Foodies! Check Out These Top 5 Restaurants In Hong Kong

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Oct 19, 2016

A true Hong Konger is a food lover by default! Why am I saying so? Coz the place is a delight for foodies. Yes, the beautiful Island city Hong Kong is a hub of multitude cuisine

With numerable hawkers and over 61 Michelin-starred restaurants, you get limitless choices to dine in Hong Kong. I know that me telling to you won’t be so exciting because you already know about it. What? This is news to you too? OMG!!! Are you sure you stay in Hong Kong?

No, I doubt you, coz no Hong Konger can remain untouched with the magic of its lovely cuisine and I wonder how could you? Seems like you are a workaholic, who has only time to make money and no time to buy some delightful moments!

If that’s the issue, then there’s still a chance to hold back some lovely moments which you could create with your loved ones. How? Obviously, by taking them out for lunch or dinner. Yeah, dining along with your friends or family can not only give you peace of mind but can also bring you closer to them. For instance, you might not know what your kids hate to eat or what your wife’s favorite dessert is? 

Not only likes and dislikes about food, but having a jaw over food can also unveil many things that you might have noticed. Like when was the last time you laughed whole heartedly, when your kids found you close to them, how happy your wife feels when you are pampering her in the beautiful ambiance of any classy restaurant.

Now are you getting, why I chose to talk about restaurants in your city? Well, maybe because I wanted you to know that eating for just living is not always good; you should sometimes live the moment when dinning with your close ones. It definitely works wonder!

So now that you seemed to be convinced let me suggest you top 5 restaurants in your city which make sure to make your dining experience wonderful!


If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine and wanna dine looking at the skyline of Hong Kong then RyuGin is the place for you. Located in the tallest building of Hong Kong, this restaurant serves exotic dishes which are hard to find anywhere else in Hong Kong. 

Caprice at Four Seasons Hotel

If only classy places strike you, then Caprice at Four Seasons Hotel is a must go. The restaurant claims first-class views of Victoria Harbour, along with blending together the aesthetics of France and China. 

Liberty Private Works

This restaurant features an eight-course, French menu, which can be paired with wine. The beautiful, bold plates, exquisite flavors and unique atmosphere, can definitely captivate your heart. 

Amber at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental

This is one place where you will find something new always on the menu as the chef there keeps on updating the menu every three months. Here you can enjoy French cuisine, blended with Asian magic. 

Summer Palace at Island Shangri-La

To enjoy authentic Cantonese cuisine, you can reserve your table at Summer Palace at Island Shangri-La. Here chef uses only traditional ingredients to create classic dishes. Not only the cuisine but the interior of the restaurant will make you feel that you are dinning in somewhere china.

I just hope that these tempting pics and my words have somewhat worked and now you are also planning to take your loved one’s out for a dinner or lunch. 

Before I go, just want to thank u for taking the pain, and reading this piece. Till we meet next keep feasting! ;)