14 Smart Travel Gadgets You Must Own For Your Next Holidays!

Post by Tuba Qureshi | Apr 19, 2019

Whether you are a seasoned globetrotter or are traveling for the first time, it is always helpful to have smart travel gadgets that’ll make you travel smartly. It is rightly said that some travel gadgets are way too fun to use, while others offer super convenience to our experience. Some innovative travel gadgets open up to new realms in the world of high-end technology. These are those smart tools meant to change the way we travel and make our holiday trips easier, safer and simply more enjoyable. 

In this advanced technology era, it has become pretty easy for anyone to become gadget freak, as there are many fun and smart gadgets available in the market that can make your trips a lot more manageable. Right from, smart suitcases to solar powered chargers to portable speakers and adaptors, there is a smart gadget to suit all your travel needs. Below are a few must-have smart travel gadgets that you must buy in 2019. 

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Take a look at the following best travel gadgets that every traveler must own in 2019-

1 # Smart Travel Steam Iron – To Ensure Creaseless Dressing!

It is one of the best solutions for unwanted wrinkles while traveling. It is the world’s super compact in size and lightweight steam iron. A smart travel iron is the most reliable travel gadget every traveler must own so as to give the final touch up to their garments before donning them. When it comes to packing travel devices, size does matter and this miniature version of a steam iron is roughly compact in size of a computer mouse and is super-fast to heat up and remove inevitable wrinkles from packed clothes instantly. 

2 # Smart Suitcases – To Follow You Everywhere!

After smartphones and home devices, smart suitcases are making a new wave in 2019. Take along with you the smartest ever suitcases that can be connected to your phones and follows you everywhere on command. Not just this, some smart suitcases are infused with smart features of converting from a trolley to vehicle on just a click of a button.  

The sleek and compact suitcases come with extendable wheel legs and fold-out seat that enables you to put extra baggage and stroll around with you. Furthermore, the USB connection points allow you to charge your devices on the go. 

3 # Smart Travel Drone – To Capture Beautiful Moments In HD!

There’s no better reason to buy a fully-loaded smart drone than for traveling. Travel drones are foldable, compact travel devices that allow you to record super-steady videos without any hassle. The DJI’s upgraded Mavic Pro 2 is simply one of the best travel drones, one must own this year. With the fascinating feature of 4K Hasselblad camera, a staggering 31-minute of flying time and intuitive smartphone control allows you to record videos of surrounding beauty in flawless HD. 

Perfect for holidaymakers who are always up to immortalize their adventures on the go, the sleek and high-tech flying camera also features GPS, multiple optical sensors, and so on. So, with all the special features of capturing every moment of your trip in HD, travel drones are one of the best travel gadgets to buy in 2019. If you wish to buy DJI’s high-end drones at reasonable rates, then ensure to grab DJI promo code. It will help you grab the added benefits of added discount offers and deals.

4 # Water Purifier Bottles – To Purify Impurities!

With an in-built chemical-free filtration system from vapor, smart water purifier bottles are a perfect travel gadget for adventure journeys to difficult places such as camping sites where basic necessities do not come easy. Featuring an advanced hollow fiber membrane technology, these micro-filter bottles purify 99% of water-borne bacteria and germs such as Cholera and E. Coli. 

So while you are on your camp trip to some riversides, waterfall or streams, these bottles are ultra-portable travel accessory known for providing purest form water in remote locations. Go for purifying bottles with vibrant colors and prints to not let anyone know about your healthy water drinking habit. And, it is an excellent way to get pure, safe drinking water on the go. 

5 # Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker – To Listen Music Anytime Anywhere!

A smart Bluetooth speaker is another must-have travel gadget that’ll make your holidays enjoyable and fun. It is a great accessory for adventure trips where you don’t wish to listen to your favorite tracks via headphones. Furthermore, the device not only enables you to listen to your favorite music but also enable you to command it with gestures and voice controls. The sleek, minimal design of Bluetooth speakers allows you to carry anywhere and everywhere. Most of the Bluetooth speakers today, come with a splash and dust resistant. 

6 # Smart Foot Warmer – To charge Thy Feet!

Yet another cool and must-buy travel gadget of 2019 is foot warmer. It is a smart device that keeps your feets warm even in most hostile weather. Foot warmers are usually wireless and are remote controlled. The device is designed to make your activities in cold weather conditions enjoyable and comfortable. A foot warmer is a wonderful winter gadget that saves your feet in freezing temperatures, snow, and frost. The in-built technology of Therma CELL Heated Insoles takes your feet comfort one level up. 

These warmers usually come with three temperature adjustment modes – low heat, medium heat, and high heat. Loaded with state-of-the-art thermal technology to keep your feet dry and warm, and fabric liner with a water-resistant feature to keep them protected from moisture, foot warmer is quite convenient to walk with on thick layers of ice and frozen lakes. 

7 # Noise Cancelling Earphones – For Peaceful Music Listening!

As we know travel can be hard on our ears and sometimes all we want is peace and silence. So, for those moments a noise canceling headphone is an ideal travel accessory for you. These earphones can be your lifesaver for when you wish to listen to your favorite track without any disturbance. Moreover, noise canceling headphones are a great travel gadget that enables you to take refuge from the hums of aircraft engine, that enthusiastic bawling of baby sitting right behind your seat in the train or simply the noise of vehicle outside your accommodation. 

8 # Optical Camera Lens – To Turn Your Phones Into DSLR!

Often comprises of macro and wide lens, optical camera lens are meant to give you a photography experience that matches standard photography experience of DSLRs. It is yet another must-buy travel gadget that turns your smartphone into DSLR and allows you to capture HD quality pictures. The camera lens is meant to be placed on the lens of your phone’s camera and significantly enjoy an enhanced quality of pictures in no time. 

9 # Wireless Travel Router – For High-Speed Internet Connectivity!

Sometimes, a place with no network or Wi-Fi can be scary. Also, note that Wi-Fi quality tends to be sporadic at quite a number of places while traveling. Thus, a Wi-Fi router is another must-own travel gadget that enables you to enjoy a high-speed internet service instantly. It is an indispensable travel gadget that ensures that you are never without a Wi-Fi connection. 

10 # Pocket Photo Printer – To Get Your Special Moments Printed Instantly!

Yet another travel gadget worth buying for your next holiday trip is the miniature and smart pocket photo printer. When it comes to special features of this device, we often think about the feature that can instantly print pictures. But, in today’s highly advanced photo printers the device is not just about photo printing, it is also about video printed. Yes, you got it right, a photo printer enables you print videos on just a few clicks of a button. You can even download the app, in order to hover your smartphones with this smart photo printing. 

11 # Universal Adaptor – Your Go-To Travel Plug Socket!

When traveling, we often face the difficulty of not finding an appropriate plug socket that matches our electrical devices. Hence, a universal adaptor is another must-own travel gadget meant to resolve your problem of plugging the chargers of your phone, tablet, laptop or electric shaver in just one socket. The device is designed to fit any plug socket. Note that, most of the universal adapters today, also features USB ports. 

12 # Solar Powered Lights – For Adventure Travel!

Perfect for adventurers, mountain climbers, solo travelers and those who love exploring off the beaten paths, the solar-powered lights are another must-own travel gadget designed to produce about 16 hours of LED lighting on just 6 to 7 hours of charging in the sun. These lights are usually inflatable and are useful especially when you go hiking at night. It is a great help for solo travelers seeking extra security at night. 

13 # Smart Sleep Mask – To Treat Your Tired eyes!

If you struggle to fall asleep on long flight journeys, or a little bit of light can hamper your peaceful sleep, then a smart sleep mask is the perfect travel gadget for you to buy right now. Jet lag can be the worst aspect of traveling and overcome this problem, a smart sleep mask infused with different level of working can be a great help for you. These sleep mask firstly use red-toned light to imitate sunset and then sends signals to your brain and body to tell that it’s time to sleep. 

If you find difficulty in sleep while traveling then these masks will instantly make you fall asleep and have a deeper and restful sleep. Furthermore, the sleep mask not just make you fast asleep but also wakes you up by imitating sunrise using blue-toned lights.  

14 # Smartwatch – Your Smart Activity Tracker!

For those seeking to manage their travel activities smartly, a smartwatch is ideal for them. A smartwatch is another most-loved and preferred travel gadget that tracks your fitness activities, notifies your calls, messages, and emails without letting you check your phone. A branded smartwatch is an essential travel gadget loaded with high-end health features including – heart rate tracking, detailed sleep analysis, step counting, calorie meter and so on. 

Furthermore, there are many other things which you can do with your smartwatch, one is navigation. It often happens that you get lost in places, but with this smart device, you can easily locate your travel partner, listen to your favorite song, access to the weather forecast, or use countdown timers. Ticwatch Pro is one of the best smartwatches designed for outdoor activities. You must buy this trendiest travel gadget which is available at most affordable prices on the official website. If you wish to enjoy added offers and deals on purchase of this smart high-end watch, make sure you use Ticwatch promo code

So, these are 14 best travel gadgets which you must buy for your next trip and make your holidays, enjoyable and fun-filled. While packing for your holidays, make sure you pack all of the above-mentioned devices so as to add extra convenience and joy to your trip.

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