6 Awesome Seaside Locations in Hong Kong That You Should See

Post by Anupam Pandey | Jan 04, 2019

There are many aspects of Hong Kong that people are unfamiliar with. In fact, many of the travellers who have been to this gem of a place but didn’t even had a clue about these places while on the trip. Even if you did miss several worthwhile tourist destinations during the limited span of time you got in Hong Kong than it would not be any fault on your part. There is no doubt that there are several locations worth visiting in this small yet incredibly diverse place and it would be really hard for anyone to go through all of those places within a short trip.

So better than ruing your opportunity to see these beautiful locations, you should rather chart out the plan for your next trip and ensure that you get enough time in your hand to go through as many places as you could possibly visit. It would be highly beneficial if you could plan your trip and the overall scheme of the trip in a sequential layout including every possible destination that you could cover along the path. One thing that can really help you is the Expedia Discount Code Hong Kong which would avail exciting discounts on your trip bookings.

Now let me suggest some of the best seaside locations in Hong Kong which you must include in your route map for the trip. One of the best aspect why seaside locations should always be in your travel plan is because they offer a plenty of fun, from the adventure sports such snorkelling and surfing to the delicious seafood which Hong Kong is widely famous for, you could get a plethora of exciting and pleasurable moments that you would always wish to get from the trip.

Shek O

This place is situated on the eastern territories of Hong Kong Island. One thing that makes Shrek O one of the most outstanding seaside destinations of Hong Kong are its very gorgeous shores and equally charming township nearby those shores. The overall feel of the place is complemented by the landscape view of the lush green hills all around the region making it a perfect picturesque locale for the photography lovers. The place offers a very perfect template for some of the iconic images of the coastal community. The experience is raised a notch higher by the very friendly and involved local community that ensure that you enjoy without any hitches all the while. The beaches of Shek O are considered one of the cleanest ones that you would find in Hong Kong which makes them apt for the visitors to spend some time chilling out on the warm sand near the water. You can take a walk alongside the shore to enjoy the superb seaside locales, take a dip in the ocean and try surfing if you want at Big Wave Bay Beach, a popular destination where the surfers usually flock in big numbers.

Sai Kung

The Sai Kung region is known for its expat population because it has the majority of the population which came and settled in the beautiful locales of Hong Kong. This place is one of the trendiest places to visit with a plethora of beachside bars and restaurants that serve mouth-watering Cantonese seafood dishes and all kinds of international cuisines. The region is a paradise for foodies which can be easily made out from the fact that you would find 2 Michelin Star-studded Cantonese seafood eateries in this small but happening place. Do visit the waterfront promenade for some cool pictures as it is usually lined with a long string of boats usually of fishermen every day. The place looks very stunning at any given time or season of the year. The people who are interested in adventure sports and other such activities; they also get a wide range of fun activities to engage in while visiting this region. One can try a number of water adventures such as scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, and surfing and boat tours to nearby islands or to the nearby ocean for a sight of some big fishes, whales or dolphins which could found hanging around in the nearby waters if you are lucky enough. The party lovers could also rent private luxury yachts on hire for partying while floating on the water.


This is probably one of the oldest villages of Hong Kong and has existed for a long while which makes it unique in its own special way. This is also the reason why this location is widely popular amongst the tourists and several tour operators often include this destination amongst their packaged tours. Stanley is an ideal hub for those who are looking to spend time in the fresh environment away from all the hush and rush of the crowded cityscape. There are many iconic landmarks and sites in Stanley that hold historical importance owing to the fact that it is a very old settlement. You can also visit the Murray House which was used as the residential quarters for officers during the colonial era. Apart from that, there is the Ma Hang Park right beside the Murray House which is a huge park spread in an area of over 50,000 square meters with a well-flourished garden full of butterflies and birds.


This is also a very iconic place which has its own unique importance in the history of Hong Kong. It is the native place of the Tanka People which is a local minority community and is known for wearing a unique brimmed hat. This place has been the first place of Hong Kong where the British troops landed in the early 1840s after overtaking the rule of the territory as a colony of the British Crown. This place is also known for its unique boat housing communities in which people convert the boats into their place of residence and spend their life on the boats and yachts treating it as their true home. There are Sampan Rides provided by many people from the Tanka community which take through the harbour for complete sightseeing of Hong Kong from the view of the boat. One of the rarest and the most interesting thing that you would find in the Aberdeen region is the floating restaurants which are decorated into palatial rooms with tables and offer dinner to their guest. Interestingly, one can only reach these restaurants on the ferry.

Tai O

This is the coastal region on the western territory of Lantau in Hong Kong which is very popular for the fishing villages where one could find the freshest seafood you could have ever got. The fishing villages are apparently erected on the wooden planks and one can only go through from one place to other in this village on a boat. This fishing village is a rare place that has maintained the same vibe as it has had for a long time. The village is made up of stilt wooden houses that are literally planted on the poles placed inside the water. You can visit these places to get some of the rarest seafood items and other kinds of local seafood preparations. You can also find some unique seafood preparations that can be used as cooking ingredients sold in the Tai O fishing market such as Salted fish, Shrimp paste, fried seafood snacks and seafood waffles. If you are a lover of Dolphins, you can also book a boat ride into the ocean nearby this region and there are chances that could get the sight of the rare Pink Dolphins which is currently enlisted in the endangered species.  

Mui Wo

This is a hidden gem of a place which is often referred to as the sleeping town situated on the eastern borders of the Lantau Island in Hong Kong. It is really astonishing to see that this place is not popular in the tourist circles. It has probably got one of the best beaches of Hong Kong in Mine Bay Beach which is not just a pristine beach but also a tranquil one away from the crowded beaches where tourist flock in huge numbers every day. The nearby locations of Mui Wo are also very exquisite and offer some amazing day trips if you wish to try. The place is an apt for the hiking lovers as they can go through the Lantau Trails to get some marvellous shots. There are some old villages in between in this region where you can roam around on the rented bikes. Do not miss the popular butterfly hills to get one of the most heavenly sights on the land where hundreds and thousands of colourful butterflies fly around to make for an extremely beautiful visual delight. The hills also take you to the exotic Silver Mine Waterfalls which looks especially mesmerizing after the rainfalls.

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