8 Cool Jacket Styles to Keep You Warm This Winter

Post by Anupam Pandey | Nov 14, 2018

It is mid-November and the winter season has started to tighten its hold over the atmosphere. There is just a couple of weeks to go until the cold temperature will compel people to take out their warm clothes. In my personal view, the winter season is a far more convenient and enjoyable period in comparison with any other season if you know how to manage yourself in cold. The only thing that you require is apt protection that would keep your body warm amidst the freezing temperature and you could enjoy and have fun in the cool weather. The best part about winter season is that it doesn’t exhaust or dehydrates your body which means you won’t easily feel tiresome even after hours of active work.

But here is the concern which most people are unable to resolve. What’s the best attire to cope with a cold? Here, it is important to understand that coping with a cold is relatively dependent upon the temperature we are considering. The heavy winter clothing would consume your energy levels if you wear it during mild temperature and similarly, light winter clothes would leave you shivering under the icy cool temperature. The best attire that one could wear during any given day in winters is a Jacket. There are a lot of varieties in Jackets and you can conveniently keep a few of them in your wardrobe to use them as per requirement of weather conditions. If you don’t have a wide range of Jackets already, you can buy them now using the Farfetch HK Promo Code to avail mind blowing discounts on your purchases.

To know what type of Jacket you should choose for yourself, here is a detailed guide of cool and trendy jacket styles for your help.

Heavy Parka Coat

This is arguably the most effective winter warrior that could protect your body and retain warmth even under extremely low temperatures too. In fact, it is the preferred style of those who go to the north and the South Pole expeditions, climb to the mountain peaks, visit extremely cold mountainous terrains of Alaska, northern Europe and other colder places found on Earth. So you can easily understand how well it works under the cold climate. For those who are wondering they would never expect themselves under such harsh climates or cold weather, I would still recommend this Jacket as it is always said, “Precaution is better than cure”. Yes, you are not visiting any of such places, but it is more about the confidence that you will have to know the capability of your attire. This jacket also hosts a coyote fur hood which protects you from the stinging icy waves and helps your head to stay strong. The Jacket has many aesthetically designed features that come in handy under extremely low temperatures such as the drawstrings, the wrist cuffs, the over collar etc…


If you are looking for something that could do a decent job for protection from cold without compromising on the smartness, pea coat would be a really good choice. This is a traditional style of Jacket which was considered as an absolute necessity in past times. This coat also has a very strong influence on the development and designing of the coats of military uniform taking several cues as they are found in this proficient winter wear. Although, this style saw a decline in popularity as it got the resemblance to being an army uniform rather than a general style of Jacket. But thankfully, we have witnessed a certain increase in its popularity of late after it was found to have a very classic match with denim and casually tailored attires. So if you want to get a versatile jacket that has a timeless class, Pea coast would be the best bet for you. Now, you can easily maintain fashion quotient and protect yourself under the cold weather at the same with ease.

Chore Coat

This coat has evolved out of the safety coats that are compulsorily worn by the manual workers working in mines, construction sites and engineering industries. This essentially means it has the durability and strength to undergo serious issues which would usually ruin any normal garment for sure. This jacket has started gaining popularity after it was incorporated as uniform attire during the winters by many in-house companies rather than those which require hard physical labour. This jacket can be easily spotted at many coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and resorts where the staff would be sporting it during the winters. This is a rugged style which might not suit your day to day style but it is nevertheless different and it is always better to try something different occasionally. You can use this Jacket as an alternate for the blazer for a different look on certain days.


The overcoat is really useful winter attire which is highly recommended to you especially you are living in a region where the humidity levels are on a high side of the scale. Such conditions most often lead to creating a very wet atmosphere with a high quantity of water vapours spread all over the place in form of dew or fog. This might soak in moisture and make your dress a bit wet. It is here that overcoat would be an ideal choice as it can resist the moisture and keep your attire dry. The overcoat works as a protective layer that you can wear over your normal dress while you go out in open and you would not be worried about the climate getting better of your dress. This jacket is made up of woollen fabric which is known to be a natural insulator and one that repels water. The practical usability of the Jacket is even more strengthened due to its huge length that would often end up reaching your knees at the bottom. This overcoat might just be your foolproof winter essential that you would trust and rely upon, no matter how the weather behaves.    


Many people might question the presence of Raincoat in this list so, let me put it straight. There is not much we can do when nature goes berserk because managing nature is a task that we know the least about. If the rain starts in winters, it is often a really bad experience, to say the least. The weather gets colder and the atmosphere become wet and the worst aspect of it is that it would take several days for a dress to dry up once it gets wet in such conditions. Therefore, it is always better to have a 100% secure solution for such weather which the Raincoat delivers. The raincoats have a minimalist design and are a rubberized version of an average coat in order to stop water penetration through its surface. A good raincoat is not just a specific use garment and it could actually add to your fashion and style too. The relaxed and streamlined appearance of raincoat gives it a truly easy-going look which makes it a versatile outerwear that you can use while doing physical activities or exercises.

Puffer Jacket

The winter season is not as easy as we assume it to be and you would have felt it on certain days in winters when the atmosphere becomes too cold to leave your body pale and numb. It happens with all of us at some time or the other when we take the cold for granted. The bitterly cold weather can be dealt with in the best way by covering your body with the Puffer Jacket. This jacket is one of the warmest winter wear and even better part of it is that it is really lightweight and does not put any type of heavy feel on your body movements at all. This makes it a really good option for winters as you can wear them for hours without stressing your body and doing your tasks as you would do while wearing any normal clothing. The puffer jacket is puffed up as the name itself suggest which essentially means there is an added fluffy layer within the jacket providing insulating effect from the cold. This is usually worn as a casualwear which you can put on during the outings without any worries.

Waxed-Cotton Jacket

This jacket has a really interesting origin and even more interesting is its story to fame. So, this attire is actually of rural origin which was used by cattle farmers of the Northumbrian region during the winter season. The rural dress was usually waxed to give it a rough look so that it could be retained for long. This rural attire came out of the countryside and went into the cities and towns with the passing of time and evolved into a top style of Jacket used in the fashion industry at present. The rise of its popularity is also due to its compatibility in dealing with cold and wet weather. The waxed jackets have become a cult classic in the modern day and age which gives them a timeless elegance. Another good aspect of these jackets is their longevity because these jackets can be easily re-waxed and turn into a completely new jacket. The waxing is also helpful in maintaining its resistance from the occasional scratches and moisture of winds in the winter season.  

Duffle Coat

This Jacket is one of the most popular styles of casual clothing and is widely popular especially amongst professional youths. This Jacket is tailor-made keeping all the good of silhouettes without compromising on its uniqueness and style quotient. The Duffle Coats are made up of woollen fabric which is one of the most popular winter fabrics. The jacket is as much capable and good looking which means you can easily wear it out on cold afternoons and flaunt your enigmatic fashion sense with aplomb. These jackets go well with many kinds of attires and their versatility is probably the highest when you compare it to any other style of Jacket.

Trench Coat

The trench coat is one more jacket that has been inspired by the military uniform. The jacket was seen for the first time during World War I in the early 1900’s. The jacket was designed for a specific reason to help the Army personals who were in the trenches of the battlefield and it is the reason why it became popular as Trench Coat. The jacket was prepared for the purpose of Army and therefore, it had to be rough and durable to survive through the immense pressure put on it by the Army persons fighting in the war. The jacket was also prepared with a water repellent property. Although trench coats that you would find today are not the same as it used to be when originally created, still it has nevertheless followed a similar design with few minor tweaks introduced by the fashion designers from time to time.