Foodpanda Vs GrabFood Vs Deliveroo- King Of Food Delivery In Singapore

foodpanda Vs Grabfood Vs Delieroo MY

Having food delivered straight to your door is probably the biggest gift of technology. Whether you’re feeling bit under the weather & crave soup, or your food supply is miserably low, or you just don’t feel like cooking; the various food delivery apps Singapore have got you covered.

To help you land the best choices, let’s began the foodpanda Vs GrabFood Vs Deliveroo tug of war. We will also cover foodpanda free delivery voucher, GrabFood new user promo, Deliveroo free delivery code, and loads more so stay tuned.

What is foodpanda?

Founded in 2012, Foodpanda is the leading online food and grocery delivery service provider. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany; it is currently available in over 400 cities in 11 countries in Asia- foodpanda HK, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Cambodia, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar.

Foodpanda Singapore Delivery
Foodpanda SG Food Delivery

foodpanda Singapore was born with a mission to make food delivery as efficient and convenient as possible. It is abode to more than 350 restaurants Jollibee, Crystal Jade, Pizza Express, Dunkin Donuts, Pastamania, Sushi Tei, Nando’s, Hooters Singapore, Eighteen Chefs, Butter & Spice, Wolf Burgers, and Pizza Cut which gives it an edge in the foodpanda Vs GrabFood Vs Deliveroo war including.

foodpanda Delivery Fee 2022

  • foodpanda delivery fee varies as per the distance and the demand.
  • The delivery fee starts from $2.
  • Added discounts are possible with the Foodpanda voucher 2022.

Foodpanda Delivery Small Order Fee

  • A small order fee is the amount charged when the order value is less than the minimum order value.
  • Foodpanda small order fee varies from $8 to $10 depending on the merchant.

Service Fee

  • Foodpanda Singapore delivery platform does not charge a service fee.

What is GrabFood?

Launched in 2013 as a ride-hailing service provider, Grab delivery provider has expanded to take over the food delivery domain with GrabFood. Allegedly called as the fastest food delivery service in Singapore owing to its speedy fleet of GrabFood riders; it offers a number of choices such as Koi, Pastamania, Burger King, Long John Silver, McDonalds, and loads more.

GrabFood Singapore Range Of Cusines
Delectable Options At Deliveroo SG

Be it food delivery in your area or island wide delivery, GrabFood SG offers plethora of options that you can choose from. For island delivery, there’re delightful choices such as Suriya Curry House, Tiong Bahru Bakery, Paradise Classic, Popeye, Sushi Tei, and BBQ Box. On a related note, get mind-boggling truth about the Lalamove Vs GrabExpress battle & Net-A-Porter Vs Mytheresa war from the linked blogs.

GrabFood Delivery Fee Singapore

  • GrabFood delivery fee is dynamic and depends upon several factors such as the area you’re ordering from, the time of placing the order, and the restaurant.
  • The normal GrabFood delivery fee starts from $3.
  • At peak timings like weekends, rainy days, or holidays like Chinese New Year, Christmas, or Hari Raya; surge delivery fee might be charged.

GrabFood Delivery Small Order Fee

  • In case your order value does not meet the GrabFood SG minimum order value, you’ll be liable to pay small order fee.
  • Depending on the GrabFood merchant, the small order fee ranges from $8 to $10.

Service Fee

For orders less than $6, GrabFood Singapore delivery provider charges $0.30.

What is Deliveroo?

Founded by Will Shu and Greg Orlowsi; Deliveroo delivery service is currently available in over 200 locations across the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuwait, Australia, Italy, and United Arab Emirates. The London-based food delivery platform is among the major players in the food delivery industry globally.

Deliveroo S’pore

Deliveroo Singapore was launched in 2015. The number of options at the platform is endless. From Pizza Express, Collin’s Grill Bento, Alt Pizza to Sushi Tei, Poulet, Muchachos; the amazing choices have got your back. If you’re looking for the best 10.10 sale offers, refer to the linked blog.

Deliveroo Delivery Fee $1

  • Deliveroo delivery fee starts from $1.49.
  • It varies depending on the distance between the restaurant and the delivery address.

Deliveroo SG Small Order Fee

  • Depending on the merchant, the Deliveroo small order fee ranges from $10 to $12.
  • It is charged to meet the minimum order limit.

Service Fee

  • Deliveroo Singapore delivery platform charges $0.20 service fee.

Foodpanda Vs GrabFood Vs Deliveroo- Comparison

To further the tug of war between the food delivery giants, let’s compare the major points we look for while choosing service food delivery in Singapore.

Foodpanda delivery Singapore – Pros

  • Foodpanda SG does not charge any service fee unlike Grabfood or Deliveroo.
  • Foodpanda delivery service is the among the few food delivery apps to accept cash on delivery.
  • It is the only delivery service in association with Starbucks. So if you’re a sucker for Starbucks and caught up in the
  • foodpanda or Grabfood or Deliveroo rivalry; you know only one platform will be your saviour.
  • It has a large delivery fleet of over 12,000 foodpanda riders.
  • Remarkably generous with foodpanda new user promo vouchers, and bank tie-ups like UOB, DBS, and Citibank.
  • You can often land foodpanda FREE delivery voucher 2022 and save massively on the delivery charges.
  • Offers subscription plan that involves free delivery and more rewards at $14.99. Use the foodpanda Malaysia promo code to save more.
foodpanda merchants Singapore
Suffice late-night cravings with foodpanda

Foodpanda Food Delivery – Cons

  • foodpanda food delivery service only delivers up to around 6km from the order point.
  • foodpanda food delivery service only delivers up to around 6km from the order point.
  • Just 12 delivery zones which limits the options.

GrabFood Delivery – Pros

  • Singaporean, Malaysian, Philippians, and numerous other nationals can avail savings with the Grab rewards. You get to earn 5x reward points for each dollar spent on the platform.
  • GrabFood app accepts cash mode for payments which makes it more compatible more users who prefer cash payments or are less technologically inclined.
  • The food delivery giant offers Priority Delivery at $3 which you can use in case you need food delivered urgently.
  • GrabFood Referral Program 2022 can aid you in saving even more at the platform just by referring it your pals.
  • You can savor amazing offers such as GrabFood $1 Deal, Citibank promo code, vouchers, & loads more.
  • New customers can welcome savings with the GrabFood New User Promo 2022.
Grabfood merchants
Get your favorites with GrabFood delivery

GrabFood Singapore Delivery – Cons

  • Desktop version is unavailable. You can just go for the mobile apps.
  • As it is relatively new as compared to Deliveroo or foodpanda; the number of restaurants is less.
  • Priority delivery is only available for limited users.
  • The starting delivery fee is slightly high as compared to foodpanda SG or Deliveroo.

Deliveroo Food Delivery – Pros

  • Deliveroo food delivery Singapore allows you to order food from up to 10km from the order point.
  • Being a huge player in the food delivery world, Deliveroo offers specific categories like comfort food, health nut, and more to make it easy for you to decide.
  • You can sign up for Deliveroo Plus plan and avail unlimited delivery, special restaurant offers, and much more.
  • It is arguably the most flexible service provider of food delivery in Singapore.
  • You can earn Deliveroo referral bonus by referring a friend or acquaintance to become a rider with the portal.
  • Unlock discounts on tasty treats from your favorite restaurants by taking advantage of Deliveroo UOB Promo Code, new user promo code, and more.
  • New to the platform? Pave way for more discounted deals with the Deliveroo First Time User Code.
Deliveroo Singapore Restuarants
Popular Restaurants At Deliveroo SG

Deliveroo SG- Cons

  • Deliveroo delivery fee is less as compared to GrabFood or foodpanda PH, MY, or SG.
  • The small delivery fee is slightly higher compared to the other two delivery providers.

Various Food Delivery Offers

Foodpanda FREE Delivery Voucher For The Win

  • Looking forward to order delectable treats? Well its happy hour somewhere.
  • Ditch delivery fee with the Foodpanda FREE Delivery Voucher 2022.
  • It is available for limited period so don’t resist and take advantage of the opportunity.

Unlock Savings With foodpanda New User Voucher 2022

Newbie to the world of food panda SG? Guess what? Amazing savings await you which you can avail with the foodpanda New User Voucher 2022.

Foodpanda Credit Card Promo

  • Do you own credit card? Good for you! Put it to yum use as you can enjoy huge discounts with the foodpanda credit card promo code.
  • The credit card promo code is applicable for selected banks.

Save With GrabFood $1 Deal

  • Fancy having pizza, sushi, or something sweet? GrabFood delivery SG offers super saver deals.
  • GrabFood $1 deal is your chance to enjoy jaw-dropping discounts.
  • It is available for limited time slot so enjoy while you can.

GrabFood New User Promo 2022 for Newbies

Are you new to GrabFood Singapore delivery portal? Take your taste buds on a vacay with the amazing offers. Relish biggest discount with the GrabFood new user promo 2022.

Use GrabFood Citibank Promo Malaysia

  • In case you have a Citibank card, you can save massively with the GrabFood Citibank promo Malaysia.
  • The Citibank promo Malaysia offer is valid till December 2022.

Say Yes To Deliveroo FREE Delivery Code

Deliveroo First Time User Code To Your Rescue

Is it your first order? Well, get ready for a happy and yummy experience. Bag huge discount with the Deliveroo First Time User Code 2022.

Enjoy Deliveroo UOB Promo Code 2022

  • Have a UOB card? You’re in luck as you can get drenched in the rain of discounts with the Deliveroo UOB Promo Code 2022.
  • You can get up to $6 off of your order using the UOB promo code so have at it.

Foodpanda Vs GrabFood Singapore Vs Deliveroo – Sum Up

Food Delivery Service foodpanda GrabFood Deliveroo
Islandwide DeliveryYesZone-wiseDepends on merchant
Delivery FeeStarts from $2Starts from $3Starts from $1.49
Small Order Fee$8 to $10$8 to $10$10 to $12
Service FeeNo$0.30 (for orders less than $6)$0.20
Riders Fleet Size (Approx)~12000~13000~9000
New User PromoYesYesYes


Is Food Panda better than GrabFood?

As foodpanda offers Islandwide delivery in Singapore while GrabFood offers zone wise delivery, it puts the former a little ahead. The delivery fee is also comparatively low. You can save more with the foodpanda free delivery voucher. There’re plenty of perks of Deliveroo too. Go through both the apps to find the best deal.

Which is the most used food delivery app in Singapore?

As per a recent survey by Rakuten Insight, GrabFood SG is the most used over its competitors. It was developed by the start-up Grab. It also has the biggest rider fleet size

Is Deliveroo SG good?

Deliveroo Singapore is an excellent food delivery platform. It is often considered as the most flexible option. It offers number of choices in categories which makes it easier to pick and decreases the decision making time. You can earn 5x rewards for each dollar you spent on the platform. Save even more with the Deliveroo free delivery code.

Is Food Panda better than Deliveroo Singapore?

Food Panda SG does not charge service fee or platform fee unlike Deliveroo Singapore. It also offers Islandwide delivery. However Deliveroo offers rewards which you can redeem and save more. The presence of category-wise options makes it easier to pick.

Is Grab cheaper than foodpanda MY?

On the delivery fee front, in most cases the foodpanda delivery fee is low as compared to the GrabFood delivery fee. The small order fee is almost same. Moreover, you can go through the food panda and GrabFood reviews. Also, you can sweeten the deal with the discount vouchers.

How much is foodpanda Philippines delivery fee?

Foodpanda Philippines delivery fee is ₱59. It may vary depending on the merchant so make sure to check it.

Verdict- Foodpanda Vs Deliveroo Vs GrabFood- Who Wins The Hunger Games

In the battle of Foodpanda or GrabFood or Deliveroo, the factors considered highlight that foodpanda SG is great on a number of fronts. Due it’s limited reach of 6km from order point, it can’t be claimed as the undisputed king of food delivery in Singapore. Nonetheless, foodpanda delivery is efficient, fast, and cheap.

Food delivery in Singapore

Talking about GrabFood Singapore, it’s fair to say that it has grown faster than any of its contemporary. There’s no dearth of options so you can choose as per your mood or preference. GrabFood provides the option of Priority Delivery which is a huge plus. The zone only delivery option is a shortcoming. Deliveroo, on the other hand, is trying hard to win the battle. As per the reviews, the feedbacks highlight that foodies love its aesthetically-wonderful page. One thing that gives it edge in the foodpanda or Deliveroo Singapore debate is that it offers actual reward points whereas food panda provides Krisflyer miles. Also, the starting delivery fee of Deliveroo is cheaper than foodpanda or GrabFood.

All in one, there’re perks and demerits of all the three choices. Gauge through the options to find the best deal. Let the love for good food know no bounds as huge discount codes and vouchers are always at your disposal at CollectOffers.

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