How To Celebrate New Year Under ₹1500 In India

happy new year 2022

It is this time of the year where joy is in the air and you are looking for good times. Well, we bring just what the doctor ordered. Get the complete guidance of what, how, and when so you don’t have to depend on anyone on the 1st day of New Year 2022. Similarly, there are also other things apart from partying and traveling to towns because of the travel restrictions due to the new omicron COVID 19 variant, but that doesn’t have to kill the celebration vibe. So hold on and get along because good times are just steps away.

Affordable Stays at New Year Party Destinations

When it comes to New Year Bash there is nothing like grooving at the popular party destinations in India, and talking about the party New Year in Goa is still the dream of many people. To bring this dream into reality you can easily book affordable hostel stays through Agoda and under 1500₹ using our coupon codes that will help you save more on your bookings. Apart from this, you can also look for other budget-friendly ideas from, Expedia, and for cities like Pondicherry, Kolkata, Pune, Noida, Delhi, and Mumbai.

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In-house New Year Festival in India

With the ongoing COVID situation many of your favorite destinations must be following protocol of vaccinations or temporary shut for parties. But no need to frown as many hotels, hostels, and stays you can check out at, MakeMyTrip arrange parties of their own. Tag your friends along and enjoy a blast with a bonfire alongside.

new year bash in India

Book Villas Homestays

It doesn’t really sound budget-friendly but trust me it is. If you have a large group of friends and you don’t have to invite outsiders this is the best option. Book an entire villa from, Agoda, and enjoy your stay partying all 31st night.

new year homestays in India

Book Activities

You don’t just have to hop cities and keep partying when you can do so much in your own city. Book amazing activities that your city is offering from KLOOK and get mesmerized with the never been experienced things.

new year trip in India

Donate New Year Blessings

If you know what Spanish football club fans do as a tradition every year you will not disregard this topic. Being one of the kindest things to do, end your year with just a minimal investment that can make someone smile, sounds fun right? Order from Amazon or Flipkart through our website and enjoy savings on it as well

new year gift toys

Plan Pot Dinner

Ask friends and family to come along and bring just one dish with them which will actually turn out to be a nice get-together. You can arrange it in your backyard or from the comfort of your home. Order from Swiggy, Pizza hut, KFC, put on some music and drinks and it will be as good as any New Year party.

new year dinner

Watch New Year Movie

It’s nothing like the comfort of your cozy bed and watching late-night movies with your loved ones. Plan a great New Year movie (P.S there are actually good movies).  Order food from Swiggy and enjoy your night.

new year movies

Fun Activities with Family

Just four of you and your four-legged furball can give you more serotonin than any other thing or activity in this world. Spend your New Year Holiday with them doing fun activities and you will never regret it.

new year dinner in India

Go For New Year Trip in India

A proper vacation will set you no matter what. When the prices are soaring high in the party destinations it is low where travelers are not flocking. Plan your itinerary accordingly at MakeMyTrip, because your long-awaited cost-friendlier solo trip is waiting for you.

new year trip

Plan for a Long New Year Drive

A long drive in Indian terrains can set everything right. Imagine riding under the moon with no lights around with chilling cold and scenic beauty around your city can be a wonderful option.

new year night ride

New Year Gift

At last, if you do not feel all the above options you need to consider this last option. It’s the end of the year and it’s time to reward yourself or your loved ones with something. Grab deals from Amazon New year sale, Flipkart New Year sale, Myntra, and Ajio because you deserve this reward. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

new year gift in India
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