11.11 Sale

11.11 Sale

What is exactly 11.11 Sale?


11.11 Sale is one of the most celebrated days of the year, as online shopping is fun and you would deny sitting comfortably and purchasing the products at the pocket-friendly price! This day was founded by Jack Ma, as the concept of Single’s day itself is extremely famous in the Southeast Asian Countries! 

With the urge to develop a little stronger this year and believe more in yourself, you get to celebrate the day of individuality! Even if you have someone, savour the benefits among the singles to the maximum! Shop, sleep, repeat, since the midnight fro, the starting of November.

When the sale takes place?

The event may start on 11th of the November, but you get to enjoy the flavour of excessive savings since the starting of the month! However, if we talk about the unconditional savings this sale is considered as one of the biggest when compared with the year festivals celebrated among the e-commerce companies, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Year! Relish the ultimate savings and enjoy the month of November bringing tons of reasons to rejoice. 

When is the history of 11.11?

The Single Day was a Chinese singleton also known as ‘bare stick holiday’ started in the year 1993 by students of Nanjing University to celebrate the freedom of singlehood. Later, the day 11 November was conceptualized as a global shopping festival back in 2009 – and made billions of dollars in the process. The 11.11 Sale meaning is to signify the 4 solitary bare sticks and also because “1" resembles a single individual.

What to do at the 11.11 Singles Day?

The best way to celebrate 11.11 Single’s Day is to shop for your favourite items online during the 11.11 event. You could do the following things on sale:

  • Order items in advance to save 15% or more.
  • Use cashback to save additional 2,41% to 4,91%.
  • Use coupon codes and promos to reduce prices.
  • Look for hot deals, flash deals, and prizes.
  • Stay away from fake and unrealistic offers.
  • Choose products at the lowest prices.

 Who is participating in the sale?

The 11.11 Sale 2020 is going to be a global sale with a worldwide celebration. Alibaba declares that more than 15 million products are available from over 140,000 brands, among which 60,000 international brands are offering a huge discount, higher than last years. 

Besides the e-commerce giant Alibaba, many other platforms are participating including Lazada, JD.com, Zalor, Sephora, Ezbuy in Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, Egypt, UAE, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia and a few more.

What to expect from the sale?

The Sale brings you unlimited 11.11 Shopping Deals, discounts, and coupon codes that will easily allow you to shop everything you have been eyeing on for months.

You just have to visit your favourite online store to buy electronics, fashion apparels, beauty products or much more. Everything will be available at slashed rates. You could expect:

  • 50% discount on your purchase.
  • Pay for the remaining amount of the preordered products
  • Win coupons and use it for future use.


Where will we see the 11.11 sale event deals?

Shopping during the sale is a great way to save money as it brings you the opportunity to find all your favourite costly products at lesser rates. But, sometime, to find the right deal can be a confusing task as to judge between flash deals and discounted deals. So, how to find the most reasonable and money-saving deal?

At CollectOffers, you will find all the best 11.11 discounts clustered together. We have brought you top discounted deals from top brands and retailers offering you best deals and coupons. This will be one best platform to instantly choose the best deal instantly and save with CollectOffers! 

How will the 11.11 Big Sale DAY be different?

The growth-graph of 11.11 Sale has been increasing ever since it has been accessible to the online shoppers across the world. The competition to serve the best has literally taken over the market to the level beyond which you will always ending up getting surprised with the price tags ever since the starting of the month November.

Initiated by the founder of Alibaba, the renowned website shaped their ideas related to it in a very innovative way, it may be a day, but the beginning of this magical month will aid you in enormous savings! Predicting the difference of this year’s 11.11 sale will not do the justice to surprise ahead for you! One thing is for sure that the fun Southeast Asian countries are going to acknowledge in this year’s sale will serve every morning with the brightest smile!

Is the Sale for real?

Started by the four people, the day itself has created a magical impact on the world of e-commerce. All your products from the leading brands are served at the most unexpected prices on November 11, believe it, this is for real! How far you could save should be the query you must carry! 

Prepare for your business by purchasing at the perfect moment for the extraordinary discount enlisted on Alibaba and Aliexpress! Go through our website and you will encounter the exciting saving advantages registered under the discount offers directly linked to 11.11 Sale!

Tips and Tricks to get ready for the Sale!

As of now after all the A-Z information about the biggest sale of the year 11.11, there are some incredible sets of tricks to imply, to bring out of the best from the outmost deals and offers. We have mentioned some unique sets of tricks along with the tips which can help you with massive savings on the brands you adore the most! 

Celebrate even before the date arrives

Beyond the fact of how any of your wishes can come true if you believe that 11.11 indeed is the magical number in the world of numerology, you get to acknowledge the miraculous effects in the real world. There are uncountable benefits of this day as the wondrous effects can be seen in the forms of early discount deals can attract massive savings. 

Get updated by exploring!

Saving is not an option but a necessity and the benefit which can be captured just by shopping online before the biggest sale, which can be counted as best as it is. Explore and get lost in our world which is bringing you the joy of charming fund-saving techniques and authentic procurement!

Acknowledge the best place for essential shopping!

If you are shopaholic, you will agree on how sometimes, purchasing leisure items can overlook the essential things in your shopping list. However, 11.11 Single’s Day Sale is the time of the year, which will provide you with the freedom to shop for anything at the most cost-effective prices with the assistance of hearth robbing deals registered on our website.

Schedule your daily updates regarding the sale!

Keep an eye on the list of products you want to purchase under the influence of 11.11 Shopping festival celebrated by the most known websites. What you gotta do is freeze your eyes on something you have been waiting for a perfect discount deal on it. Besides, we have made sure to capture the exclusive updates of the deals so exploring your favourite website through us is what you will need.