Take Best Food Experiences Of Street Food In Melbourne

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Mar 17, 2017

Melbourne is Australia's second largest city and is the most popular destination when talking about Australia journey. It is diverse in entertainment and culture too and has something for everyone: Australian and Aboriginal history, spectator sports, local and international art, boutiques, multicultural dining, pulsing nightlife and lip-smacking food.

Melbourne is known as the culinary capital of the country, thanks to its residents’ love for food. This city is definitely on every foodie’s top list because of the variety of cuisine it offers. There's no particular tag on the cuisine. The city offers everything that you can eat from French dishes to Malaysian food, to Indian and Italian. And the best thing is you will never need a stash of cash in Melbourne to eat. There are many hotspots to savor a delicious food from top-notch restaurants to cheap eats.

Cheap eats have been a part of the city's dining scene and there are plenty of places to treat your taste buds without stretching the bill. Indulge yourself in eating at these places and have supremely satisfying experience.

South Melbourne Market Dim SimsDim sims are not like your regular fish and chip. Patrons come from all over to taste the goodness of these dim sims. They're cricket sized parcels filled with meat, cabbage and spices. 

Mr BurgerMr Burger is the food truck you can trust. With a simple menu that covers every burger lover’s desires and burgers ranging from classic meat to bacon and vegetarian too.

Spanish DonutsIt is a must try street food stand in Melbourne, that has made Queen Vic Market its home. They offer cheap and freshly fried fluffy donuts that are drenched in icing sugar or chocolate.

Taco TruckWith them, what you see is what you are being served. Eat and enjoy fresh, cheap and yummy Mexican tacos. The vibrancy of their truck will catch your attention.

Gumbo KitchenThey bring a bit of New Orleans to Melbourne. With a menu that includes deep fried shrimp and buffalo fried chicken, the taste of the South will be there with you.

Little Mushroom CoVegetarians are the target market for this solar-powered truck. The mushroom burgers are marinated in unsalted butter, rock salt, garlic and spices.

Did we miss your favorite food spot? Do let us know in comments.

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