20 Best Fashion and Beauty Advice for Women Above 30

Post by Sameena Farooq | May 20, 2019

The key to achieving beautiful skin and best body lies very near to you. There are multiple beauty creams and serums that offer promise to improve your skin and on the other hand, some apparel available that can make you look on your top form. But realizing your age and dressing accordingly is very important. Also, there are many beauty instructions too that lies beneath every skin type and every age. 

The decisions you make in buying the beauty product and in the fashion department reflects your personality. By choosing the right fashion tips like soothing colours, flattering accessories and more on can easily give you a reason to shave off a few years from your look.

The best advice is not to choose a young women’s outfit or dress something flattery that doesn’t suit your age or personality, but the advice is to be quick in your fashion style and facial beauty that makes you look confident. Here in this post, we will share with you the best fashion and beauty advice that will help you in surviving your bad looking days and also will give you the confidence to look beautiful, no matter your age.  

How to keep your fashion game on point?

If you are not sure about the choices of your outfits and how it can make you look old then ahead in the post, you'll find 8 best fashion tips that will work in your favour and make you look younger.

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1.    Make your own trends

When it comes to looking your best, it is not necessary to choose the attires that are in trend. The trend will not always help you by making you look younger. Choose to twist the trend and customize it according to your body type. You may not necessarily to commit 100 per cent to trends just to look younger. Like if the off-shoulder mini dress is in fashion, you may choose a knee-length dress to just to create your own identity. Angelina Jolie on the latest fashion movement tried out the lingerie-inspired trend without actually showing offers her underwear.

2.    Stock up fitted jeans

Fitted jean is one option preferred by most women as it is the best thing to make your legs look thinner. Whereas jeans that are frumpy and loose will make you look aged the most. Remember the mom jeans that are pleasing on all body type. You can get the right pair of jeans that will take away all the leg fats and will give you a younger than ever look. There are multiple designs, colours and sizes of denim jeans available online which you can shop using Ssense promo code and enjoy a heavy discount on your purchase.

3.    Embrace the colours

For a youthful look and to get a confident look, give a try to colours and embrace the unique colours pattern, clothing that will give you a younger look. Who says, middle age women can’t choose colourful clothing!? Of course, when wearing right, they can simply carry it off confidently and can keep things simple with one shade or can enjoy the multiple hues colours.

4.    Get it done by a tailor

When you wear a badly fitted cloth then nothing no amount of styling can save you from ill-fitting clothes, thereby it is essential that you choose unflattered garments that can help you survive your look complementing your age. With right tailored clothing, you can instantly change your de-glam look into a glamour one. The best part about this tailoring is that it is actually affordable. For instance, if you are shopping a readymade garment from an online store and your apt size is not available then you can buy a big size and get it tailored later. 

5.    Mix and match your accessories

Accessorizing is a big part in making your look stand out. But it is essential that you choose only the most decent matching jewellery sets and while dressing up, break your look with stylish pieces which can help in standing out your look on their own. Here, this picture portrays how it's done with gold hoop earrings. Use Farfetch HK coupon to shop some great designs jewellery sets at cheap prices and enjoy wearing it with confidence.

6.    Shorten your Hemline

Miniskirts and short dresses are just not for school girls but it can work best on women of any age too if worn out well. Take inspiration from middle-aged celebrities who can confidently carry their short hemline dress with much ease. Celine Dion and many other celebrities have balanced their dressing style with minidress along with long sleeves and over-the-knee boots. By using Ssense promo code HK, you can get a huge selection of clothing options and can pick up ideal dress up to your preferred hemline.

7.    Highlighting your shoulder

A little show off dressing can work best for women of any age. Opt a dress that’s showing your skin from the shoulders and still offering a youthful stunning look at this age. Some women may feel hesitant to show off their shoulder but it is the easiest way to look modern and youthful by just the right amount of skin show.

8.    Wear a statement Shoe

Shoes are the most comfortable and desirable footwear enjoyed by many. With a sassy-boot or a jazzy statement shoes, anyone can easily make highlight and can become the top in their fashion game. Invest in a good pair of shoe and be the centre of attraction at any event by grabbing a nice pair from online using Farfetch promo code. A nice sassy pair of boot plays well with your personality when you wear them with confidence. 

9.    Show off your figure

Don’t get the feeling that you need to hide your figure behind baggy clothing. Yes, just because you are ageing and are a mother to child, doesn’t mean you should avoid getting dressed up stylishly. A clothing size, shape, age, pieces can really make a change in your appearance. Or if you are still not comfortable with showing off then opt a blazer over your shoulder and give a subtle yet covered-up feel.

10.    Rethink Neutrals

Going all-black is most women’s preferences especially if they want to hide under their bulgy figure. Yes, though this adoption is common among women the fact is dark colour draws attention to imperfections in the skin. Yes, if you have imperfect skin then it will really catch out people’s attention and make you look conscious. Instead, you can swap out the deep hue and go for lighter neutrals like a flattering nude that easily compliments your skin.

So, if you are ready to take over the world with your fashion sense then the above helpful fashion tips for women above 30 would be a pure blessing to you.

Now, after the best fashion advice, it’s time to correct your beauty and give you a genuine and caring regime for your skin. 

How to enhance your beauty game?

We all live a life where we continuously strive for healthy, glowing and younger looking skin. The skin is a reflection of a healthy mind that offers a healthy body. So, in order to achieve this, you must have dedicated your time to hundreds of products but sadly didn’t have the results as expected. This is because these products offer you the result that goes in vain after a while. 

The following tips will surely help in achieving you get flawless, younger looking skin that you’ve always wanted.

1.    Hydrate/Moisturize yourself

This is the most trusted and one of the primary tips to achieve beautiful skin. Drinking 15 to 20 glass of water daily is essential to get the best-looking skin. Also, moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer to sustain the skin’s suppleness. You can get one thick moisturizer cream from Zalora where you will find plenty of brands; use Zalora discount code 2019 to get the best branded at reasonable rates.

2.    Eat a balanced Diet

Spend your money at a healthy meal that includes healthy food such as omega fatty acids and antioxidants. These foods will increase the intake of your pulses and the fresh fruits such as oranges and watermelons will help you retain your skin’s glow and firmness. Consume a well-balanced diet, make a chart, schedule your time and enjoy your healthy meal towards your beautiful skin.

3.    Have a skin care routine

Face skin cannot be left alone. You need to take care of its healthy growth regularly (either daily or weekly based on your skin). Make a skin routine that includes cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Cleansing will help you get rid of your gunk and dirt, toning will manage the pore concern and moisturizing will make a beautiful skin texture that offers shine on your clean skin.  You can get your CTM treatment package from online using Sephora promo code and get a huge discount on your purchases.

4.    Exfoliate your skin weekly

A skin shines the best when you clean it properly. If you follow a regular exfoliation and cleansing treatment then it will surely help you remove dead skin cells and give you clear skin. You can buy a chemical free scrub for your skin type or can do this at home by using yoghurt, oatmeal, or rosewater. Just choose natural skin care routines and spare your skin from harsh chemicals.

5.    Avoid wearing dark matte lipstick

Though a woman loves wearing dark colour lipstick matt lipstick if you don’t want people to draw attention to your wrinkled lines, you must avoid wearing it. Instead, you can opt for creamy formulas with a satiny finish. Also, gloss with lipstick can be the best option to make your lips look shinier and fuller.

6.    Be Fit and Healthy

Being fit not only gives you a good body but also it keeps your skin healthy and glowing too. Indulge in exercising daily, try yoga, meditation, and deep breathing exercises that will keep down your stress and will relieve you from anxiety. This will also let your skin improve as we all know that stress is the biggest enemy to achieve beautiful skin.

7.    Be Sun Safe

Facing the sun’s harmful UV rays is the biggest mistake most young people do of whose consequence they had to face after 30. Staying safe from the sun is one of the most mandatory habits which every person must do. By using sunscreens on their face with minimum SPF of 40 (in case of harsh sun rays) is essential. Also, by staying safe from the sun, you can prevent your skin from wrinkles and skin cancer too. Get a branded good SPF sunscreen lotion from online using Zalora promo code and make your skin feel safe from the sun.

8.    Take Care of Your Makeup Brushes

Take some time to clean your makeup brushes regularly without any fail. A dirty makeup brush can really harm your skin and can cause varied skin problems. You must throw away the old sponges and use an only clean brush that is not left open. Many women may not think this as an important step and when their skin starts getting breakouts, they start blaming its reason to different things but not their makeup hygiene. For cleaning of brushes, use baby shampoo and conditioner or can also use a drop of antiseptic too.

9.    Avoid Sulfates Products

Avoid using face products that contain sulfates. Though we know that sulfates are surfactants in most market-based cleansers such as face washes and soaps contain a lot of sulfates that can strip your skin and takes away all the natural oil from your skin leaving your skin dry, flaky, and even itchy. You can consider shopping a sulfate free face wash by shopping from online using Sephora promo code and treats your skin well. These products do not contain chemicals, parabens, sulphates and silicones.

10.    Consider natural products found in the kitchen

Besides, considering branded beauty products, you can also consider treating your skin with natural products found in the kitchen such as Turmeric, honey, Oatmeal, Yogurt, Coconut Oil, Lemon, Bell peppers, dark chocolate, Coffee and Red Wine. These are the most helpful natural beauty products that can surely make a difference to your ageing skin.

These beauty tips will help you on how to get a younger looking skin easily without spending bucks of money on your beauty.