Hiking in Hong Kong - Top Hiking Trails That You Need To Conquer On Your Trip

Post by Sameena Farooq | Mar 25, 2019

If you have been to Hong Kong several times but never explored hiking and adventure then you’re missing out half of the city. In this post, we have discussed the hiking trails in Hong Kong that will guarantee you and your friends to enjoy jaw-dropping terrain worth your money spent. 

Those people who visit Hong Kong unaware of the fact of its hiking and adventure will get some guaranteed unexpected things other than indulging in the delicious dim sum and shopping adventure. Hiking adventure is the most talked about adventure trip to get the most amazing view and breathtaking panoramic views, isolated beaches, as well as the diverse flora and fauna of the country.

The number of hiking trips in Hong Kong rose from 12.2 million in 2005 to 13.3 million in 2015, while the mountain rescue got doubled from 138 in 2005 to 357 in 2016.

So, whether you want to explore the country for its best beaches or want to try the adventure, different water sports or glancing out islands around Hong Kong, there’s no denying it that Hong Kong is the ideal country where you can try fun outdoor activities at the outskirts of the country. And if you wish to de-stress on the weekend then hiking is the number one way to feel relaxed and enjoy the hiking trails across the region. But be sure to take plenty of water before you’re out on an adventure. 

There are four major hiking trails in Hong Kong, namely - the Hong Kong Trail, the Lantau Trail, the Maclehose Trail and the Wilson Trail. Along with these famous for hiking trails, we have also rounded four smaller tracks that will leave you with numerous choices to choose from.

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Find the best places where you can enjoy hiking in Hong Kong:

1. Hiking The Dragon’s Back Trail 

The Dragon’s Back is the most undoubted favourite enjoyed by both locals as well as tourists. The boasting beautiful coastal scenery is accessible from the city and is among the top visited hiking trails for all level of hikers. When you start your trek, be sure to wear some super comfortable sport athletes that give you the flexibility to walk great miles. Shop nice athlete sportswear from online using Nike promo code and enjoy great savings.

Start your trekking from Shek O Road near to Tei Wan Village, then make way ahead to a gigantic 284 metres high and gasp a relaxing breath. You could even see the admiring stunning views of Shek O, Tai Long Wan and Tung Lung Island.

For more adventure and daredevil stunts, take the thrust and paraglide off into blue skies and downy clouds. Make your way towards the Pottinger’s Gap and explore at the end of the village, Tai Long Wan Village. What can be a better option than enjoying the refreshing hike splash in the ocean? Take a dip at the beach and at the outdoor cafes and feast yourself the best seafood at any of the restaurants along the coast.

Hiking tip: To trek in this route, you need at least 4 hour time and enjoy hiking in the most difficult way. Remember to put all the food and water before leaving for hiking. Also, do not forget to carry your most fashionable swimwear by shopping fashion apparels from online using Farfech promo code. Bring your swimsuit along!

Hiking Starting Point: Walk from the initial point by picking up the train on the MTR Shau Kei Wan Station Exit A and leave towards the Shau Kei Wan Bus Terminus. You could take bus number 9 or minibus along with you having the sign ‘Shek O’ next to the bus station. 

2. Sunset Peak (Tai Tung Shan) Lantau Trail

The Sunset peak is the most popular Lantau Island’s offering most popular attractions – Sunset Peak and Lantau Peak. Experience the best time at the sunset peak by getting mesmerized by some gorgeous and breathtaking views on the peak. The sunset’s beauty is so amazing that it even appeared on Cantopop star Eason Chan’s albums!

On the other hand, for a safer drop, you can hike up the peak in the morning during sunrise time. It will be equally gripping and you would want to just stop and stare at this view eternally.

Hiking Tip: When you are heading to catch the sunset then be ready to bring a torch or flashlight along with you as during the dark, it can be dangerous for you to enjoy hiking. Also, you could find several accommodation options near the sunset peak, so book the best hotel online using Hotels.com promo code and enjoy the heavy discount.

Hiking Starting Point: To catch the bus, take exit B of MTR Tung Chung Station. From there, leave to the bus terminal near MTR station and choose 11A to Pak Kung Au (or if you want to take the ferry, then take bus 3M from Mui Wo bus station to Mui Wo). Go to the Lantau Trail after taking a left turn to the pavilion which leads to Sunset Peak.

3. Tai Mo Shan – Stage 7 and 8 of Maclehose Trail

Tai Mo Shan is earlier known to be a volcano and famous for a type of green tea, called mist or cloud tea, which grew on the mountainside. Having a height of 957 metres, it is known to be Hong Kong’s highest peak! When climbing on the mountain, you could take the bird’s eye view of Kowloon reservoir and of the Tsuen Wan skyline and spot the mainland China in the aloofness!

The best part about trekking here is that you could even hang out with baby cows and roam around the mountain freely. Also, you could spot the snakes to have a view that feels surreal while drifting away from the clouds. 

Hiking tip: While moving ahead, do not rush to get at the top immediately. Walk slowly and take deep breaths without getting lost in the moment.  

Hiking Starting Point: Take the MTR red line route to Tsuen Wan, Kwai Hing, or Tai Wo Hau Station. Also, travel to Mine Pass by taking a cab. 

4. Tai Long Wan – Stage 2 of Maclehose Trail

To enjoy the best hiking trail, visit the amazing Tai Long Wan hiking trail that has been kept as a secret in Hong Kong for many years. The 12-kilometre long trail starts at the end of Sai Wan road, pass through the beautiful coves such as Sai Wan and Chek Keng through the way. It is ideally the perfect destination to enjoy a wonderful getaway unknown to tourists where you can escape and hide behind the noise and busy streets of Hong Kong. Tai Long Wan consists of four unspoiled beaches namely - Sai Wan, Ham Tin, Tai Wan and Tung Wan.

After hiking all day, you could spend your time at the beach for a relaxing time. To stay at the Sai Wan and Ham Tin spend time enjoying the tourism facilities, good point for hotspot surfers and campers. Plan to spend time under the stars after rejuvenating your hiking time.

Hiking tip: If it is your one day trip then it is best to leave early in the morning to be able to enjoy the whole day.  

Hiking Starting Point: To reach there, take the village bus 29R at Chan Man Rd and get at the last stop, Sai Wan-Ting (literally West Bay Pagoda) and from there start your hiking.

5. Sharp Peak

At a height of 468metres tall building, visit the Sharp Peak that has attracted many skilled hikers and challenged it as a winding path and unique contours. The peak is known for its sharpness and steepness and anyone can enjoy here from the point Sai Kung. There are three ways to reach Sharp Peak, these ways are - from the North Ridge, East Ridge and South Ridge. The trail is one popular and most difficult ridge to seek the desirable option if you are not an experienced hiker. 

The trail starts from Pak Tam Au > Chek Keng > Tai Long Au > Nam She Au > Sharp Peak > Mai Fan Ten > Tai Wan > Pak Tam Au. You could start from section 2 of the Maclehose trail. The front sections will be relatively easy than the later sections. Hope the stunning views of aquamarine waters will make worth of every single drop of sweat.

Hiking tip: It is a difficult and deceitful hike if you do not get into your hiking shoes. Get a nice pair of shoes by shopping it online from Nike and thick gloves to avoid anything getting pinched in your hand. 

Hiking Starting Point: Take the bus 94 from Sai Kung Town and get off at the Pak Tam Au.

6. Lantau Peak (Fung Wong Shan) – Stage 3 Of Lantau Trail

Another high point on Lamma Island is Lantau Peak where one can catch the sunrise or sunset after having an exhausting hike. Spend your night at the hostel or at a hotel near it by booking a comfortable hotel stay using Hotels.com promo code and enjoy time at Ngong Ping before setting off at 4 am. 

The hiking process will take at least 2 hours, so this means, you can reach the op at 6 am and can enjoy the sunrise time. The months from December to February are the perfect months to seize the sunrise. At 934 meters high, the views will be exceptional and as you climb, you will see villages on the south side and the airport on the northern side.

If you climb on a cloudy day and when the weather gets foggy then also you will be intoxicated by the happiness when conquering this hiking trail. The hike will be a challenging one but after completing your journey, you will have a sense of satisfaction and unforgettable memories.  

Hiking tip: While descending, move slowly and try not to bust your knees as it could be dangerous.  

Hiking Starting Point: Start your journey by taking Exit B at the MTR Tung Chung Station. From the bus, last stop next to the MTR station, take bus 23 and start your journey at Pak Kung Au.  

7. Lion Rock Peak – Stage 5 of Maclehose Trail

Hong Kong’s skyline is the most amazing view that many tourists die to look for. Along with the mesmerizing view, Lion Rock Peak is also among the demanding spot known for the night lights and hiking. The entire hiking process will take place for about 3.5 to 4 hours, based on the fitness level.

Also, many experienced hikers love to see the steepness of climb whereas the beginners welcome to take the challenge. Lion Rock Peak is the best spot where you can also locate the whole peninsula of Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. 

Also, you can spot monkeys hiding in the trees along the hiking trail. So, keep your camera ready and click a nice selfie with monkeys.

Hiking tip: Use your hand to be on the lasts section of the climb, so do bring your hiking gloves and take a lovely hike ride!

Hiking Starting Point: Reach the Wong Tai Sin MTR station at Exit B3 to start your journey.

8. High Junk Peak

Do not feel that hiking at the Junk Peak in the trail may seem long but actually, it is moderately easy. The high junk peak boasts a beautiful view of Clearwater Bay’s unspoiled beaches and aquamarine waters floating above. The whole hiking process is of 2-3 hours based in the water break and selfie point you choose.

Visit the peak after having a refreshing afternoon tea and follow the trail - Ng Fai Tin > Sheung Yeung Shan > Miu Tsai Tun > High Junk Peak > Tin Ha Shan > Po Toi O.

Hiking Tip: After having a delightful trek, treat yourself with a delectable seafood meal and make your heart’s delight with the cool breeze at the coast to finish your day.

Get to the starting point: Take the Exit B1 of Hang Hau Station, and leave towards the bus station. At the station, you can be seated at the Green Minibus 103 and take your bus towards the Ng Fai Tin stop.

These 8 hiking spots are certainly the ideal choice when you can hike up in the mountains and have a great time. These mountains offer the best peaks and stunning views of the city skyline! 

What are you waiting for? Plan your adventurous journey now and give yourself a feeling of satisfaction after having an exhausting hike.