Online Shopping Guide for Gadget Gifts for Her and Him This Valentine’s Day

Post by Ashik Gosaliya | Feb 01, 2017

Yeah, chocolates are still the best bet to impress the one, your heart on Valentine's Day. Jewelry appears to be the most shopped products online comes the Valentine's Day. The least that can please is a bouquet of roses. However, in today's tech-driven world, such a temporary stuff is passe.

21st Century gifts are the one that remains with your Someone Special forever and the one that your prince or princess can use in her daily life. Gadgets, therefore, have emerged as the best gift for her or for him. Good that, we are living in a time where technology advances rapidly and innovative gadgets hit the market almost every day. However, that adds to the confusion as well.


So here, CollectOffers comes up with the best gadget gifts for her and best Tech gifts for him that make your Valentine's day the most memorable day and seal the relationship once and for all.


What to Consider while Buying Gadgets Online

Keep Watching:

If you are decided to gift your SO a tech stuff on the valentine's day, the must for you is to keep tracking a few products on the best online shopping sites.

Track The Price:

The ultimate purpose of buying gicky things online is affordability. Australia offers many options to buy budget gadgets. All you need is to keep track their prices on a daily basis before ordering.

Compare and Decide:

Given the floods of brands and products its confusing to decide which gadget from which site is the best buy. Therefore, compare the price, brand, model, and specifics on a couple of websites before making up the mind.

Look for Configuration:

Cheap doesn't mean useless and pricey does not mean worthy. It's what suits your partner plays a decisive role. Make sure to pay attention to the tech stats to ensure they will be totally worthy.

Emphasis on Warranty

One of the most important aspects of buying gadgets online is durability. Hence, you must choose the online store that is reputable and brands offer you a decent warranty on technology products.

Easy Returns:

Any decision can go wrong any time or simple you SO may not at all like the product. Therefore it becomes vital for you to pick the online shopping website that has an easy return policy.

Exclusive discount:

It's simple, buy no product online if you are not getting the discount. To save more money each time you buy tech products, keep tracking AU.CollectOffers.Com. From storewide coupon codes to product specific discount, you will find everything there.

So here, CollectOffers provides you an opportunity to say “I Love You” in more robust, affirmative and durable way.


Cross Body Power Purse

What Valentine’s Day gift do you get for the fashionista who has everything? How about a cute, vegan leather purse that doubles as a phone charger? Let’s take the cross body bag to the next level, putting a 3000mAh rechargeable/removable battery right into the bag. Just connect your phone to the battery with your charging cord through the exterior pocket and you’ve got enough power for more than one full charge for most smartphones. As long as you’ve got your purse with you, you’ll be able to text, FaceTime and Snapchat your love while on-the-go.

Mobile Printer

We are all about vintage products that have been upgraded for the 21st century, and that’s why we love the Mobile Printer. Just connect your iOS or Android device to the printer through Bluetooth or NFC for full-color 2x3” prints. Such printers usually use Zero Ink paper — which has molecules the printer activates — to bring you color pictures of you and your soulmate in a snap. A rechargeable battery lets you print about 25 shots before needing another charge.

Fitness Tracker

Buy a pair of fitness trackers for both you and your partner. Upon giving the gift, explain how you want to become healthier together. Either use these fitness trackers as a way to encourage a more active lifestyle, or use the fitness tracker to inspire some healthy competition. Make some bets and trade-offs. For example, whoever walks the most steps at the end of the week, doesn’t have to do dishes for a week. Groupon should be the option for best buying.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Should you wish to serenade your date, this speaker has all the angles covered. The baby of Samsung's Multiroom speaker line, the WAM1500, is designed to deliver omnidirectional sound and it succeeds. Position it in the center of a room, and music will spread out in all directions. The WAM1500 R1 also offers the Bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity and touch-sensitive controls of its bigger brothers, letting listeners swap to the next track with a swipe.

Cozy Tech Gloves


Although winter may be fading away, the chill outside is here to stay for some more time. And a nice pair of gloves can never be a poor choice. And if your valentine cannot live without his/her tablet and phone this pair is perfect. You can use all your tech devices without removing your gloves. The thumb and the index finger are tech-friendly in this pair. We know you can get cheaper ones, but the design on this one is something not too easy to find and different from the boring gray's and blacks.

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