10.10 SALE

10.10 Sale

What is 10.10 Sale and when it takes place?

10.10 Sale is one of the most talked-about and recurring sales that occur every year in October. It got its name 1010 sale as it takes place on 10 of October and follows the same format as its predecessor 9.9 sales.

The sale generally takes place on 10 of October, but some retailers start pre-sales early and bring you an array of items while some retailers have the sale only for the day. Different retailers offer the sale for a different time. For example, Lazada 10.10 sale, has released the sale last year which lasted from 10 am to 10 pm on October 10th.

How 10.10 Sale came into existence?

The 10.10 sale history might not be known to many people. It is a new concept that came into existence with the 11.11 Single’s Day sale, a few years ago. Now, these sales have become much more popular and retailers like Lazada and Qoo10 are jumping on to offer a huge discount to customers.  

Besides 10.10, all the double date with the date of month matching with the month such as the 9.9 (9 September), 10.10 (10 October), 11.11 (11 November) and 12.12 (12 December) are the dates when many retailers bring out best deals and discount. Earlier, these dates were considered lucky and were mostly reserved as wedding dates and now they have become exciting sales dates. It is a good thing for all the shoppers to save while shopping.

What is the purpose of the 10.10 Sale?

Retailers and shoppers, both have a different purpose to participate in the mega sale event. Retailers may participate in the sale for different reasons like to stand higher in the sellout rate or to even engage old customers with some money-saving deals.  

The 10.10 mega sale is used as a strategy to attract new customers and to re-engage old ones. Additionally, the retailers involve in advertising strategy to create both shopping moods as well as awareness among customers.

What to expect from the 10.10 sale? 

The annual mega-sale event, 10.10 online sales is ready to score a perfect 10 in your shopping cart. The amazing deals, offers, discounts, and coupon codes will easily allow you to shop everything you have been eyeing on for months. 

Whether it is any mobile phone, gaming console, shampoo, foundation, facial masks, an LBW, jeans, you will find it easily on the sale event. Retailers like Lazada 10.10 deals and Qoo10 10.10 deals are the most popular retailers offering finest deals and besides these two, Shopee, Zalora, Sephora and many more merchants also offer best discounts.   

This year, it is expected that the 10.10 sale 2021 will be huger and will focus on all fashion, beauty, and travel deals, making it a perfect time for you to shop and save. Fill up your shopping cart with all the hot deals for more savings and also can enjoy cashback on some deals.

Where will we see the 10.10 sale deals?

Shopping online is a great way to save money but when it comes to shopping, there can be a lot of confusion that falls only during sale time or during the special day and flash deals. So, how to find the most reasonable and money-saving deal?

At CollectOffers, you can find all the amazing deals. We have done our homework for you so that you can get all the best deals to gist easily. You can look for some recommendations of best deals and coupon codes on 10.10 event.

Many big brands and retailers are participating in the sale. So, it will be a great opportunity for you to make the most of the sale with CollectOffers! 

Will 10.10 sale be different in any way?

The sale event is scoring great deals and offers in the past years and with the time coming closer, many retailers have already listed out best deals that will be available on sale. The sale will likely to benefit both customers and retailers.

Here’s previous year’s record of 10.10 sales and deals.

  • 200% increase in traffic to average daily sales.
  • 64% traffic via mobile and 36% traffic via desktop recorded on 10 Oct.
  • Up to 90% discounts available on top retailers.
  • Flash sales deals are available for 24 hours.

 Is 10.10 Sale real?

There have been multiple reports on fake sales and how it is affecting the customers. The retailers fake it up on their deals and offer unrealistic deals that may not be genuine even after the sale price. While 10.10 deals are more genuine deals, with 70% of respondents claim that they can find a real discount on sale while 30% say that these sales are unrealistic and do not offer genuine offers.

The only way to know whether the sale is genuine or not is to trust the retailers and see how the much popular is the sale. CollectOffers bring all these retailers genuine sales on the top so that you can easily choose the best one.

Can I get a higher discount on 10.10 sale?

To say it directly, we’ll say YES. With CollectOffers 10.10 promo you are bound to save more than the normal discount on 1010 Sale. We list out all the deals and discount of top retailers and bring you coupon codes and discount offers together. This saves your time in finding the best deals of your favourite brand and you can directly use the coupon code to enjoy savings.

There are more than 10,000 deals to choose from 23 countries. The bulk deals will assure that you save maximum on your purchases.

Shopping Hacks To Get Best Deals during 10.10 Sale

10.10 sale event is a prelude to many new exciting sales in the coming months. It’s the best time to get some of your daily essentials, beauty deals, fashion apparels, electrical appliances, and travel deals.

Keep an eye on all the shopping platforms like Lazada, Qoo10, Sephora, Zalora, Althea, iHerb, Foodpanda, HonestBee, Shopee, and many more retailers offer plenty of coupons that you can use on your purchase.

Here are our three favourite tips that will help you find the best deal on the sale.

Tip 1: Make a wish list or add to shopping cart

This is one of the best tips that every shopper must do to avail the best deal on the sale. As soon as the sale starts, all the shoppers start purchasing the products that it might soon get out of stock. If you don’t want that your favourite item gets finished up then the best way is to shortlist the items you need before the sale arrives! Make sure that you have applied the promo codes and coupon codes in advance before you get ready to make payment.

Tip 2: Time Sale and Daily Deals

Keep a look at the deals daily. Many deals are available for one day or a limited period. So, you must visit the website daily to make the most of the sale. Though some of these daily deals might not ask for promo code or coupon code, it is just based on who comes within the time. So, check the deals daily during the day or week and buy the items on huge discounts.

Tip 3: Look for Event Coupons and Points

There are many special coupons available online as Cart Coupons and event coupons. If you are a member of the respective retailer site you are shopping on then you will get instant notification about their deals and can draw up coupons whenever you want to shop. Just check-in daily deals on the retailer’s mobile application and spin your luck for great prizes.