15 Best Health/Beauty Advice You Must Follow For the Better You

Post by Sameena Farooq | May 30, 2019

These days, there is no definition for looking beautiful and how to carry yourself. With so many technological updated products available and several beauty tools and accessories available, it is becoming easy for a woman to become beautiful without having to go to a professional salon. 

There are many tech brands, which are now focusing on how to treat one's skin and make them ready for the catwalk or any other event. 

To help you get started and to make you a beauty expert, here in this post, we have brought down top 10 best beauty tips and 5 health tips of all time that will likely to change your beauty and health game.

All these tips below are arranged after searching the internet and after proper analysation, we have found some best ideas related to basic beauty dos and don'ts that you must use in your daily life. These obscure secrets will let you find the right ways to keep you as beautiful as ever. 

Go ahead, and get the best tips to become gorgeous!


For skin related advice, you must always seek for good healthy products or natural products! 

A recent study done by the Society of Dermatology SkinCare Specialists (SDSS) shows, about 88% of women harm their skin because they don’t use good quality products. It’s a no surprising fact that there are some must-have skincare products and must-do solution available online on Sephora. You can use Sephora promo code 2019 to avail discount on the some branded beauty products. 

Below is some helpful beauty advice you must flow daily for your skin.


Moisturizing is the most essential regimen for skin care. A simple moisturization is an absolutely essential thing to nourish your skin and treat the underneath skin tissues. Especially during the winters, you cannot escape your skin care regimen without moisturizing it because of the dry and patchy skin.

Whereas you also need proper moisturization during summers too because in summers, you may be exposed to the extreme is the extreme heat that dehydrates your body and makes your skin dry. And in result, dry skin is more prone to damage and dullness than a moisturized one. The moisturizer guards your skin as a blockade for pollutants, bacteria, and suntan.


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Exfoliation is also one important regimen to treat your skin. By regularly exfoliating your skin ( two to three times a week) you can easily improve your face’s dead skin cells and get a flawless natural skin.  Either you can consider a natural exfoliating scrub from Sephora using Sephora promo code or you can use homemade exfoliators.

Make a proper schedule when you exfoliate your skin. Choose mostly evening time when you come back home after facing the pollutants and dirt in the environment.  


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Don’t leave your house until you have applied a sufficient amount of sunscreen with a good SPF on your face and neck. 90% of our skin ageing and dullness reason is sun exposure. So, getting direct contact to the sun can literally harm your skin to the core. 

Even during cloudy days, winter days too, protect your skin with SPF 30 or above, apply on your skin every day later and make your skin beautiful.

Make masks a regular thing

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Most of us use marks occasionally at night to pamper their skin. But actually, the masks are super important and an essential step into your daily regime. Many skin beauty expert recommends doing a 10-minute mask every morning in order to hydrate and soothe the skin. 

The face masks can help in addressing all the skin concerns - from oily and acne-prone skin to dry or susceptible skin; you just need to invest in the right mask for your skin type.  

Choose Non-Comedogenic Products

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While you are looking to buy a beauty product for your face whether moisturizer or sunscreen, make sure to buy only non-comedogenic products. As other products might block your skin pores which can be harmful. Blocking of skin pores leads to clogging which causes skin irritations, infections, and the most horrifying one – acne breakouts!

You can choose Sephora discount code to buy some quality natural non -comedogenic products and treat your skin well without piling up dead skin cells and bacteria on your skin.


For doing makeup, you must always seek for good makeup products that suit your skin type. 

Normally it takes several months to become an expert in doping makeup, some women may also learn - how to apply makeup, how to choose the right foundation, what style suits their face and lots more. But we have made it simpler for all the women. Find below some helpful makeup pieces of advice that bring out the best in you and highlight the best features and hide that isn’t favourable for your beauty. 

Follow these below makeup tips and tricks and shop good quality makeup products from online using iHerb Coupon Code to avail them at cheap price.

Use Light Shades

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Summers are the time when you do not want to indulge in heavy makeup and choose only light shades of makeup.  Whether it is lipstick, eyeshadow, nail polish or even foundation, it’s all about doing light and natural makeup during the summer season. 

Use a pleasant beautiful sun-kissed glow during summer time as it gives you an enhanced beautiful look, ideal for summertime. You can know your skin colour by choosing by selecting your shade card close to your skin colour and ready to conquer the world with your flawless skin.

Try Cream Eyeshadows 

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Cream eyeshadows are the most in-demand this summer. Instead of choosing powder form eyeshade, invest in cream shadows. These are in big demand this summer and do not melt away but stays for a longer time with water-resistant properties.

Also, the powders eyeshadows can easily get mingle with oil and sweat on your face which can easily clog pores. So, shift to the cream eyeshadow and stay protected.

Do not forget Primer 

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Primers are the most important and perfect makeup product which you can try during summers. It has the property to hold on your foundation well and keep it stay for long hours. With its use, you can easily spend a good time in the sun sweating without getting worried that your foundation will come out.

Primer acts as a shield between your skin oils and foundation. It keeps away the oil from your skin from melting the foundation on your face or causing imperfection look. 

Choose Waterproof Eye Makeup 

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It is common sense to have waterproof eye makeup in summers as your eyes are the one that gets watery easily and because you don’t want that your mascara or kohl run down your face, you must use waterproof eye makeup to keep it stay for long hours. 

Consider buying a nourishing mascara or kohl that moisturizes your eyelids well and keep you ready for a summer day. Choose iHerb discount code and shop some great waterproof eye makeup to treat your eyes well.

Focus on your lip care

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The skin of your lips needs extra care more than your face’s skin. Especially during summers, the hot sun rays dry out the delicate lip tissue and causes thinning, scales, lines, and spots. You must make an effort to keep them protected by buying a good quality lip guard. 

You can buy a luscious lip balm with SPF from the iHerb promo code and slather it generously on your lips to get protection from the sun. 

Summers are a great time to take a long walk or indulge in quick swimming at the beach, so protecting your skin and doing right makeup ideal for summer, you can enjoy summers more.


For health-related advice, you must always seek for good health care products and equipment that will maintain your body and medical help.

Below are some essential advice and tips which you must follow in order to maintain your health. Check them and buy the essential health-related equipment which you need at home. Using Yoho coupon code, you can buy all these essential pieces of equipment at a cheap price and keep all health-related tension aside.

Don’t skip breakfast

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For health advice, we will start with the most important thing which often many neglect cause they don’t understand its importance and how it can really ring a lot of difference.

Whether you want to lose weight or not, eating proper healthy breakfast is one of the most positive things that will not harm your health. Generally, those who skip breakfast tend to gain weight. By eating a balanced diet with the inclusion of fresh fruit or fruit juice, high-fibre breakfast muesli, low-fat milk or yoghurt, whole wheat bread, and a boiled egg will keep your body intact and you could easily maintain good health. 

Below are a few essential medical types of equipment you must have at your home.


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The need for thermometer arises at every home and it is essential to keep them to record the body temperature and to keep a track that everything is fine or not. With the thermometer, you can accurately measure the level of fever and whether you must seek medical help or not.  A rise in your body temperature means you are affected by illness or fever.

 Also, while using the thermometer, make sure you read and follow the instructions of using it.

BP Monitor

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A blood pressure monitor is one of the most important equipment everyone must have especially if you have high or low blood pressure problems. These devices are known as sphygmomanometer consisting of an inflatable cuff and manometer that easily records the blood pressure unit. 

This is another great technology advanced device that easily measures both systolic and diastolic blood with the readings of high accuracy immediately. Every house owner must own this instrument to keep a track of blood pressure frequently.


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A glucometer is another invention used in many homes. It keeps a track on your sugar levels and gives you accurate instant readings. Also, this will make your and doctor’s job much simpler - i.e. you don’t have to rush to doctor’s clinic to check your sugar level and it will save doctor’s time too in prescribing the appropriate medication and result.

For insulin dependents, these glucometers are a saviour to get an instant check to track and keep a record of the levels. The process of using this instrument is very simple, just a small drop of blood is pricked out from the skin and is placed on a test strip to analyze the sugar levels in your blood.  

Weighing Scales

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Weighing Scales are the most important device that helps in recording the reading of the body weight and will easily keep a track on weight loss progress too.  These measuring scales are quite an essential tool today for everyone - including children, adults and old age people.  

You can shop the above instruments and weighing scale from online using Yoho promo code and weigh your weight on analogue or digital weighing scales. There are many different weighing scales offering unique features - including the recording of body fat percentage and BMI as these features are quite important to understand the condition of body fat.

So, hopefully, with the above health/beauty advice, you can easily get proper treatment of your health problems. 

Consider following these health and beauty tips and tricks on your daily routine and maintain your health, skin and beauty!