3 Reasons Why Nike is Destined to be a Bigger Sportswear Brand

Post by Anupam Pandey | Sep 21, 2018

Nike is a very prominent name in the world of sports due to its intelligent sports products. While there are many brands in the market but none of them has been showing the same kind of impact on the market. Nike has grown out to become the leader in sports attires and accessories and a lot of it has to do with the incredible research and development that Nike has done to create its products. The result shows in its inclining sales chart and constantly widening the reach of the market.

But as far the trends are concerned, this is just the start as Nike is going to be on a propelling rise in its grasp over the customers and outperform all other sports brands in the statistics of sales and customers. The company is going to get an unforeseen boom in business within the next five years and sees itself much ahead of its competitors in the next five years. These predictions made by some of the top Market analysts are made on some very logical and practical analysis of the performance of Nike in the last 5 years.

Here 3 reasons why Nike is expected to overhaul all others in the market.

Rising Fitness Conscience in Youth

There are many more people realizing the importance of fitness and getting a move on to work on their physical fitness than ever before. The tangible medium provided by the internet and the media has created more awareness which is, in turn, influencing more people to go out for daily physical routines. This is inherently going create a hefty demand for sportswear and other sports accessories for the next five years. People who usually indulge in physical training and fitness related activities become more interested in sports products and therefore buy more products that have anything to do with fitness and sports.  

Better Creations

The rising competition in the market has always proved beneficial for the ones who know their job and Nike certainly has a knack for doing its research and development better than most of its market rivals. This has already been witnessed in the recent trends and the newly launched products of Nike. The innovation behind its product has been the USP of most of the popular products that Nike is selling in the market right now. To take an example, the Flyknit Shoe series which Nike introduced about 2 years ago, became a hugely successful franchise and Nike didn’t just stop at Shoes and went on to create a new material which it gave the same name. The fabric of that material has been a game changer for Nike as its tracksuits, shorts and sports tees had gained a massive following amongst the customers due to its absolute lightweight fitting and superb breathability.  

The comfort that’s Fashionable

The popularity of Nike has been soaring due to its very nice approach which mostly centred on the customer’s comfort while using the product. The Yoga pants and the sneakers of Nike have been often referred to as the most comfortable and fashionable sports products and have been regularly rated on the top fashion blogs. People are always attracted to the idea of fashion and when it is coming without any comprise with the comfort and quality, it becomes an immediate choice.  The continuity with which Nike has delivered its products makes it even better as the stocks never fall short and no customer is lost in the process. The increasing number of exclusive Nike outlets to provide the authentic products available at every small or big place has also made the people more interested in Nike’s products. Add to it, the rush of online shoppers and it seems there is no void left that Nike is yet to explore.