What Makes Australia So Mesmerizing?

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Feb 20, 2017

If asked someone to describe the beautiful continent, Australia, they would say that it’s a land of Kangaroos, a place renowned for its natural deep-water channels and their maverick cricket team and their love for this gentleman’s game. But is this it? Nopes, as there is a lot more to discover.

Australia is a land that will woo travellers from any age group. Whether you are a party animal, nature lover, adventure aficionado or want to enjoy leisure time and rejuvenate your mind and body, Australia is a wholesome package for all.

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Okay now back to topic, we were discussing what is more to be discovered there? So let’s take a quick glimpse of 5 must-see spots in Australia. 

Uluru (Ayers Rock)

‘Uluru' stands for ‘great pebble' and what we're talking about here is a gigantic monolith rising up from the middle of a scrubland nowhere in the Uluru National Park. This world largest rock formation is Australia's icon image mesmerizing with light and color effects to please your traveler's eye.

Lagoon Beach

You can be short of adjectives, when describing the beauty of this place as its divine. It is an Island, with a golden ring of beaches around it, is the place to be if diving, snorkeling or to soak in sun. 


Eager to do something adventurous? Visit Tasmania and indulge in some breathtaking vistas and picture ready views as this place is perfect for ardent adventurers.

Purnululu National Park

Also called as Bungle Bungle, the Purnululu National Park has beehive shaped domes striped with alternating orange and grey bands is, without a doubt, one of Australia's most unusual and fascinating landforms.

Great Ocean Road

For adrenaline-powered motoring enthusiasts, this wide Great Ocean Road is the perfect destination as they would love to ride in the twist and turns of this road and feel the kick. 

Though, there is more to discover but we know it can make you feel tired so will be back with another feature on Australia destinations in the next round. Till we meet next take care and happy travelling!