A Complete Guide on How to Buy Branded Sunglasses Online Without Fuzz

Post by Ashik Gosaliya | Feb 08, 2017

It would sound foolish to ask anyone these days if they enjoy the shopping online, isn't it? Because we all are in love with online shopping as long as our shopping spree is all about low-cost products like dresses, shoes, shirts, earpieces, and fashion accessories. It is obvious for all of us to become a little skeptical about high-end products.

Honestly, shopping high-end fashion online to remain a problem as long as shoppers like you and me are not well informed about the things we would like to shop. Like, buying a piece of close in $25 may not be an issue even if it is not delivered or faulty piece has been delivered, but it is heart-shattering if branded sunglasses worth $1000 delivered with manufacturing defects or not delivered at all.

Sunglasses are one of the high-end fashion accessories that are promoted and shopped online with a great interest. It is only because the most reputed brands such as Ray-ban and Gucci started selling their eyewear online, sunglasses became a regular online commodity.

The only bottleneck is you don’t get an opportunity to physically check how sunglasses looks on you when you buy them online. So, if you don’t get the real sense of what you are buying, how would you be able to take a call? Well, CollectOffers is here to help you understand what to look for and how to buy sunglasses online.


The one thing you ought to be given more significance while picking a couple of shades is the way they fit since that chooses what they look like on you. Not only that, you additionally need to focus on the way that it viably covers UV beams or not. At the point when a couple of shades fit consummately, it will sit cozily all over without feeling like it's too tight. Ensure the casing isn't sufficiently wide to let UV beams in from the sides, and that the focal point of the focal point lines up precisely with the focal point of your eye.


While eye silhouettes can be possessed in numerous sorts of shapes, there are just a couple that is known to everybody, such as the aviators and wayfarers. Shapes of sunglasses mostly play a role in aesthetic appeal, but can also prove to be important for specific activities. For instance, shades utilized for athletic purposes regularly come in the wraparound style, with the end goal that the UV beams are obstructed from your face from each point.

UV protection

By now, you already know that ultraviolet protection should be given the number one priority when looking to buy sunglasses. A pair of sunglasses that offer hundred percent UV protection along with polarized and anti-reflective lenses are ideal for reducing glare to protect your eyes.


The lenses and frames of most sunglasses are made of good old plastic, but the type of plastic used can make a whole lot of difference in your sunglasses. Choose a pair made of stronger plastics, as these don’t shatter easily, preventing injury to your eyes. An ideal pick is a polycarbonate in the lenses as well as frames because it is lightweight and durable. Additionally, high-grade shatter-resistant plastic CR-39 must be used for the lenses.


Tints are incorporated into sunglasses to offer different ways to filter the light around you. For a reduction of brightness that does not cause color distortion which can be harmful to driving, you can go in for lenses that are grey-tinted. For a complete blockage of the overhead sunlight without excessive darkening of your view, you can go in for gradient lenses, which fade to a lighter tint from a darker top. If you’re heading to the beach, your best bet would be amber and brown lenses, which are great for reducing glare and blue light.

Obviously understanding the physical aspects from a theoretical point of view wouldn’t be as satisfying as trying in real time, however, to have a basic idea is an added advantage. So let CollectOffers tell you how actually you can determine the frame based on the shape of your face.

How to determine the shape of sunglasses:

Oval Face:

The dots that mark your cheeks are the pair that's furthest apart; the brow line and jawline curve slightly inward. The vertical of your face can be perfectly balanced out with the help of the horizontal orientation of a pair of rectangular sunglasses. There aren't many frames that don't work with this shape, so experiment with classic and trendy picks such as cat-eye, round, rimless, or butterfly frames.

Round Face:

Like oval, your cheekbones have the most space between them; the brow line and jawline both have a stronger curve. A round face lacks definition and angles of any sort, which means that your sunglasses should have just that. Your best pick would be a pair of sunglasses that has geometrically shaped rims, like the rectangle or wayfarer.

Square Face:

Symmetry rules and all dots are equally as far apart from each other. Since your face is quite angular, you can counteract it with frames that tend to look curvy. To give your eyes an extra edge, you can go in for semi-rimless, cat-eye, or butterfly frames.

Heart-shaped Face:

A face that is narrow at the chin and widens out at the temples is said to be heart-shaped. The dots on your brow area are the furthest apart, while the jawline dots are the closest. This can be done by going in for frames that have thin temples The shade shapes most likely to work for you are aviators and other rimless styles.

The most sought-after Sunglasses Shapes


The most distinctive feature of the aviators is that they are at least three Otter larger in size than your eyeballs. The Lenses are dark and reflective, held in frames that are super this connected by a double or triple bridge.


The Wayfarer shape is a classic for sunglasses that never goes out of style. Perhaps one of the oldest eyewear icons, the wayfarers first made their debut back in the '50s. Timeless and versatile, wayfarers are all about oomph.


The cat-eye shape is what you should be looking for if you want to go completely retro and imitate movie stars from vintage times. The old-school charm of these sunglasses is timeless.


The rectangular shape is probably the most straightforward sunglasses can get, providing all the versatility and comfort you could ever want out of a pair of shades.


Oval sunglasses are a basic must-have and are pretty much the standard shape for sunglasses. The best part is, oval sunglasses can be worn on all face cuts.


On days when you are feeling bold and dramatic, butterfly sunglasses will come right to your aid, slightly oversized. These sunglasses are a go-to style to flaunt that high street fashion look.


Nothing says glamorous like a pair of sunglasses that are slightly oversized, giving you the much-coveted mysterious appeal. When you're not wearing them, oversized sunglasses can function as a rather chic accessory for your head.

We, at CollectOffers, are sure that you are going to have your next pair of sunglasses pretty soon as the season of summer is fast approaching. Here is your opportunity to up the style game for the hot season. CollectOffers is here to give you an opportunity to save handsome money while you buy your next pair of eyewear by offering fascinating discount offers from all the reputed online stores you adore.