Great Outdoors of Hong Kong Perfect for Enjoying Fun Activities

Post by Anupam Pandey | Apr 11, 2019

If you go by the stereotypes, Hong Kong turns out to be an ultimate urban destination for travellers. There are but more than one shades to this highly versatile and illustrious city. The city represents just one side of the coin while the other half is completed by the lavish outdoors that surround this city. It is equally striking if not more, to explore those outdoor locales as the city itself. The contrasting character of the outlying islands, quaint villages, sand-laden beaches and amiably refreshing mountainous terrains offer an impeccable scope for the tourists to get an enjoyable fun filled trip all along nature’s imperfectly perfect beauty.

The unadulterated beauty of nature and the admirable charm of the cityscape comes together to give an excellent place for travelling enthusiasts from all over the world. The vivacious city full of dazzling lights and bustling streets is quite brilliant balanced out by the unprecedented lavish natural environment. There are many reasons to visit Hong Kong but none of them is anywhere close to this equilibrium alone. The wild and the sophistication, all at once, for any travel aspirants, here are some of the best travel deals in Hong Kong that can be availed with the help of the Expedia Promo Code. This would take care of your budget and provide you with cost-efficient travel experience without any compromise.

You would find many amazing things about the city of Hong Kong, but there is not as much information about the exterior landscapes and attractions as the cityscape. So let us take an elaborate view of the great outdoors of Hong Kong and go through the enjoyable activities you can engage there.  


The beaches of Hong Kong is very special in its own unique way. After all, it is not something common to see one of the leading financial hubs and seaports of the world giving away space for beaches when it can potentially serve better economic purposes as a trading port. But this is how the city is, with a large heartedness and genuine love for natural resources. The undeniably enticing golden sand with the wavy waters is enough to compel even an uninterested man to spend some time around it.  The surfers peculiarly love these beaches for their favourable conditions for surfing provided by the mild but consistent tides of water which make it perfectly poised for surfing playground. Here are a few popular beaches in Hong Kong you can plan to visit.

Big Wave Bay Beach, Shek O

The Big Wave Bay Beach is located on the eastern coastline of the Hong Kong Island and it is connected to the Dragon’s Back Trail. This beach is known for its rock-arts carved by people during the prehistoric times. These rock arts have been preserved and they mostly depict animals and several other geometrical structures and designs. There have been many other similar discoveries of Rock Arts done on the beaches of Hong Kong. This place is a great option for surfers gets on their surfboards to have fun.

Cheung Sha Beach

Cheung Sha Beach is arguably the most beautiful beaches of the region and It stretches along for the longest distance of all other beaches. The cool water nearby this beach is relatively calmer and therefore a nice place to take a dip and try swimming. The crowd on this beach is also good making it an ideal place to turn strangers into friends. There are few food stalls adjacent to the beach which serve the freshest seafood you are ever going to eat. Do not miss out the photogenic sunset on this beach for some great pictures to share on social media.

Repulse Bay Beach

This beach is an upmarket beach with very well developed surroundings. The repulse bay also has residential apartments built on the nearby locations. This beach has wide and abundantly wrapped sand which is a nice place to have a sunbath. You would find a lot of other people both locals and tourists enjoying the sun on these beaches for your company. This beach looks even more exotic during the sunset and the sunrise, thanks to its golden sand making a perfect foil with the mellow surroundings. The shape of this beach is also very different as it appears to be a crescent-shaped moon like in shape from the top. Being an upmarket locality, the repulse beach offers a great range of restaurants and even a very classic market with designer stores and a shopping mall.


While praising the urban aura of Hong Kong, it is often forgotten that Hong Kong has a rural side too. The hiking trails available in the exterior areas offer a splendid experience of the rural aspect of Hong Kong culture and heritage. The lush green forests and some mind-blowing visual treats await you on these hiking trails so do not miss the impeccable offering made by the serene natural landscapes of this extremely gifted place. Here are a few hiking trails that you should try to go through during your trip.

Dragon’s Back Urban Hike

Ever heard of urban hiking! No, then try the urban hike at Dragon’s Back Trail and enjoy the breathtaking view of the highly developed modern cityscape of Hong Kong from the top. The trail isn’t just about the view from the top if you had any doubt, because there are a number of marvellous gems to capture in your cameras of some picture perfect scenic landscapes all along the trail. The trail takes you down to the bottom with plenty of beautiful sites and ultimately leaves you at the Big Wave Bay after a tiresome hike to have some rest on the warm sand and take a dip in the water to shrug off the tiredness.

High Junk Peak

This is a somewhat challenging hiking trail for those who want to take up the more adventurous hike. The High Junk Peak has a height of 344 metres at the topmost point and it is no surprise that the view from the top is outrageously impressive. The ridge provides an extensive view of the clear water bay and the Pacific Ocean along with small group of islands known as Ninepin Group can also be sighted far across in the waters. To reach the top, one has to hike through the Miu Tsai Tun Trail and switch to the country trail at the intersection to take on a bit steeper but short climb to the High Junk Peak.

Lantau Peak

The Lantau Peak is the second highest peak of Hong Kong and is particularly one of the most popular ones amongst the tourists because of the beautiful views and the amazing sight of the sunrise. It takes two hours to reach the top of Lantau Peak and one could take a night halt over there thanks to the hostel available at the Ngong Ping. To get the sight of the sunrise, it is highly recommended that you begin the journey early in the morning at around 4 PM so that you could enjoy the view of the rising sun from the top.

Natural Parks

There is a very high the popularity of the nightlife culture and culinary offering of Hong Kong, but not many people would be aware of the ecstatic wildlife and ecological richness of this place. There are a number of reserved natural parks located in Hong Kong which offer a distinctively diverse native biological ecosystem, untouched and unaltered by the human population. This gives a very genuine and untamed experience of the natural environment of this place. Here are two such natural parks you should include in your itinerary.

Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden

This reserved land is located at the bottom of the highest mountain of Hong Kong which essentially gives it a very surreal background to begin with. This is a conservation centre at heart and it has been designed very categorically to provide a very simplified and knowledgeable experience to the visitors. There are pathways built all across this park most of which are hanging above the top of the trees and to walk on those wooden hanging pavements in itself is an adrenaline rush on its own. Walking through these pathways, you would go through greenhouses planted with pleasant flowers and plants, a variety of animal species, vegetable gardens and giant trees.

Mai Po Nature Reserve

The Mai Po Nature reserve is specially dedicated to the birds and gives shelter to more than 90,000 birds which migrate from the North during the winter season. Apart from it, there are more than 390 species of birds which are inhabited in this reserve. More than 30 of those species are on the list of endangered species or close to even extinction. There are few other small animals such as otters and squirrels living in this nature reserve.

City Parks

The nature parks are the ones which are meant for the wildlife, but what about human beings? Well, Hong Kong has planned city parks all over the region built to provide a proper vegetative cover amidst all the developments of the city. These parks serve as a nice and quiet break from the rush lifestyle of the city and take a walk along the fresh and oxygen-rich atmosphere of the green plants. These places are often visited by the locals for exercises, refreshment or leisure.

Kowloon Park

Kowloon Park is a garden designed in the Chinese style with a lot of beautiful and creatively designed areas. The park engulfs around a two-tier lotus pond and a rock cascade nearby it. There are sheltered walkways built in this park which make it a really great place to visit when it is raining. The park makes a very amazing experience of the rainfall as the rain water drops on the foliage making a very distinct and unheard sound which is very pleasing, to say the least.

Hong Kong Park

Hong Kong Park is also a very well-devised park that sits on the lap of sky-high buildings from all sides. This park within the urban cityscape gives a sense of what we may call an urban oasis, for the lack of a better word. But the park has utilized the space for the better and carved up a greenhouse, an aviary, a museum, a marriage register office, restaurant, pond with fountain and an arts centre, all within the small space it covers. The aviary is worth visiting as it has more than 80 species of birds kept in a very creatively designed rainforest setting.

Victoria Park

Victoria Park is located at an amazing place at the Causeway Bay to take some time off from bustling city space and to enjoy some relaxed moments of peace and tranquillity. The park is one of the major hubs of locals who visit it every morning for walking, jogging, physical workouts, yoga, and other kinds of exercises. The park is also the place of celebration during the Autumn Festival and Chinese New Year.  

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