Hong Kong Has The Best Unorthodox Cafes For New Age Travellers!

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Oct 26, 2016

Fast music, thrilling speed, sexy bikes and spending heart-warming moments with friends is a perfect life for youngsters today. Guessed right? I know it’s true, coz one thing that attracts every youth is “novelty”, they can’t settle for anything less than new or innovative!

Yeah, youngsters or Gen-Y are the toughest nuts to crack as attracting them is a hard job. Phew!!! They are indecisive and quick and only out of the box ideas attract them. Another thing that excites these new-age people is exploring the world!

These little birds dare to fly high and meet out the world beyond. Gone are the days when only visiting ancient monuments or zoo or the museum was enough, now they want to discover the real place by mingling with people at the local spots. 

If you are one of a kind then Hong Kong is waiting for you. Why Hong Kong? The bustling and lively city is a perfect place for people who like to make their holidays a memorable one.

The place has a lot to offer like shopping, entertainment, careers, attractions, nature activities and not to forget the food! Yes, Food and Hong Kong have a huge connect and you can find cool restaurants at every nook here. 

Although, it not about restaurants that have pulled my attention but the trendy cafes nestled there. Yeah, the place has the best hipster cafes, which include something innovative frequently.

I know that hearing this must have interested you all as these kinds of cafes are less in number round the world. Not many know that cafes in particular are a big trend in Hong Kong, certainly not talking about the regular ones but the theme ones!

From big brand coffee shops to the independent ones, Hong Kong has number of them and trust me each have something unique from the other. Eager to know their names, well just a little more wait and I will tell you everything you need to know about them. 

These café have their own charm and are very unusual from others. Everything there is innovative, some of them have set up it like chemistry class and serve coffee attached in a beaker stand and under it lays a cup to pour in. 

Okay let’s explore these trendy cafes settled in the versatile land of Hong Kong. 

Opendoor Cafe + Courtyard

This café is quite popular amongst youngsters coz here along with friends and family you can bring along your besties too. I am talking about pets. Its menu include gluten free, nut free, organic and vegan offerings, that means this place not only gives you a cool ambiance but also offers you nourishing food. 

18 Grams

Situated near the Ladies’ Market, this place is great to relax after a shopping spree. Not only it serves tasty coffee, but also has a mix bag of mouth-watering food. The cushioned seats allow you to see for a long time having chit chat over cuppa coffee!

Hazel & Hershey

It’s a fun place for coffee lovers, with cute side patio, decent enough service, WIFI, magazines- a perfect place to hangout. Whether its piccolo, a cappuccino or a cafe latte, you can get whatever you want. 

Knockbox Coffee Company

It is termed as the ultimate café in Hong Kong, even though it lacks comfortable sofas, plugs, or even Wi-Fi access still it is the best hipster café of Hong Kong. The artisanal coffees with freshly roasted beans, makes the coffee experience memorable and this place a hit!

Starbucks Coffee with a Bing Sutt twist

Bing Sutt? Well in Cantonese it means Ice Room. It is a traditional coffee house in Hong Kong observed, between 1950 to 1960’s. 

Now coming back to the café; initially the coffee joint from outside looks like any other Starbucks coffee house butt its setup gives you a glimpse of 1950’s. The wooden chairs, marble tables and old-fashioned patterned floor tiles very nicely create a nostalgic retro feel. 

Also, it serves lattes and Starbuck staples, alongside special culinary goodies. 

Alright, I think I have given you enough names to explore and hang out in Hong Kong. To make you more updated about this lovely city, will be back soon!