens.


You can take a look at Klook Australia here you will find several attractive things to try in the garden and book the best tour you liked. Be in awe of the widespread deposit collections, bright colourful flowers and decorative Lake or stroll near the meandering paths where you can discover plant species and get entrance to the Botanic Gardens. The memorial of commemoration is Victoria’s combat monument and most iconic landmarks. It offers beautiful and splendid views of Melbourne’s skyline that give you a reason to stay for long. By using Promo Code, you can easily book your stay at cheap rates.


Enjoy your day at Artvo


Artvo is one impressive trick art gallery offering you some fun things to do. If you want to have the best time then you can have fun at the Arvo and look by looking at the beautiful art.  Even if you don’t get attracted to art much then also you can have fun at Artvo by looking at the art and becoming part of it.


It will also encourage you to touch and interact with tricky works of art. In fact, you will be actively encouraged to interact with the work of art and see the design coming live in 3D. Tourists find it one of the highly attractive spots, ideal for a rainy day activity.


Relax to the sound of Street Music


Though it is guaranteed that you will not fall short of things to do here but sometimes even the simplest things in life can give you great pleasure. By stepping outside in the streets and listening to the talented musician's performance and the acoustics are brilliant that bring peacetime. Spend some spare time listening to live music and leave out from the street and leave the street with a bit calmer feeling.


Best Melbourne Food Street Market


Because of the continuous lush farmland and everlasting coastline, Australia attracts many local ingredients and food options that make it a taste to enjoy. The European and Pacific Rim cultures result in some enviable food options to try.


Check out some best food markets in Melbourne by driving to the city and book flights, hotels, cab rides from online booking platform Agoda Promo Code.


Dandenong Market


Dandenong Market is one nearby market located just 30-minute drive away from CBD. Another popular market with the 19th century is the Dandenong which is known as the second largest and market of the city, Melbourne.

You will be mesmerized to see the cultural diversity surrounded by 150 different nations and each one offering stalls, shops, food court, hand-equipped gözleme, Lebanese pizzas and Mauritian curries are a delight to try.


Queen Victoria Market


Queen Victoria Market is also one great spot to buy your favorite food items. It was opened in 1878 and represent Melbourne’s CBD with some fresh food taste. The market is known locally as Vic Market and popularly offers local produce and quality deli products with some best service. Every season, the market also holds night markets featuring international food stalls, artisan vendors’ and entertainment options.


You can even join the American Doughnut Kitchen van by booking your food tour from online using Klook Promo Code Code Australia and enjoy renowned hot jam doughnuts which are often sold out at the end of the day.


Prahran Market


Prahran Market is an expensive market offering quality products and one of the oldest markets running in Australia. The shop's speciality is to offer you gourmet products.

So, if you are a little versed in bargaining then you can join the regular shoppers for the best time and shop during the weekends when traders sell off $1 bags and fishmongers fish auctions.


South Melbourne Market


The South Melbourne Market is helping customers to find the best local goods since the past 150 years. The market generally offers local products, from top quality fresh food to some latest fashion apparels. It also prides in offering diverse food joints to all visitors.

The South Melbourne Market Dim Sims is a widely popular market for the best Dim Sims recopies in the country. The dish is inspired by Chinese dumplings with packets of meat, vegetables, and spices since the 1940s. There is a top need of long queue to the Sample of the South Melbourne variety which will be worth the wait.


When to Visit Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is a year-round destination. You can plan to visit the city during any month but if you want to have the most fun then summer months of December to March are the best times. The climate is pleasant and temperate - where you can opt for some fun sightseeing adventures and activities.  Plus, travellers coming from the Northern Hemisphere can escape their own winter for an Australian summer, and vice versa.

January is the hottest month in Melbourne with an average temperature of 70ºF (21ºC); while July month is the coldest month with an average temperature at 50ºF (10ºC).


However, based on which month will be ideal according to your choice, here is a monthly break down of Melbourne’s climatic conditions that help you decide when you should plan to travel:



December to March


December to March months is the summer months in Melbourne when the weather is hottest and pleasant. Also, during these months, there are many important events held including Australian Grand Slam Open, the Australian impressive Prix and the Boxing Day Test Cricket Match that surprises the tourist and they enjoy their vacation more.

But before you step out during the summer months, make sure to wear some light cotton, apply sun-block, carry your sunglasses and drink lots of water all the time. As this is the peak season for travellers, therefore, you will witness the expensive booking rates to get the best travel deals.


September to November and March to May 


Spring seasons starts from September until November and autumn starts from March to May to witness the good times on foot and bike. Travellers can even enjoy picnic, pleasant barbeques, and spend time in beautiful parks.

These times also attracts a great number of tourists who want to have fun and make memories.


June to August


The June to August months is considered one off-season for travelling. As these months are coldest so people avoid travelling to Melbourne during this period. But if you plan doesn’t mind to travel during the season then you will also enjoy the budget hotel and flight bookings. On the hilly areas, the city makes the night chilly and you can enjoy skiing in ski fields and explore the indoor attractions and dining experiences. For more further discount, use Discount Code and enjoy an additional discount on your bookings.


Things to Know Before You Visit the City melbourne_things_to_know


So, if you are ready to make your trip blissful then you must also know about a few things before you land Melbourne.


  • During the school holidays of students, the hotels and attractions tickets are most expensive over Christmas and New Year’s holiday.
  • If you are planning to visit the Australian Open Grand Slam in January or the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix in March then only visit if you are a sports lover as the hotel rooms are often scarce to find.
  • Travelling in Melbourne public transport is easy. You can easily travel anywhere across the city by getting a myki card that works for all trams, trains, and buses.
  • Purchase yourself a myki Visitor Value Pack that will let you venture out of the Central Business District, near a free tram zone that takes you from one town to another.
  • If you are taking escalator then stand on the left side and if you are walking then walk on the right side.  
  • If you have enough time energy then do try a walking tour to learn some of the histories of the city and discover deeply about the hidden gems.
  • Do your shopping during the day time as many shops close early Monday-Wednesday and might be open just Saturday and/or Sunday morning only. Thursday and Friday nights can be the best time to shop as the shops remain open these two days until 9 pm.

So, head to an unexpected and well-planned trip to Melbourne and create many beautiful memories in this lively city.