Adidas Ozweego Vs Nike Huarache: Best Chunky Trainers 2022

adidas Vs Nike

With the best chunky trainers fever soaring high, it’s time to update your shoedrobe with comfy yet stylish chunky sneakers! Even though there’s no dearth of options, but the two choices that are much hyped about are Adidas Ozweego Vs Nike Huarache trainers. With looks to-die-for and comparable prices, it’s pretty likely to get confused between these two iconic chunky trainers. Lucky for you, we are enveloping the entire tussle in this blog. From design to durability, comfort to review; it’s gonna touch all chords.

Are you ready for the ultimate combat? Let’s get busy in the Adidas Ozweego Vs Nike Huarache war!

Adidas Ozweego Trainers

Made from the epic fusion of late 90’s and early ‘00s styles; adidas Ozweego women’s and mens shoes ooze retro vibes whilst displaying Gen Z spirit. Pushing forward the idea that bigger is better, the Ozweego shoes are surprisingly soft and lightweight.

adidas Ozweego mens shoes in maroon shade
adidas Ozweego Mens Trainers
Womens adidas Ozweego white shoes
Womens adidas Ozweego White Shoes

The original adidas Ozweego trainers were launched in 1996 for training and competitions. It was re-imagined by the famous designer Raf Simons in 2015. Featuring adiPRENE cushioning and translucent nylon support tubes, it continues to be the most sought-after chunky sneakers in 2022.

Best Seller Variants of Adidas Ozweego shoes in the UK-

  • adidas Ozweego Celox
  • adidas Ozweego Junior

Nike Huarache Trainers

Nike Huarache mens and womens trainers amalgamate the fits of Neoprene water ski boots with the adaptability of South American sandals. With characteristic heel clip, plush foam midsole, and minimum branding; it channels the authentic 90s vibes.

Mens Nike Huarache Black Sneakers
Nike Huarache Mens Black Shoes
Womens Nike Huarache White Trainers
Womens Nike Huarache White Trainers

Nike Air Huarache is the brainchild of Tinker Hatfield, the design legend. Before its official launch in 1991, Nike Huarache mens and women’s shoes were put to a trial run in NYC marathon in the early 90’s. It was marketed with the tagline ‘Have you hugged your foot today?’ The chunky sneakers Nike UK were offered positive reviews. Once crowned with that win, it jumped out of the running category real soon and became a major hit. If you prefer cleats, explore the linked blog. Nike Huarache Junior is also available for the tiny sneakerheads.

Best Seller Variants of chunky sneakers Nike Huarache shoes in the UK-

  • Nike Huarache Ultra
  • Nike Huarache Junior Black and White
  • Triple Black Nike Huarache

Adidas Ozweego Vs Nike Huarache Shoes – Design

The OG sneaker fanatics will agree that design is perhaps the most important factor that appeals most buying chunky sneakers Nike or Adidas. In case you’re a sucker for white sneakers, jam to the Superstar Vs Air Force 1 battle. To start the tug of Ozweego shoes Vs Nike Air Huarache war; let’s kick start by bringing in the design guns.

  • Nike Huarache mens & women’s shoes boast soft leather accents on the upper which are mixed with lustrous neoprene-like fabric.
  • Ozweego shoes have mesh upper with TPU overlays and suede.
  • The men’s and womens adidas Ozweego trainers bring you back to the 90s with the bold midsole lines.
  • The bootie-like construction of Nike Air Huarache trainers offer it laid-back and sleek look.

Nike Huarache Air Vs Ozweego Shoes – Comfort

When it comes to shoes, ‘comfort’ is the name of the game.

Be it Adidas Ozweego or Nike Huarache mens & womens shoes; both offer different degrees of comfort depending on the requirement, season, and functionality. You can better get a grasp of the comfort offered by the best chunky sneakers 2022 by the below-stated factors-

  • The perforations on Nike Huarache trainers provide added breathability. The neoprene upper and Phyton midsole make it even better.
  • The legendary Air Cushioning unit of chunky sneakers Nike Huarache OG provides next level comfort.
  • The soft lightweight feel of adidas Ozweego knit trainers is hard to beat. It also offers targeted support in the forefoot to offer that extra edge.
  • The Ozweego trainers fit like a glove making it super comfy in all seasons.

Adidas Ozweego Vs Nike Huarache Trainers – Durability

  • Durability is another important criterion that can largely affect the overall performance of sneakers.
  • As supported by Nike Huarache review, the back strap of Huarache snaps soon. It hampers with the durability of the shoes.

Nike Huarache Vs adidas Ozweego Trainers – Aesthetic Appeal

Humans are lovers of aesthetic beauty. Even when it comes to sneakers; it’s definitely hard to resist stunning Adidas chunky trainers or Nike trainers.

Nike Huarache White Trainers
Nike Huarache White Trainers
Womens adidas Ozweego White Trainers
adidas Ozweego White Trainers

To bedazzle the sneaker fanatics in the Nike Air Huarache Vs Ozweego shoes battle, both the chunky sneakers rock heart stealing features. Pair it with the best of fashion.

  • The Ozweego shoes are available in 15 colors. The most popular ones are adidas Ozweego beige, black, grey, pink, and white.
  • The bold silhouette and barely-there lines of adidas Ozweego knit shoes are enough to set trends. Bag your favorite at the adidas Ozweego sale UK. You can also order it during the 10.10 sale.
  • The Nike Huarache women’s shoes are currently available in the UK in four shades in four hues namely Black, White, Yellow, and Grey whereas the men’s chunky sneakers Nike are at your disposal in two more shades, i.e, Blue and Brown.
  • The Nike Huarache run shoes lack the renowned brand swoosh sign.

Adidas Ozweego Women’s & Mens Shoes Vs Huarache shoes – Final Showdown

Adidas Ozweego Men and Women’s Shoes Pros-

  • Owing to the epic trifecta of Adiprene, EVA, and Adiprene cushioning; the comfort provided by Adidas Ozweego on feet is incredible! Get it at the best price on adidas Ozweego sale UK.
  • The attention to details in the Ozweego chunky sneakers is assured to impress the sneaker shenanigans.
  • Perfect for sneakerheads who love the touch of retro. Style it with the chic picks from vintage clothing collection.

Adidas Ozweego Shoes Cons-

  • It’s not the best choice for those with wide feet.
  • It has a tight toe box.
  • Adidas Ozweego trainers fit half size small.

Nike Huarache Women & Mens Trainers Pros-

  • The leather cage of the Nike Huarache sneakers provides added support.
  • The Phylon foam of the Huarache Nike chunky trainers keeps the shoe light weight.
  • The Nike Huarache women & mens shoes is just the one who those who are on a look out for summer-ready kicks with chunky sole design. Order today at jaw-dropping rate at the Nike Huarache sale UK.
  • The iconic Nike Air Technology holds the banner high on the comfort front.

Nike Huarache Original Shoes Cons-

  • The minimal branding and lack of swoosh sign can be disappointing for the Nike UK brand buffs.
  • The backstrap of Nike Huarache mens and womens shoes snaps soon.
  • It runs a size up.

Conclusion– Adidas Ozweego Trainers Vs Nike Huarache

The adidas Ozweego sneakers check the box on almost all factors. Its adiPRENE cushioning provides comfort like no other. Look wise, it is stylish and available in a number of colors. Whereas the women’s & mens Nike Huarache shoes lag a step behind on the durability front. However, the Huarache shoes do supersede Ozweego on the grounds of looks for some sneakerheads.

FactorsAdidas Ozweego ShoesNike Huarache Trainers
CollectionAdidas Originals UK, Adidas OzweegoNike Huarache Ultra, Nike Air Huarache
TechnologyAdiPRENE cushioningAir cushion
ClosureLaces, Slip-onsLaces, slip-ons, zipper, strap
OG DesignerRaf SimonsTinker Hatfield
Inspired fromRunningRunning
Size GuideFits half a size upFits half a size up

For those looking for trainers for high-impact sports, the Nike Huarache trainers can be the match as it offers more support due to the leather cage feature. The low top model is great for those looking for shoes offering higher mobility. Another merit of the Huarache shoes is its perforated upper which offers better ventilation. Get extra discount by using the Nike discount code UK.

The overall appeal of both the shoes is pretty amazing. It’s largely dependent on what resonates more with your personal style. As long as you’ve the perfect size chunky sneakers Nike Huarache or adidas Ozweego, it’s worth the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Chunky Sneakers 2022

Are adidas Ozweego trainers good?

Adidas Ozweego shoes boast adiPRENE cushioning and radiate 90s vibes. The trainers offer extreme comfort and style. It is certainly value for money. Grab it at the best price at the adidas Ozweego sale UK.

Do Nike Huarache Ultra run small?

Yes, Nike Huarache Ultra usually runs a bit small. You can go for half-size larger to get the perfect fit. Make sure to gauge the size guide chart properly placing your order.

Are adidas Ozweego women’s shoes comfortable for walking?

Ozweego trainers are excellent choice for walking. Experience next level comfort, mobility, and style. For extra discount on your purchase, you can buy it at the Ozweego sale.

Why is it called Nike Huaraches?

The name ‘Huarache’ comes from the Tarascan word ‘Kwarachi’ which refers to the hand-woven shoes. Interestingly, in current times, the word ‘Huarache’ is used across Mexico to refer to a special type of open-toed sandals. The crossing pattern of Nike Huarache shoes is similar to the crossing design of the Mexican sandal.

Are Adidas Ozweego true to size?

The adidas Ozweego trainers generally runs a little small. If you run between sizes, it is highly recommended that you go half size up. The shape of the Ozweego shoes is a little narrow towards the toe box so choose your size carefully.

Why are Nike Huarache trainers so popular?

Striking the perfect balance between 90s style and futuristic appeal, the Nike Huarache shoes are available in a number of colorways. The OG model has been redesigned for better fit and lighter feel. It is not only great as a casual sneaker but also appeals to the likes of sports enthusiasts.

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