10 Exciting Things To Do in Cheung Chau on Your Hong Kong Trip

Post by Anupam Pandey | Aug 07, 2019


There are many attractive places in Hong Kong but Cheung Chau or Long Island is one of the most underrated ones of all. It is often said that a little less talented can get dwarfed if it gets into a pool of highly talented ones. This is somewhat the case with Cheung Chau too. This island is just a bit lesser developed regions of Hong Kong, particularly if you compare the progress made by the other territories of Hong Kong such its mainland and Kowloon. This can be attributed to the past too as it used to be an exterior island inhibited by the tribal village of the fishing community for several generations.

Being slightly segregated from Hong Kong Island, it takes a while to reach the island from the ferry. This island does make it a very exciting place for travel outings on the weekends whether if a traveller or a local Hong Kong resident for an escape. Due to its more proximity to nature and amazingly beautiful landscapes, Cheung Chau happens to be one of those rare gems amidst the busy and crowded urban cityscape of Hong Kong. There is the versatility of sorts within the whole island, from pristine beaches, historic temples, mesmerizing landscapes, natural coves to brilliant hiking trails, there is a lot to explore in this wonderful tourism site. You can explore this and a lot of other exciting things on your Hong Kong trip, so use these Qatar Airways Promo Code and book the cheapest flight to Hong Kong and avail the trip.com Promo Code to ensure the best travel deals for the tour.

Exciting Things To Do

Considering an expansive and open terrestrial landscape, it should be very obvious to you that the place provides plenty of outdoor space to engage in physical tasks and activities. The island is blessed with natural locales of intrinsic wonders and delights, ones which will surprise and awe-inspire you. The place has a very nice laid back vibe which can be really refreshing for a traveller to get some rejuvenation and rest in those busy travel schedules.

One thing which you would surely find noticeably different is the absence of those cloud touching skyscrapers as you would find on the mainland. If you are into fishing, you can hire one of those colourful boats to for fishing tours too. The ride takes one through various popular landmarks, architectural heritage sites of Chinese form. Then there are a couple of caves dating back to the time of Bronze age.

Rock Carvings


The history of the island dated back to times well before anybody had even imagined when it was discovered in the new-found cave that the place has some authentic evidence from the bronze age era. These rock caves were unknown to human being till 1970 until they were discovered near Tung Wan Beach by hikers in a sheer stroke of co-incidence and luck. After a detailed study of these rocks and the geometric patterns carved on them, it was concluded that these carvings are closely resembling the ones found near the Big Wave Bay.

Beaches in Cheung Chau


There are a plethora of beaches in Cheung Chau and most of the travellers only hear about the beaches of this region specifically when it comes to popularity, especially from the tourism point of view. The beaches have very quiet benches and make for excellent picnic outings for the friends and families alike. There are a lot of people flocking down from the urban city hubs to this part of Hong Kong on the weekends and holidays to enjoy leisure time and make for some happy time. There a few beaches here which are fairly popular amongst the water adventure mongers and it would be better to avoid such beaches for those who are visiting these places with their families. 

Tin Hau Temple


Tin Hua temples are built in the honour of Goddess of the Sea whom the tribal fishermen community of the Island who are apparently the native inhabitants too, used to honour and pray to before venturing into the sea for their fishing journeys. The community sees the temple as a very close and dear to their faith thereby it is considered a good fortune to seek fortune and blessings by visiting one of the many Tin Hau Temples of the Cheung Chau Islands for the protection from any unwarranted mishaps and incidents during the sea outings. Tin Hau Temples are absolutely well decorated and lively on the day of the Tin Hau’s Birthday as the temples are gloriously lighted up and magnificent coloured up with flowers and garlands.

Kwun Yan Beach


The beach lovers can find many places to enjoy on this island but arguably, none of them can be as good as Kwun Yan Beach. This is actually a very long stretch of beachside which if you take into account by the area, also includes one more beach in it known as the Tung Wan Beach. Although, the two beaches get separated by a small block of rock head and therefore considered two different beaches. This area of the beach is specifically popular amongst the surfers and the windsurfers who can be often spotted here every day. While on the weekdays, most of the people are tourists who are amateurs and being guided and trained to surf, but the weekends are more enjoyable as you can watch more experts and experienced ones floating through their boards.

Pak Tai Temple


This temple is built to pray to the God of the Sea and a revered patronized saint followed by the fishing community of the region for a long time. The temple itself is quite old and was constructed a long time back in the year 1783. This is more appropriate to call it a shrine rather than a temple as it stands in honour of the revered saint on the site of his shrine. The shrine has been designed in the traditional architecture of Chinese artistry and showcases an exemplary work of tiles built with ceramic clay in a fine glossy finish. Just beneath the top of the roof, the decorative work consisting of the sculptured dragons is a really creative touch which has kept its glimpses of the Chinese influence alive with pride. The temple definitely gets some of its imagery from the  Tao tradition as the two large images of Tao generals are put for public viewing. This temple is the place of origin of the Bun festival held every year on this Island, an event popular throughout Hong Kong. 


Windsurfing and Water Adventures


The water adventures are always an enjoyable experience if you can gather the courage necessary to pull up your socks and step into the water. This is not always about being a pro or a rookie, at least not in the case when you are in Hong Kong at least. The place offers even the novice and amateur water surfers and person with no prior kayak experience, a great opportunity try and explore these fun-filled adventures. There are a number of centres which provide a complete safety kit and experienced guidance for the amateurs to help them learn the basic skills of the water sports. This ensures that you not only get to explore these cool water activities without taking any great risk but also endure enough with the handy techniques and the elementary knowledge about the things involved in doing so.   

Bun Festival at Cheung Chau


Bun Festival is one of the most renowned events of the Island specifically held in the honour of the Tao diety of Island known as Pak Tai. It is believed that this diety fought and drove out all the evil powers out of this Island to bring peace and humanity. Thereafter, it has become a traditional festival in which the locals of the island come together to acknowledge, prey and praise the Deity for protecting the people of the Island in a week-long festive celebration. This event takes place on the 4th lunar month of the year for a span of one whole week wherein thousands of people from nearby regions flock down in huge numbers every day to engage in Taoist rituals, lion dance and other activities. There are many fun and competitive activities and events held during this week too which actually makes for a worthwhile watch even if you are oblivious about the Taoist culture.

Hiking the Scenic Trails


The stroll past the scenic natural surroundings of the Earth is a truly rejuvenating experience. It brings us closer to the place from where we evolved and transformed into what we have become today. The hiking gives a perfect opportunity to embark on a similar outing in the wilder terrains of Cheung Chau. The best aspect about this hike is though the fact that it need not requires a champion hiking skills to complete these trails, instead, even the most amateur one with no prior experience in hiking can also find themselves at ease in the awe-inspiring cascades of the lush green wooden regions. The effort that you will invest in hiking is not going to disappoint you either as you will find some really marvellous landmarks by the end of the trail to bear the fruits for all of it. 

North Lookout Pavillion


This is the place which is for photography lovers. It probably gives you the best shot of the whole island from a single platform encompassing a large expansive landscape view of the island and the adjoining South China Sea. This Pavillion is quite an old Chinese Architectural design built at a good altitude which is actually surprising for the honest considering it was constructed back then without the availability of heavy machine tools and equipment as we have the luxury to use today. There is a stairway built to reach the top of the Pavillion from the ferry prier. The North Pavillion is a very popular place among the local people particularly for the ones who love sea-food.

Cheung Po Tsai Cave


These caves are renowned as the secretive hiding place of one of the most notorious pirates of the 19th century Cheung Po Tsai after whom the cave is eventually named. The pirate is known to be one of the most dangerous and dreadful sea threats for the merchants of those times with a fleet of over 2000 men under his control. The cave is located at a very strategically important location that provides a very expanded landscape view of the sea and any ship closing down the coastlines. The Pirate used to plunder people with the help of his powerful and strong mercenary. It is still believed to this day that some of the hidden treasure of the pirates. 

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