Explore The Magical Beauty Of The World With This Scenic Guide

The world is full of indescribable and jaw-dropping attractions and every traveler must explore them at least once in their lifetime. We live in a world full of truly magnificent and incredible holiday destinations to visit. So, if you are an explorer wish to explore mesmerizing beauty then listed below are some must-visit places and scenic attractions across the globe that are sure to leave you speechless.

It is rightly said that “Travelling can make you smarter and healthier” and thus everyone must take a vacation at least twice in a year. And no travel diary is complete without exploring iconic travel destinations or scenic attractions including Antelope Canyon – Arizona, Bora Bora – French Polynesia, Santorini – Greece, Amalfi Coast – Italy, the Great Barrier Reef – Australia, Niagara Falls, Blue Lagoon – Iceland, Iguazu Falls – Brazil, Hallstatt – Austria, Pamukkale – Turkey, and so on.

The power of wanderlust gets truly amazing with an escape to scenic places and this blog post will surely take you to the magical world of mesmerizing beauty bestowed across the globe. So, catch up the glimpse of the following gorgeous attractions and destinations around the world that you must see at least once-

10 Most Beautiful Cities Around The World!

1 # Rome, Italy

With fascinating, age-old history, Rome is a ‘Journey to Past’ and ‘Historical Powerhouse’ blessed with amazing museums, colosseum, and churches. The sprawling, cosmopolitan capital city of Italy is home to nearly 3,000 years of influential art, cultures, and architecture on display.

Ancient ruins of the Colosseum and the Forum evoke the power of the Roman Empire. With character-filled streets, fabulous piazzas, and colorful markets, Rome is truly dazzling at every turn. If you are embarking a trip to this most beautiful capital of Italy, you must for sure, see –

  • The Colosseum
  • The Roman Forum
  • The Palatine Hill
  • St. Peter’s Basilica
  • The Pantheon
  • The Trevi Fountain
  • The Capitoline Museums

2 # Prague, Czech Republic

Also called ‘The City Of A Hundred Spires’, Prague is the largest city in the Czech Republic and 14th largest in European Union. It is the historical capital of Bohemia and is widely known for its colorful baroque buildings, Old Town Square, the medieval Astronomical Clock, and Gothic Churches.

While on one hand, the city is buzzing metropolis for the hedonistic night party scene and a scenic conurbation, where you can lose up yourself a bit on the quaint cobbled streets and spend a relaxing afternoon admiring the splendid views stretching across the river Vltava from Charles Bridge. When in Prague, you must see –

  • Prague Castle
  • St Vitus’ Cathedral
  • The Royal Gardens
  • Old Royal Palace
  • Mucha Museum
  • Charles Bridges
  • Wenceslas Square

3 # Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Lush landscape, mountaintop views, sun-kissed beach lounging, endless cultural activities and historical discoveries, Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful seaside city in Brazil frequented by thousands of tourists for decades. It is the most popular travel destination, the second largest metropolis in the country and third-largest metropolis in South America. While you are in this stunning sunset city of Rio de Janeiro, make sure you see –

  • Parque Nacional da Tijuca
  • Ipanema Beach
  • Cristo Redentor
  • Copacabana Beach
  • Maracana Football Studium
  • Jardim Botanico

4 # Paris, France

Head to the most populous and capital city of France – Paris, which is a global center of fashion, art, culture, and gastronomy. Often referred to as the most glamorous city in Europe, Paris is known for its elegant boulevards and streets, incredibly beautiful art and architecture and of course the lofty Eiffel Tower. 

The bridges and the seine crossing through, the monumental squares, and the magnificent monuments, the city of Love confirm the most sophisticated and elegant vistas amongst all European travel destinations. In Paris, you must not miss –

  • Eiffel tower
  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Louvre Museum
  • Arc of Triumph / Champs Elysees
  • Cruise on the Seine
  • Palace of Versaille
  • Montmartre

5 # Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you wish to take a beautiful holiday to the Netherlands then, Amsterdam is a place to be. Your vacation to this fascinating travel destination will be all about cruising along the historic canals lined by tilting gabled buildings. The city is widely famous for its red lights, houseboats, coffee shops, and historic architecture. When in Amsterdam, you must visit –

  • Amsterdam History Museum
  • Waterloopein Flea Market
  • Haarlem
  • Jewish History Museum
  • Houseboat Museum

6 # Cape Town, South Africa

It is one of the most popular travel destinations on the southwest coast of South Africa. Cape Town is a port city – stunning from sea to sky. It is the diversity of multiple cultures, landscapes, and cuisines. The city is a singularly magnificent city crowned by the glorious Table Mountain National Park. On your vacation to Cape Town, you will easily get lost in the depths of nature, while enjoying sumptuous delights like tapas, bistro or sushi. Tourists traveling to this stunning city must visit –

  • Cape of Good Hope
  • Table Mountain
  • Robben Island
  • Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden
  • District Six Museum

7 # Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary bisected by the Danube River. For many, the city is magnificence on the River Danube. From flamboyant architecture to dramatic history to healing thermal waters to vibrant nightlife of unrivaled Central and Eastern Europe, Budapest is truly an amazing place to be. It is immensely affordable and easy to get around and is widely known for the following attractions –

  • Castle Hill
  • Basilica of St. Stephen
  • Memento Park
  • Liberty Monument
  • Great Synagogue
  • Hungarian National Museum

8 # Edinburg, Scotland

For that beautiful hilly escape to Scotland, Edinburg is a wonderful travel destination to be. Home to the elegant Georgian New Town and the age-old medieval town with well-landscaped gardens, Edinburg is a beauty with beating heart.

Famous for its most fascinating and fun annual festival, the capital city of Scotland is voted among the 4th most beautiful cities around the world. Tourists planning g a trip to Edinburg must choose voyage packages that include a visit to –

  • Edinburg Castle
  • Scottish Parliament Building
  • National Museum of Scotland
  • Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

9 # Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is Japan is another most beautiful city in the world, which was once the capital city of its country. You will find a sense of past permeates in this Japanese metropolis. It is the most well-preserved ancient city widely known for its various UNESCO World Heritage Sites, National Treasures of the country and holy places.

Kyoto is considered to be the most culturally significant cities across the globe. When holidaying in Kyoto, you must take a visit to –

  • Enryaku-Ji
  • Chion-in
  • Kiyomizu-Dera
  • Fushimi Inari-Taisha
  • Gion

10 # Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a massive city straddling Asia and Europe across the Bosporus Strait. The city is often recognized as a travel destination where two nations collide and make up a truly beautiful amalgamation of both the cultural hotspot. From sightseeing to enjoying delightful meals to drinking tea to enjoying jaw-dropping vistas from every corner of the city, Istanbul is a city for everyone. While you are in this city, you should embark to the following –

  • Suleymaniye Mosque
  • Aya Sofya
  • Pera Museum
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Kariye Museum (Chora Church)

So, these are some of the most beautiful cities around the world that every travelers or explorer seeking to explore to awe-inspiring beauty on this earth must visit at least once in a lifetime.

Now with cities, I have also compiled a list of 10 most beautiful attractions in the world – so that you can simplify your travel bucket without many efforts.

Scroll through the following points and enjoy exploring most about the magical beauty of the world with this write-up.

10 Most Scenic Attractions In The World

1 # Iguazu Falls, Brazil

With around 275 different drops, Iguazu Falls in Brazil is the largest waterfall in the world. There’s no shortage of mesmerizing views over here and visitors are sure to get awe-inspiring views from every vantage point. Listed in the list of modern natural wonders of the world, Iguazu Falls provide you a mesmerizing visceral experience and the noise of cascading waters can be heard about from 3km away.

2 # Antelope Canyon, Arizona 

Explore this picturesque series of crevices, while you holiday in Arizona – Antelope Canyon is a must-visit attraction over here. It is a slot canyon located in the southwest region of America including two separate, scenic canyon sections referred to as “The Crack” or the “Upper Antelope Canyon” and “The Corkscrew” or “Lower Antelope Canyon”. The majestic sandstone creates the appearance of fire over here. Take the early morning to get a gorgeous glimpse of light beams gliding through the slot canyons making its walls look like fire.

3 # Bora Bora, French Polynesia

A dreamlike island with a dormant volcano, Bora Bora is covered by dense jungle surrounded by a mesmerizing emerald necklace of small sand-fringed islands. If you wish to stay in a lavish overwater bungalow surrounded with awe-inspiring surreal beauty, then Bora Bora in French Polynesia is a must-visit destination. Abundantly blessed with corals reefs and turquoise lagoons, this small picturesque island is a “Heaven on Earth” nestled in the South Pacific.

4 # Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most popular tourist attractions spanning over an area of 1400 miles. With the largest collection of coral reefs of the world found over here, the Great Barrier Reef is one of Seven Wonders of Natural World. It is a great place for diving and exploring one-of-a-kind marine life. It is nature’s biggest marvel blessed with abundant marine flora and fauna. Besides the coral reef, plenty of sun-kissed golden sand beaches and tropical islands are also found here.

5 # Niagara Falls

Straddling on the border of Canada and the U.S., Niagara Falls is another must-visit popular tourist attraction in the world which every traveler must see at least once in a lifetime. It is a set of massive 3 waterfalls, spilling about 6 million feet of water from a vertical drop of about 165 feet. The site currently entertains more than 30 million tourists each year. The thunderous falls are really impressive to capture.

6 # Oia, Santorini, Greece

Among all the picturesque Greek islands, Oia is undeniably the most beautiful and gorgeous hillside town that provides the most scintillating views of the vibrant blue Aegean Sea. The hilltop village is known for charming its visitors with narrow, hilly streets lined with whitewashed stone houses, breathtaking blue-domed churches, sunbaked verandas and pink bougainvillea leading to cobalt Aegean Sea.

7 # Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes in Croatia is the largest national park of the country blessed with cascading series of waterfalls, pools, and caves. The place is home to an enormous population of wildlife and boasts a chain of around 16 terraced lakes. The national park is widely known for walkways and hiking trails winding around and across the water. The 300 sq.km. of wild beauty over here is full of wolves, bears, birds, and boars.

8 # Amalfi Coast, Italy

The extravagantly gorgeous and mesmerizing stretch of the rugged coast of Amalfi Coast is a must-experience excursion when in Italy. Nestled in Campania, the place is a romantic sketch of sheer cliffs plunging in the Azure sea, pastel sun-kissed villages on the steep slopes of Mt. Ravello, tiny golden sand beaches in the secluded coves and fragrant orange groves. In other words, the Amalfi Coast is a stunning combination of seductive beauty and jaw-dropping views.

9 # Hallstatt, Austria

Get your cameras ready as the stunning lakeside town Hallstatt is the “Most photographed attraction in Europe”. It is the picture-perfect town where you will spend a relaxing vacation wandering 16th-century alpine houses, exploring glacier gardens and an ancient salt mine. Old Town and Market Square, Salt World and Skywalk, five Fingers, Dachstein Caves, Catholic Parish Church and The World Heritage Church are some of the most popular attractions over here which you must see when in Hallstatt.

10 # Pamukkale, turkey

Pamukkale means “Cotton Castle” is a stack of white mineral pools located in southwest Turkey. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that looks similar to the Byzantine-Roman city of Denizli. The picturesque soak of Pamukkale also homes to preserved ruins of the Roman Spa-city Hierapolis where visitors can bathe among the submerged age-old columns. The blue waters in Pamukkale are hot and this is why it is a great place for bathers to take a dip. The antique pool over here is beautifully nestled in the western part of Turkey.

So these are the top ten most scenic attractions across the globe that are widely known for their mesmerizing beauty and every traveler must visit at least once in a lifetime.

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