We Bet These Australian Cities Would Look Like Paradise To Bachelors!

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Jan 04, 2017

Being single is like almost being rich; you can hang around with anyone and anywhere without thinking about the after effects. But if you are a lively single or have recently become single then how about rejuvenating your charm in the majestic land of Australia?

Yeah, if you are the one who loves women, partying and experimenting then pack your bags to visit the most happening continent, Australia. And we think it’s quite good time also as the climate there is favorable and you will not have to layer up before moving out. 

Though, the entire continent has cool spots to make halts but we have picked 5 most happening cities where life means enjoying!


Remember the emoticon with drooling eyes? Bachelors when walking down the street in Adelaide imposter the same emoticon as the drop-dead beauties there and the crazy youngster make them say WOW! Not only places and people but the clubs there are also worth exploring, after all your single life is incomplete if you have not partied hard!

Clubs such as Unibar, Zhivago, Jive are few of the best clubs to hang out and booze in Adelaide. Visit these clubs to soak up the easy-going atmosphere, enjoy the cheap drinks and sprightly music.


Clubs here fulfill desires of all party animals. Whether you love to dance love to watch women dancing round doing cabarets you can find everything here. Clubs such as The Cliff Dive, Chinese Laundry, Slide, are just few names that witness the craziest crowd of party lovers. 

In case you are a charmer then there are chances that you might get to link up a damsel but mind you women in Sydney are too choosy and intelligent so be careful while selecting your pick-up line ;)


This city situated on a river in Queensland is a perfect party place. You can either go to the downtown park that has a swimming pool by the river and a number of restaurant/bar or can enjoy at the real party place is in a section of town called The Valley.

This is a row of bars and restaurant/bars in a plaza a kilometer in length. It’s one of the best party places in all of Australia. 

The Gold Coast

Come on men, be a little gamesome and enjoy surfing at the Gold Coast after all beaches also hold enough of the activities for sporty men like you all ;) 

While surfing could be excited, soaking up in sun could be relieving and who says you can enjoy drinks in the day time. 


Another amazing spot for “Lotharios”, yeah as here men are mostly rough-tough and tall, women might look for the dishy dudes with intense eyes and euphonious words.

Now that you are there to enjoy how come you will not visit the amazing nightclubs in Perth. While at the Dollhouse Gentleman’s Club, you can enjoy the dance of sassy dancers, at Metropolis Fremantle you can enjoy certain retro-futuristic charm. While it's divided into four distinct areas (Earth, Air, Water, Fire), they all have a serious sci-fi kink.

So gentlemen, now you know where to hang around when in Australia. If the excitement has elevated and you can resist yourself exploring this wonderland then plan your trip quick with reputed online travel agencies such as Booking.com and Trivago. 

Till we meet next keep rocking!!!