Majority of online customers compare brands to Amazon

Post by Sameena Farooq | Mar 26, 2019

Most of the online shoppers first compare the brand or retailer’s site from Amazon before making a purcahse online. 

During an Episerver’s third annual Global Consumer Study, it was found that more than 87 per cent of online shoppers first compare the prices ion Amazon website and then they make their purcahse. 97% of people won't complete their purcahse unless they see incorrect or complete a purcahse on the brand's website. 

Ed Kennedy, senior director of Commerce at Episerver said, "Product education, personalised content and site search, purchasing ease, promotions on multiple channels, peer reviews and performance of the site itself can all make a difference".

According to the Episerver study, the online store markets like Amazon offers a wide variety of option and services, thereby, it becomes easy for consumers to shop everything or compare prices if required.

The study also found out that more than 4500 online shoppers in eight countries showed half of the online consumers, whereas 46% said that with too many options online, they get confused and make no purcahse at all. 

About half of the people surveyed through their online purchases and start their journey as an online marketplace, Amazon included, Kennedy said.

About 60 per cent of consumers prefer to enjoy shopping at the marketplace based on their preferred price options. 

Kennedy said, “Knowing only a small fraction of customers do not use Amazon to compare products can certainly be a cloud over a retail operation seeking engagement and conversions on their digital properties".

“However, knowing consumers’ mindsets that casual swiping can turn into committed shopping, retailers can drive interest and ultimately, sales, by lessening the burden of choice and doubling down on experience-driven commerce.”