Here Are Few Things You Should Try When Travelling To Tokyo!

Post by Sameena Farooq | Feb 06, 2018

Your decision to travel to Tokyo is something you will vouch for after reading this article! 

Tokyo is definitely the most good looking place and most people all over the world want to visit here to have the most unforgettable experience of their lifetime. You can have unlimited fun and unlimited visually beautiful sights that are sure not to miss. 

Most of the tourist come here to get the most exceptional experience of their lifetime. When you are here, don't get too hung up on ticking tourist sights off your list. As most of the visitors want to wander around at random streets and places and absorb the vibes. This will definitely be the biggest part of the Tokyo experience where you can poke your head into the shops and buy weird and wonderful things. Also, you can visit sampling restaurants where you can't acknowledge a single thing on the menu.

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So, when you are here, below are some wonderful things you should try on your trip to Tokyo!

Visit Tokyo Helicopter Cruise

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You should surely visit Tokyo's most romantic and unique experience: a helicopter flight over the city! Take someone special on this extraordinary experience 600 meters above one of the world's largest metropolises. You can gaze down at the famous sights of Daiba, Tokyo Tower, Shibuya, Roppongi, Tokyo Skytree and other famous Tokyo landmarks on this 15-minute journey.

You can opt for a day flight where you get the chance to see Mount Fuji in the distance or a night flight to romanticize the experience high above the glittering lights below. 

Try Hinasushi in Tokyo

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Treat yourself to a delicious 2-hour all you can eat buffet. You can enjoy the tasty dish in Tokyo and have the best ever experience. The dish is known for its tasty and authentic Japanese sushi which is surely a must-try for any self-proclaimed sushi lover. 

So, sit back and choose from a variety of fresh sushi made with over 60 different ingredients, including tuna, shrimp, sea urchin, and more!

Go Tokyo Bar Hopping

It is a no secret that the Japanese love to relax with their drink after the work. Drink like the locals do on a bar hopping tour of Tokyo led by an entertaining and experienced bar hop guide!

Also, dive in and out of watering holes popular with the locals, kick back with a Japanese brew and munch on favorite foods at 'Izakaya' restaurant/bars.

Travel Tokyo Disneyland

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Travel Tokyo and you must take your travel pass to Disneyland. Yes, Disneyland is children's favorite place, as well as adults, love too. Embrace the wonder and fantasy of Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea. It has vibrant atmospheres and thrilling attractions that instantly overwhelm you with happiness at the second you walk through the entrance.

Book your tickets for a full day to get a worthwhile Disney experience, so make sure to start early!