Do You Know Your Eyes Can Say A Hundred Words, So Make Them Worth it!

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Nov 21, 2016

I know my title sounded really poetic but trust me I have no plans to read beautiful poetries on eyes, so easy!!! Hey all, I am back once again to fill in some spice in your life. How? Easy, will just talk to you about make-up and I know this solo topic can appease any girl’s heart. :)

People say eyes are the mirror of your heart, really, that’s it? I think they also speak your mind, only wish no one can read that or else… ;) Don’t know how many of you would agree with me but a little makeup on eyes can make a big difference on your face and in your personality. Agree? Great. 

So, are you all ready to add on some more drama to your eyes? Fantastic, but let’s make it a bit more ‘fun’-tastic by trying the strange but attractive way of eye-makeup. We bet the ones who keep a keen eye on fashion will love to try them, whenever stepping out to let your hair down.

Let me tell you the latest makeup trends you can use to look sassy and chic. 

Go Glittery 

Known to all that this fall a bit of bling is more than welcome in your styling, so include some shiny eye-shadow colors like golden, silver and bronze in your make-up. 

Not only eye lids but your eyebrows can also be highlighted with the streak of glitter. Yeah, it’s quiet a fashion amongst fashion fanatics.


If colors make you happy then make it part of your style statement.  Try the bright shades in your eye makeup. Those who have guts to experiment can try more than two colors too.

Super Graphic Eyeliner 

Okay, this one is really amazing and to a naïve like me it’s quiet easier too, as it’s the weirdest way of applying eyeliner no ends defined!!! The graphic eyeliner is the new-age way of applying liners and defining eyes in a bolder and better way.



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