Christmas Jewelry Ideas Just For You All Lassies!

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Dec 09, 2016

Hey all, so Christmas preparations going on in full swing? I know you have plenty of works to do along with arranging your dress and accessories. So I thought why not help you in the preparations.

I know when it comes to your home and household works you people have a clear idea of what to buy and what to display to make your house Christmas ready but then choosing something for oneself is very difficult. 

It’s not important to look like a hong bao (Chinese red envelope) rather sophisticated and subtle look can make you look apt for Christmas celebrations. Okay, this was a quick tip for all the oh-so-conscious fashion frenzy gals but then I am here to talk about the Christmas special jewelry!

Yeah, those glittery and cute jewelry pieces which make your Christmas look complete. Now that the festivity has begun, you can get them easily at your nearby fashion outlets. But baby, time is money, so save your time and money by shopping via Zalora, prominent online fashion outlet. 

Let show you a glimpse of some latest design jewelries which are just enough to make you look perfect for a glittery Christmas evening. 


Try the Mr. And Mrs. Santa earrings to pop up your festive look. Yeah, they are earring of same combination but different design, signifying the delicate one as Mrs Santa and tough one Mr Santa, cool? There are more, you can even where Christmas tree, Santa hat, bells, snowman and much more to infuse the Christmas charm in your look.


Those who find there look incomplete without neckpieces can wear the funky and cute pendants have designs like snow ball, crystal, bells, etc. 


A cool and trendy bracelet can always make your look complete so buy colorful, bling and of course stylish bracelets. Bracelets with beeds, pearls, metal, and much more are trending amongst fashion lovers.


Add some bling and class to your simple dress at the Christmas eve, with colorful and modish broaches captivating hearts of fashionistas. 

PS: Don’t overdo your party look with excessive make-up and heavy jewelry, rather try these minimal jewelry and subtle makeup to nail down your perfect Christmas look. However, wearing a bold lip color will surely make you look charismatic. 

Okay, am done for now as while discussing with you all about these cutie ornaments, now I even wish to get a couple of them. So catch you all later. Till then Take Care.