How Do You Get Discounts On Hotel Rooms and Adventure Activities?

Post by Sameena Farooq | Jul 31, 2019

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As soon as you have set your mind to travel to your favorite destination, it’s time that you must make efforts to take your trip ahead. Generally, the first thing everyone does is to book flight, hotel room and adventurous activities to do. After finalizing these things, you feel confident about your trip. We have curated best ways to book your hotels and adventurous activities to do that’ll let you save plenty on your wallet.

Everyone will agree that travelling is the best activity to do. It lets you learn many new things, make new friends, gain new experiences, and form new stories. Probably, travelling is beyond everything! Those who do not travel might be missing out some major things in life. Many studies show that travelling can improve the overall health of people with the confidence to enhance creativity. 

So, therefore, you must take some time off from your daily tasks and plan time out from your hectic schedule and everyday office pressure at least once in a year. Get near to a new city and manage from open schedule to welcome life with numerous opportunities.

If you need more convincing, then find out ways to book hotel rooms at a discounted price.


You don’t have to pay for an additional amount for hotel bookings. Even better, you have to pay less than the amount others are paying. Know the tricks to book luxurious hotels rooms at a low price:

1.    Look for best hotel deals in business hotels promo code

Many websites believe that business hotels can offer great hotel deals during summers, especially in Europe. The reason is that business gets slow down on weekend at hotels that cater to business travellers and therefore this lead to lowered prices. 

So, if you happen to travel during the summer season then do consider staying at business hotels and get a discount on your bookings. 

2. Search for Coupon Codes promo code

We agree that a hotel does not offer coupon codes and offers regularly but if you will search a coupon provider website, you can find good options. As when the hotels do not offer coupons directly on their page, they may send it to third party booking sites that allow customers to score a cheaper room, within their specified budget. 

CollectOffers provides some unique and special promo code that let the travellers gain a discount on their bookings and make their stay cheaper. For instance, if the promo code is offering 40 per cent off on selected hotels then when you use those coupon codes while booking those sleeted hotels, you will get straightaway 40% discount on the displayed price.

3. Request for a Price Match promo code

Price matches are not available just not for the target shoppers but anyone who wants to book hotels at cheap rates can book. Before booking, you can match the price rates from third-party sites and then come to a conclusion. 

With, things will be much simpler. You can easily compare the prices of other hotels and after finding the most reasonable, just book and propose the cheaper-priced link. You might earn free night like on a booking of 10 nights, you will get one night stay free. It’s not always the price range that matters but by comparing the number of nights on stay for that price will let you make the better decision.

4. Stay Midweek promo code

Though we agree that most of the people plan for an outing and staying at hotels during the weekend, but if you want to get slashed booking rates then avoid staying during Friday and Saturday. As when the demand of the hotel room is huge, the prices automatically go up leading to a costly room. 

Most of the hotels offer reasonable and significant price rates from Sunday through Thursday. This also results in an additional facility like you will get added bonus, vacant pool, restaurants, spas and every other thing will be less busy.  And sometimes, the hotels during this period might offer special offer and discount too.

5. Book a room before the cancellation period promo code

While booking a hotel room always ensure that you are booking within its cancellation period. According to many reports, when booking for hotel, sometimes waiting for the last-minute deal might help you snatch the best price tag.

If you book within the cancellation period, you can cancel the hotel anytime between 24 hours to 48 hours in advance. During this time, the hotel rooms become available at lower rates and it becomes the best option to enjoy the cheap hotel rooms.  

Follow the above tricks and fetch yourself a nice room by saving huge on your wallet.

Now, after booking the cheap hotel room, it’s time to find how to book best activities to do in budget and enjoy your adventure trip.


Have you got a bucket list of your favorite adventure to do? Whether it is hiking in Iceland, paragliding in New Zealand, trekking in Nepal, skydiving in Spain, horse riding in Mongolia, deep-sea diving in Fiji, and sandboarding in Dubai - we have got you quick and easy ways that let you enjoy all these adventures.

It’s time to make all these dreams come true and plan your adventurous trip by prepping up everything in budget.

1.    Travel during the low Season

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Instead of opting to travel during the busy summer months or holiday season, plan your trip in the shoulder season. During this time, you will find affordable options for hotels with full flexibility to book on the go. You can have the best time just between the high season and explore the kind of weather you like that might hamper your travel plans. 

You can get some best online deals from KKday summer activities and book reasonable tour, car rental, and activity prices easily using Kkday discount code.

For instance, if you are travelling Iceland during the peak season then you may find hotel and tour prices super expensive, and the Blue Lagoon is packed is surrounded by tourists. Whereas on the flip side, visiting during the February will be an interesting option as most of the part of winter is over and you may see the daylight and explore the country top activities and tours. 

The Guesthouses and hostels are also available at cheaper and budget rates. Also, the fun activities like glacier hiking and lava-tubing are quite affordable options worth the dollars you’ll save. 

2.    Don’t Risk Going Obvious Destinations

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If your aim is to travel only in budget and don’t want to exceed your budget then you must plan to go to some unpopular places that cater less crowd. Don’t worry there are many places and countries that offer equally amazing adventure tours like instead of skydiving in Dubai, head to Costa Brava in Spain that will cost you almost half the price and save plenty on your favorite sky diving activity.

In the same way, if you want to explore wild night safari and cannot afford the flight to Africa then you can consider exploring the night safari at cheap rates in India at the luxurious Taj Gateway Hotel. You can go there hunting the lion-spot in the forests of Sasan Gir and get mesmerized. Similarly for skiing trip plan a longer trip to Georgia instead of France. 

3.    Book the adventures locally

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If you want to have the best fun and want to try some thrilling adventures but always neglected it because it costs you big budge then you must plan to do something locally. For instance, if you book your activities in advance through a travel agent, then there are chances that you have to pay the premium cost and additional cost separately to the agent. An online aggregator like Kkday or Klook will actually let you book at less price s it cuts the cost of middlemen. 

So when you look for booking activities either directly or waiting to get in the resort then online activity booking portal are the right decision to opt. So, while booking, don’t be afraid to use the discounts and something additional that comes to your way for free as these sites offer you special deals and offer from time to time.

4.    Book with Klook adventure activities

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There are heaps of Klook adventure activities that make travelling and enjoying budget-friendly. You can make your plan to travel any of your preferred destinations whether Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Macau, Seoul, JR Pass, Osaka, Beijing, Tokyo, and many, more destinations of your choice.

You can find some best-discounted attraction tickets, tours with unique experiences, and much more adventurous by booking it using Klook promo code. For further suggestions, book-in destination service at best price by clicking a few taps and get ready to hop on board easily. The travel portal will make your trip one of the most exciting trips and you don’t need an agent to book your tickets.

5.    Bring/buy your own gear

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There are bundles of adventures and activities to do at free of cost. But to save on more money, it’s the best option to bring your own gear and do what you love doing without spending extra on your expense. So, plan what you want to do without having to rent their costly equipment and gears for trekking, climbing, cycling, kayaking, surfing, skydiving or any other activity which can be easily managed with your own gear.

But if you want to have a trip that has associated costs involved– like skiing or down Hill Mountain biking then you will be guaranteed to save with your own gear. The savings will not be some penny to count but you can save almost half of the activity you are planning to do. For example, you are planning to rent basic skis for a week for $100, so even after paying $50 for ski luggage. This means within your budget you can go skiing for two times.  

Follow the above tips to book bests adventurous activities at discounted rates and make your travelling journey much exciting.

Final Words…

Travelling is the best thing anyone can plan to do. Similarly, besides saving plenty of money on hotel bookings and activity bookings, you must look forward to your trip.

But, before you head to aboard, know here a few things that you must keep in mind for a safe vacation:

  • Know the laws about the country and try not to violate them. Start from knowing the basic laws the country you are visiting, especially know about the traffic rules, as violating it might cost you a heavy fine.
  • Learn a few basic words and general greeting in the local language of the country you are travelling to.
  • Keep your documents handy and safeguarded. 
  • The food, weather and habits of the country differ, so it is better that you take precautionary health measures and get health checkups done, especially if you are planning to do any adventurous activity.
  • Gain insight into the foreign country culture.
  • As soon as you arrive at the airport, get your currency converted into the country you have arrived. 
  • Please do not go without travel Insurance. Though it may sound an added expense and time taking thing actually it’s all worth it. As you might injure your leg while skiing then travels insurance will let you all costs covered.
  • Also, keep getting updates about the latest news in the country you are visiting. 

So, keeping these things in mind, plan a hassle-free trip to your favourite destination and make memories of a lifetime.