Find Motivation in a Running Companion to Get Going

Post by Anupam Pandey | Aug 21, 2019


We all know the importance of daily work out in our life and running is one of the simplest yet very effective ways of physical training. Still, most of us fail to implement it in the routine order of our daily lifestyle for a number of uncertain reasons. These reasons can differ from person to person and often vary depending upon the circumstances and the relationship of a human being in the societal set up in general. But if to be fair, each person ought to have a certain set of issues in his life as a person living as a part of a family, community, society and various but that does not, in any way, levy us from our duty to maintain individual physical health and fitness.

If you notice the human efforts made on the maintenance of personal health and fitness, it is surprisingly presenting a consistent pattern in maximum cases wherein people who start a physical fitness training and workouts tend to halt their efforts after specific phase-in despair and hopelessness. Even after getting geared up with all the essential running gears and accessories for performance enhancement, many people lose the spark within themselves after a short period of time which ultimately negates all the good they did till that point of time. So to deal with such odd disruptions, you can find a solution in the form of specially customized running companion prepared with the experts at Nike Run Club. This not only ensures a motivating and guiding factor to keep you going but also provides you with exclusive offers and Nike Promo Code to avail deals and discounts on running gears, shoes and outfits.

NIKE RUN CLUB - A Perfect Running Partner


While we all know Nike for the sportswear products and accessories, there are various other initiatives by which Nike has been working on the front of athletic and fitness activities for the public. Nike Run Club is one of the specially created programs designed by the team of experts at Nike performance a centre which develops a set of tools and tactical ways for helping the general people and motivating them to run better. Now if you think this is meant for the athletes, then you are getting it all wrong.  The program is not just designed in one way but has a various different set of training modules, audio-guided set of trainer practice sessions, specially curated programs in weekly, monthly and custom models, that gives any person flexibility to choose a relevant option based on his individual requirement.

So whether if you need to run to develop your cardio and stamina or you are looking to burn down your belly fat, the Nike Run Club tools will guide and motivate you to achieve it in a very specifically target-oriented approach and keep boosting your moral with its various intuitive tactics. So now all you need to do is follow your companion and keep sharing your goals with him, your companion will make sure you don’t feel the exhausted and lost with the passage of time and take you to that target of yours.

Monitoring Your Progress


The Nike Run Club app is a great way to keep a tab on your running progress. It provides every little detail of the physical dynamics and the specific statistics related to the routine runs, such as pace of running, distance covered, the location from which you have been running, the total elevation you have been through, the rate of heartbeat and the split distances in miles. All these statistical data and records help in keeping a very articulated and controlled assessment over the progress of your runs and thereby gives you a very practical insight to elevate the performance and effectiveness in the more target-oriented manner. This is not just a running companion but an expert at your disposal making things easier for your help.

Get Personalised Coaching


The Nike Run Club provides personalized coaching guides with audio support that not only explain you the entire process but also gives you the option to choose your own a personal set of goals and fitness milestones that you are eyeing up for, assisting the same based on your current physical conditions. This personalized coaching experience is truly an asset considering the fact that every human being is different in structure and form and therefore needs a customized set of plans to work on for better results. The same set of exercises can not yield the same productive results in two human beings for this same reason. You can simply observe it by comparing the diet of four of your friends, all of the different weights. You would be surprised to find that the heavy weighing person does not eat more than the lighter weighing friend but still has a bulkier body to mass ratio. Such is the case with all human bodies due to the different metabolic and anabolic response.

Seeking Motivation


The motivation is a major factor in running and physical training. The Nike Club provides a very customized playlist prepared for cheering and encouraging the users. It not only enlists a highly popular set of music playlist that has a morale-boosting impact on the mind. There are many other ways in which the encouragement comes to the runners as they get the wishes and specially shot inspirational messages from the athlete. One can make new friends associated with the Nike Run Club and join in with them as co-runners to get a company. The Nike itself creates awareness and motivational campaigns under which they prepare inspirational short video stories and other posts on the social media groups to keep the runners motivated.  

These little things may not seem much from outside but they do make a difference when a  person needs something to lift his mood and carry himself up against his wish for a run. Breaking those barriers is no lesser than an achievement. And yes talking about achievements, it also follows a rewarding system that awards trophies and badges on crossing certain milestones. The overall designing and creativity make the Nike Run a real companion which is not just your accompanying you but actually assisting and guiding you through the tough times.


– Android Wear Support
– Track And Store Runs
– Audio-Guided Runs With Expert Coaches from Nike
– Custom Challenges to keep the runners engaged
– Personalised Coaching Assists and Advice
– Trophies And Badges To Celebrate Your Achievements
– Leaderboards and Ranking charts based on performances to create competitiveness
– In-Run Cheers and Messages From Celebrity Athletes 

Ticwatch 2 – The Watchful Running Companion


The companion is not always meant to be as expensive as Apple wants it for us to have. After all, friendship is not adjudged on money but on qualities and when you are getting them all at a much cheaper price than why go expensive at all. The Ticwatch 2 of Mobvoi is a classic running companion which is watchfully assisting you and helping, entertaining, keeping you updated, tracking you and monitoring your body stats while you are on the move. How cool is that for a companion?

This smartwatch by Mobvoi is a very capable performer which can serve you with functions that are on par with the top brands of the world without having to spend even half of their price. In fact, you can get even better deals and offers by availing the Mobvoi Promo Code for availing the best value for your money. The smartwatch is an ideal choice and it would be really hard for any runner to deny the same once going through the set of impeccable features it has to offer. If you are a runner and have a goal in your mind, you should check out these impressive and noteworthy aspects of this smartwatch.

Features in an Overview


Ticwatch 2 - Intuitive Smartwatch 

Ticwatch 2 comes with an array of optional apps which you can choose from and use as per your choice and convenience. These sports and running based app to monitor and collect the data of the personal activities and the workout throughout the day which can be matched up against the set of goals the user could specifically set for himself. This way a person knows the productivity and output of his physical efforts without any doubt, along with other physical biometric stats such as heart rate, calories spent  during the entire day, the number of steps taken, the calories intake, the calories required to be burnt to achieve the set goal and a lot of other things. The device can be easily synchronized with the Google Fit, Strava and Runkeeper apps to give the perfect outputs. Some of the key features within the device are;

  • Heart-rate monitor - With its advanced HRM sensors and monitoring technology, TicWatch 2 has the most precise tracking feature of your biometric heartbeat while you are running your heart out. The sensors are active throughout the time you run which means you can effectively check out the rate of your heartbeat anytime you want, even in between the runs. While this might not seem a big thing to many of you from the outside but those who have worked on their cardio know the importance of this biometric awareness and how greatly it can help in managing one's runs and health. Not just the heartbeat, the device can also keep an account of the blood pressure level of a person the whole time.


  • Music on the device - The device can hold a plethora of your favourite songs and music playlist which you can play through the Bluetooth streaming feature. This means you don't have to carry your music player or iPod with you. Just a watch will serve the purpose of it all. The watch is also capable of notifying you about the calls, messages, emails and other important notifications received on the smartphone without having to pull out the smartphone from the pocket at all. 


  • Distance Tracker - The location tracker feature is enabled on the watch thanks to the built-in GPS which means you will be able to track your and overall distance covered with accuracy along with specific details of it such as speed, calories burnt and even mark the stoppages as such to ensure precise values. This does help in making an excellent running routine.


  • Water and Sweat Resistance - The smartwatch is built to last and has been well protected with dustproof and water-resistant (IP65) technique to ensure longevity. It is obvious that the watch would have to deal with a lot of sweat as you would be wearing it while running or take it outdoors amidst all kind of weather conditions, so sturdiness and resistance are compulsory for any such watch. Ticwatch 2 is just the perfect example of such a watch.