Best Electronic Projects For The Novice!

Post by Tuba Qureshi | Jun 12, 2019

Smart home devices today, have made our lives so easy and simple that we cannot even imagine our life without them. In this, advance-tech era, people are so dependent on latest electronic gadgets and products that remove hassle from the everyday chores. But despite, living in the technologically advanced era, there are people who are unaware of what new and innovative electronic projects are being launched every now and then. And these people are just satisfied with normal tech products that everyday life requires.

So, if you are among those who are unaware of what innovation in electronic industry are taking place and how to use latest tech gadgets and electronic projects introduced in 2019, then here’s a blog post featuring technologically-advanced new devices for Novice to buy and use right now. Take a look at the advanced tech electronic projects that every novice must own and use.

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Now, that you know from where to grab information as well as stay-up-to-date latest gadgets available at affordable  prices with leading shopping portal, take a look at the following smart tech gadget-

Home Electronics For Novice-

1 # Smart Mirrors!

Often referred to as an ultimate at-home beauty and fitness consultant, Smart mirrors are the newest innovations that will start off your each day with personal assistant. Since mirrors have been an integral part of our lives, as we literally start our day in front of it to get ready for the day.  A smart mirror is much more than helping you with your makeup routine, it helps you find stylish attires, gives you accurate fitness analysis and so on. Most of them are infused with Naked 3D fitness trackers that comes with a full-body mirror with sensors.

What actually a smart mirror is?

A smart mirror is a two-way mirror with an in-built display behind the glass which can shows anything on the mirror surface, right from current time to weather forecast, your day schedule, beauty routine, fitness routine, news feed and so on.

Smart Mirror features-

  • Touch screen
  •  LED lighting
  • Voice control
  • Motion sensor
  • Facial recognition

2 # Rolled Up LED TVs!

Ever thought of a television sleek and thin enough to be rolled up in the stand it is installed. No, then read about the LG Signature OLED TV R9 which is a new disappearing TV with a screen with stretching capability of up to 65 inches and then it roll down in a compact box. The television is designed to give you 4K HDR smart TV-watching experience.

What makes LG rolled up TV the best device?

It is a revolutionary home device providing TV-watching experience reimagined through a roll-able OLED display. The smart home device maximizes your living area with infinite possibilities, redefines it and uplifts your lifestyle to the next level. It is a harmonious blend of technology and wool.

LG Rolled up TV features-

  • Designed with high-end furniture textile, enclosed with Dolby Atmos and front-firing speaker
  • It delivers cinema-quality sounds
  • Designed with pure metal and unprecedented technology to deliver a touch of flawless beauty and it brings a modernistic ambiance to your living space

3 # Portable Diffuser!

Now, keep aromas wafting around near with portable diffusers with interchangeable scent capsules and smart technology. The portable aroma diffuser is the recently launched home device available in miniature sizes and designs. Right from palm sized diffuser to a small cylindrical size, these diffusers are small enough to be carried anywhere and everywhere. The small device allows relaxing scents to waft into your daily life, thus giving you a very soothing and nice aromatic space.

What is Portable Aromatherapy Diffuser?

A portable aromatherapy diffuser is a tiny device that releases essential oils in the air in the form of vapor or mist. The essential oil diffused in the air maintain a chemical composition indeed benefitting your environment with the soothing aromas of that essential oil. Available in many variants, these smart home devices come in the form heat, ultrasonic or portable one. While ultrasonic and heat difussers are great for full-room aromatherapy, portable diffusers, on the other hand, are meant for smaller spaces and can be carried anywhere and everywhere.

Features of portable diffusers-

  • Rechargeable – functions wireless with rechargeable batteries
  • Suitable for situations – can be carried anywhere and everywhere
  • Can be recharged easily via USB cables
  • Enjoy widest range of natural aroma with refilling its capsule with different essential oils

Smart Personal Gadgets For Novice-

4 # Activity Tracking Watches!

We know that wearables are getting smarter every day and, activity tracking watches are one the example stating how technology is changing our life and making it simpler and fun. Often called as smartwatches, the tiny wearable device have turned out to the best smartphone companion today. With a vision to prevent the hassle of slipping your phone in and out of your pocket and boosting productivity, there are many styles and variants of smartwatches available in the market. Among many smartwatches, TicWatch S & E is the most compatible and widely purchased wearable activity trackers of 2019.

Why choose Ticwatch S & E?

Now tracking your heart rates and steps, calories burnt and measuring of nutrition intake has become easy and simple with these smart devices. These are not just a fitness tracking devices, you can even manage your daily schedule and navigation without putting much efforts.

Exclusive features of TicWatch S & E-

  • Comes with latest Wear OS by Google that gives you access to the whole ecosystem of Google Play
  • The lightweight design is created to fit on your wrist effortlessly
  • Great battery backup of up to 48 hours usage
  • Infused with advanced fitness assistant to monitor your heart rate, calories burnt, step counter and so on
  • Splash-proof and water resistant

If you wish to buy any of the above mentioned smart watches or related accessories from TicWatch at reasonable rates, make sure to avail TicWatch promo code or Mobvoi discount code to enjoy maximum savings on your purchase.

5 # A Smart Notebook!

Isn’t it great to have a digital access to everything you draw, take note or jot down? If you think the same way then you must have a digital and smart notebook capable of doing everything right from storing important stuffs to editing, watching movies and of course, playing games. The device can make your note-taking more intuitive and interactive.

With the technological advancement of laptops and tablets, there are many people who still prefer to jot down important things with a pan and paper. And, this where digital notebooks came into the scene and has made every professional’s work easy and simple. There are many smart notebooks available in the market, and Lenovo yoga book is one of the best notebook to one this year.

Why buy Lenovo Yoga Book?

Crafted with forward-thinking, brilliant technology, the Lenovo yoga book is ultra-notebook designed to create a sub-category in computing all of its own. It is a smart professional device worth your attentions as it’s a an unlikely combination of a laptop and a tablet. While you think to shop this high-end device online from the official store of Lenovo, make sure you look and avail Lenovo HK promo code so as to enjoy maximum savings. Lenovo being the leading manufacturer of smart devices not just ensure best and highly-advanced technology products, but also ensure you complementary Lenovo warranty check services.

Features of Lenovo Yoga Book-

  • Insanely thin and light
  • Halo keyboard
  • Excellent display
  • Clever Create pad

Since, owning a high-end notebook is luxury thing, make sure you protect your precious gadgets with stylish and high-quality protective gears such as covers. And to buy best range of trendiest table or laptop of smartphone covers online at best prices, you are required to sign-up to Slick Case Hong Kong and avail its exclusive Slick Case promo code.

6 # Drones!

If you are adventures or love travelling and wish to capture each and every moment of it from every angle, then a drone is a perfect gadget to own this year. Although there are plenty of high-end drone infused with advance technology, available in the market, but Mavic air is simply class apart. It is a marvel of engineering and design that is built to go wherever adventures wishes to take you. It is the best device of Mavic series so far.

What makes Mavic Air The best device?

Right from being ultra-portable to foldable the drone is an engineering marvel with high-end flight performances as well as functionalities for limitless explorations. It has 3-axis mechanical gimbal with angular vibration range reduced to about 0.005degree. If you wish to grab this amazing product online from DJI, make sure you use DJI promo code or DJI coupon code Mavic Air.

So, these are few must-have and own highly-advanced electronic projects that every Novice should be aware of and must own right now.

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