Dubai Travel Guide - 3 Things That Will Surprise A First Time Traveler!

Post by Sameena Farooq | Feb 07, 2018

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Traveling to a new place is something which involves a lot of preparation and idea so that you can engross in new things without feeling aloof.

So, before you start your preparation, you must ensure that you have checked all the details of the place and have already booked in your hotels where you will stay.

If Dubai is the ideal destination you are planning for a vacay then here you will find some exclusive tips if you are looking for it. It's big and brash, flashy and ostentatious; definitely a worth spending time place. You will notice here every things and place for everyone, the rich will have a blast and can party all night and even middle-class family could also survive if surveyed deeply.

When you will come here; you will notice a super-car traffic jam on a big-city street. Also, you could sense a feeling of freedom as no one actually cares how you are here and what you are doing. So, just engulf in whatever you like without worrying about people and places. 

You can book your ideal hotels from HomeAway as it offers some of the exclusive deals and discounts that make it a right chance to enjoy without feeling aloof at a new place.

Here are few things you should keep in mind while traveling.

The food is good and cheap

The food in Dubai is the most happening thing you should never underestimate. Actually, you can enjoy different flavors of food and unique cuisines that make it a lovely time for you. The major advantage of the food can be given to the large immigrant population, including a huge entrance of people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iran and Jordan, Dubai has an incredibly good and affordable food scene. 

There aren't many locals

The people in Dubai have a great time as they can enjoy whatever they like. Also, it takes a first-time traveler some time a to sink in with the fact that there don't seem to be any local Emiratis around at all. This is mainly due to few factors, and most are easily noticeable that only 11 percent of Dubai's population is Emirati. 

You can begin the weekend on Friday with lots of drink

Yes, actually, in Dubai you will find that Friday is an off day at workplaces. So, you can enjoy your time there and have lots of fun with your partner and friends. Also, you can drink here freely and can find champagne brunches too at the restaurant. But, note that alcohol is extremely expensive and you have to be over 21 to drink it.

So, get ready and enjoy the best time in Dubai without feeling bored!!