Hong Kong Can Be Your Perfect Shopping Den!

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Oct 13, 2016

To women, shopping is as tempting as chocolates. Yeah, no kidding, this one word can excite them, make them happy and feel contented if given a chance to do heart-full of it (though, the heart is never full)!

No matter in which corner of the world you take them, your miss perfect will find a way to chop off your budget by investing it in their fancy things. Now that’s called talent ;)

For all those men, to whom shopping and nightmare are quite homonymic I give you a statutory warning, “dare take your lady love to Hong Kong”.  Why? The place is a paradise for shoppers, so don’t blame me if you come back with meager balance in your account! 

Hong Kong offers perhaps the widest and most exclusive range of products, from international luxury goods to local souvenirs that too at mouthwatering prices.

Well, if you are planning or have already landed in the beautiful land of Hong Kong, then make sure that your Madame gets no hint of the shopping spots in and around the city, coz if she gets an idea of what treasure is stored in Hong Kong’s shop, you might get a big shocker looking at the bills!

There are some spots in Hong Kong that might not read “danger” but will make you feel so when your partner will keep on picking stuffs and will keep you behind to pay and carry those shopping bags.  

From jewelry and designer dresses to bags, cosmetics, and perfumes, the city shops have everything that can woo the hearts of shopaholics. Also, you can get great electronics products there. The highlight of the city is the amazing street shops, which are always flooded with shoppers. 

I being your well-wisher will tell you the popular shopping spot that might look like heaven on earth to your pretty lassies. So let’s get started. 

Pacific Place, Hong Kong Island

A mixture of many luxurious stores and some moderately priced stores, Pacific Place is an ideal place to shop the best products. The four-level mall is home to over 130 shops and boutiques. Hmm, means a lot to buy!

Harbour City, Kowloon

Comprised of three different malls namely Ocean Terminal, Ocean Centre and the Gateway Arcade in one the Harbour city mall becomes the largest in the Island city. 

It encompasses more than 450 shops spread over two million square feet of contemporary, light-filled space. Along with retail stores, it also has three posh hotels, two cinemas, and over 50 restaurants. 

Ladies’ Market

Stretched in one kilometer, this local street market is another popular shopping spot in Hong Kong. So if your partner is a true shopaholic and is forcing you to take to a place where she can get all, you be smart and skip this place as here your wealth is in risk ;)

From souvenirs to fancy bags, dresses and cosmetics this place is one stop solution or any crazy shopper. Interestingly, you can also get here copy of all popular brands. 

Temple Street Night Market

It is one of the busiest flea markets in the region. This is the place where you can taste the local cuisine along with loads of shopping. From toys to dresses and from home décor goods to souvenirs you can bag everything from here. 

Flower Market 

Another spot which make you go gaga is the Flower Market, the variety of flowers and plants there can definitely urge you to buy some. You can here get many luck bringing plants too. 

Whether you are interested in cut flowers, potted plants, seeds and bulbs or orchids, you'll surely find something there.

Alright, now that you know the popular shopping spots in Hong Kong, I hope that now you can plan your trip more cautiously! However, you can only try coz when it comes to shopping women find a way for it ;)

It’s time to bid adieu, but will be back with some more enticing blogs about Hong Kong!