Adventure Seekers! Kick Start Your Escapade Journey In Hong Kong

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Dec 22, 2016

Hiking, underwater diving or canoeing into the deep overseas- adventure sports have always been a reason to travel different parts of the world. Adventure seekers would never miss such an opportunity in their life. Nothing can beat a bunch of friends travelling and trying out the outdoor sports. Let us just face it- even PlayStation gets boring after a few days!

Hong Kong is a place where you can fulfill all your sporty desires. Very easily, Hong Kong can be overlooked for it to burst the adrenaline rush and spark the thrill into a traveller. Since, Hong Kong is famous destination for shopping and lavish international favor and striking nightlife! And here, you are definitely missing a very important stuff about Hong Kong- adventure sports!

Attractions, Food and Shopping destinations are very well known things about Hong Kong. We all are aware of The Big Buddha, aren’t we? But then ever thought about hiking towards it? This is what we have been thinking about. Hence, whether you talk about hiking or digging a bit deeper and exploring various escapades in the city: Hong Kong has all for you. 

Therefore we have got for you 5 unexpected (since you thought so!) travel adventure sports you can try out in Hong Kong.

Bike Riding When you talk about thrill, there’s nothing better than a bike ride. Travelling the city on a cycle alongside the scenic beauty of Hong Kong is the ultimate fun! Designated cycle tracks make it a safe experience and with numerous bike rental options you won’t break the bank. The 3-hour trip riding from Sha Tin to Tai Po along the waterfront is an experience not to be missed.

Zip-lining Jumping off a cliff above the crashing wave huge distance away from it, might sound more of heart pumping act than something exciting but then that is what adventure sports are! Soar between two cliff faces on beautiful Tung Lung Chau (one of Hong Kong’s most underrated islands) – the forty meter wire may only take a matter of seconds to cross, but the adrenaline will last a lot longer.

Hiking Hong Kong, a city full of pleasant beaches and other attractions it is difficult to decide where one can begin its hiking? But then, as we mentioned that hone can also hike to the big Buddha. There are others like Po Toi Island is a beautiful granite paradise famous for its impressive rock formations, seaweed soup and dried seafood products. The short circular hike from Po Toi pier takes you to landmarks like Ngau Wu Teng Pavilion, Monk Rock and Tortoise Rock.

Rock Climbing The quintessential outdoor challenge, Hong Kong is not short of excellent rock climbing locations. Arguably the best is Cape Collinson (east Hong Kong Island) with coastal views that are worth the trip alone. With 55 routes over three sectors, the crag offers a dream climb for novices and experts alike.

Paintball Ha! How would you feel if all the console gaming would come live? Yes, we are talking about the shooting games here. Paintball is one of the most interesting outdoor games, with friends being the target and paint being the bullets. 

These were the 5 outdoor sports that you can enjoy in Hong Kong while you make an impromptu or a planned visit to the city!