12.12 Sale

12.12 Sale


Sit tight Egyptians as the year-end sale event, popularly called 12.12 Sale or Double 12 is going to push your budgetary-limits and unleash the shopaholic in you for the last time this year! If you’ve missed out on the Single’s Day Sale, then say hello to the South-Asian version of Cyber Monday and Black Friday Sale, i.e. 12.12. Jam-packed with the extravagance of deals and promotional offers, your favorite stores are out and about, trying to be the Santa to fulfill your shopping wishes. 

The Origin of 12.12

The enormous sales during the festivities drove the retailers to craft something fruitful for the shoppers leading to the origin of the 12.12 Sale. This shopping carnival began in 2005 and soon enough various e-commerce giants joined this crusade to tune up their sales pitch with elegant promotional strategies. Formulated by Alibaba, this shopping event turned out to be one of the biggest hits of the year considering the magnificent amount of sales experienced on the websites that are trampled by the big retailers during the 11.11 Single’s Day Sale.

When does the 12.12 Sale begin?

The best time to cash out the shopping spirits of the shoppers is around the festivities and that’s the purpose behind begetting the idea of the 12.12 Sale. The sale begins from midnight of December 12 every year and takes online shopping in Egypt by storm while the hottest deals continue to pour in for the entire day. Bid adieu to the thought of overspending and hail to the extravagance coming your way to prep up for Christmas! 

What to expect from this Shopping Fest?

To light up the celebrations of the Christmas season, the local and international retailers fire up their portals with unimaginable deals and markdowns during the 12.12 Sale. From kitchen appliances, consumer gadgets, clothing, and fashion accessories, travel, and services, every category turns up with great offers intended to deliver great benefits to the shoppers. Amp up your lifestyle with technology, vogue, and comfortability without busting your savings!

Brands & Stores participating in 12.12 Sale

After the 11.11 Sale, the next big thing that the shoppers are waiting for is the 12.12 shopping event, and taking the available cash backs, rewards, and discounts into account, it is only fair. Esteemed names like Slick Case, Banggood, Slick Case, iHerb, Yoins, and others will be the highlight of this season while Christmas gifts top the list of every buyer. Take a peek at such brands by going through CollectOffers!  

Stay in the loop! 

Wouldn’t it be tragic to miss out on the crucial hours of the 12.12 sale just because it slipped your mind? That is why you need to subscribe to the newsletter of your favorite store for getting alerts when the sale goes live or you can check out our website on a regular interval for the same. Along with the notifications on flash sales, price drops, and items on sale, you’ll get a million reasons to scour through this mega-sale event. 

When does the 12.12 Sale end?

The 12.12 Sale Egypt goes on for 24 hour period and ends once the clock strikes 12 am the next day. Nonetheless, your favorite merchants put up the announcements, drool-worthy offers, and promotional ads beforehand so that the shoppers make up their mind about what’s worth their time. So, get ready to ride high through the shopping bonanza of 12.12 Sale without ending up being a financial wreck at the end of the festive season. 

Vital hours to get the best of 12.12 offers 

As the Christmas month begins, the buzz for Christmas gets hotter and so does the planning and plotting to offer the most benefitting 12.12 deals to the Egyptian shoppers. Shopping websites experience web traffic 4-5 thicker than the usual and an order was placed every 2 seconds and it is crucial not to exhaust your resources before the peak sale hours arrive. It was observed that most of the sale takes place between 9 pm to 12 pm and that’s when you must empty your shopping carts. From flight deals, hotel bookings, homeware, food, laptops, computers, to Nintendo Switch, you’ll are ready to get bombarded with amazing deals all the way. 

Authentic products & Legit Deals

The sudden price drops of the high-end goodies seem alarming, however, this super savings day known as the 12.12 Sale is all class. Only the most trustworthy sellers and online stores take a part in this sale event, delivering discounts and price cuts like never before. With an accumulation of legit products and benefitting deals, you’re bound to have an experience of the lifetime whether it is goods or services you choose to check out during this sale.            

Add-on to your savings with these tips:

12.12 Sale exactly the time when the phrase ‘live a little’ is actually brought to life!  No matter if you want to hop on to the next flight to your dream destination or want to revive your wardrobe with the trendiest in fashion, 12.12 offers the perfect opportunities for you that will entice your senses. Here are the certain guidelines mentioned below that will help you make the most out of it:

Do a thorough research  

As a lot of your favorite merchants are going to participate in the 12.12 sale in Egypt, so make sure that the website you choose to order from offers the best price on the internet by taking a dig at the price comparison. Once you get your hands on the cheapest price, make sure that you check it out before the stock runs out. 

Catch other ongoing offers  

There are several other offers rendered by your preferred shopping destinations like free shipping facility on minimum order limit, flash sale offers, first purchase discounts, limited time offers, bulk buy discounts, and more. You can exploit these deals to magnify your discounts along with using the voucher codes and coupon codes that are listed on CollectOffers.   

Add the favorites to the wish-list 

To enjoy the 12.12 Sale in a full-fledged manner, you must not forget to add all the desired goodies to the cart so that you can check out all of it before the stock comes to an end and you are left disappointed.