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Halloween Sale

Ghostly greetings are on the way, so get the preparations started for Halloween night and scare the soul out of everyone with your deadly looks. Before you get all spooky and begin the journey of impressing the witches and ghosts, dive into the history and culture of Halloween.

What is Halloween?

Marking the end of summer and the harvest and welcoming the cold winter nights, Halloween outshines all the other festivals because of the history and tradition it carries. People of different areas like Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK and others celebrate this event with great enthusiasm by dressing up in creepy costumes, putting on Halloween makeup, decorating homes and stores with the Halloween stuff, eating treats and participating in the haunted events.

History of Halloween

Originated many many years ago, when terms like ghosts and wizards were quite a in fashion, the Halloween tradition came from the pre-Christian Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced as sow-in) that was seen as the summer end as well as returning of spirits to the earth. This made 31st October “All Hallows’ Eve” and 1st November “All Saints’ Day” (hallows refer to saints), standing true to the meaning of Halloween that is “hallowed evening”.

Halloween Sale

Why do we celebrate Halloween?

Celtics priests would use this time to tell the fortune of people in the old days as they believed that the line between the world of living souls and dead souls has become thin and the spirits would help them in visualising the future. They would celebrate the festival by wearing the costume that consists of the skeleton and animal heads. To make a sacrifice to the Celtic deities, people would light the sacred bonfire with the crops and animals and also attempt to ward off the ghosts.

Halloween Sale

In the modern days, the concept is the same but the way of celebrating the event has changed involving elements like trick or treating, decorating homes with carved jack o lanterns, giving candies to the kids, festive gatherings and many more fun activities.

Best Stores Offering Halloween Great Discounts!

The ghoulish time of the year has come waking the dead from the grave and before you spend all the time looking for the DIY ideas for Halloween costumes, here is a treat for you from the top fashion stores. From the skull prints dress to the Jack-o-lanterns jewellery, get everything related to the Halloween theme party and win the contests. Take the avatar of werewolves, ghosts, frightful zombies, or any other deadly creature and walk on the streets at night to rejoice at the Halloween party.

Halloween Sale


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Halloween Sale

Buy cheap Halloween decoration items for your store or home from the Zalora Hong Kong or your country’s Home section that has stored all kinds of lights and home décor products to make your house look haunted. The visitors won’t be able to take their eyes off your place if you learn the ideas and take inspiration from the ZALORA online shopping center.

Halloween Sale


No need to search for the “Halloween Stores near me” and run here and there as you just have to move your fingers to get the most devilish costume from FARFETCH online fashion store. Halloween weekend is around the corner and there’s so much to explore but the fun part is that you don’t have to step out of your door to get the latest collection of fashion and party supplies from the FARFETCH Australia promo codes available here!

Halloween Sale

Unleash the devil in you at the price drops on global brands that you must not miss. Halloween kids’ costumes, menswear, dresses for women are all available at impressive discounts with FARFETCH Singapore promo codes, FARFETCH Hong Kong promo codes or the discount coupons that are available for the country you are living in.

Halloween Sale

Brands To Shop

This time have the best Halloween celebration with your family and friends by doing the justice to the festival with your get-up. Lay your eyes on the popular brands of the fashion industry without penny pinching your savings with the available discount codes and offers. The list of famous designers includes- Balenciaga, Gucci, Superdry, Adidas, Puma, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, Ferrari, Jimmy Choo, and others as the prices won’t disappoint you anymore.

Halloween Sale

Halloween for children and adults is gonna be more magical with the FARFETCH discounts, ZALORA deals and offer codes that are all yours in a few clicks. Celebrate the happiest Halloween by making huge savings on your shopping basket with our coupon codes.

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