How To Save Upon Your Visit To Hong Kong Disneyland!

Post by Sayantika Mukherji | Mar 16, 2018

Disneyland the most enamoring place on the earth not only for kids but also for, all the age groups. This amazing place in Hong Kong witnesses the huge footfall of the travelers from various parts of the worlds and this makes them fall for this amazing place. You can actually relive your golden childhood days once you land at this destination.

Hong Kong is an amazing place to stay and witness all sorts of activities and also, experience the complete tranquility. The island named as Lantau Island is located just outside the city and it gives a proper serene aura to its visitors. But, talking about Disneyland specifically gives the travelers the perfect enjoyment, and also makes them happy like never before. 

You can encounter a refreshing environment and this will also lead you to the discovering of the various characters that you are familiar with onscreen. Disney characters you can find there everywhere. Especially if you are visiting there you will have the chance to let your kids meet their favorite Disney characters that will be the best moment for your kids.

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Take a look at the places that will give you the equal feel of excitement


The word is enough to let your innate desire visit this place. This fantasyland lets the visitant's experience the Casey Jr. circus train, Dumbo the flying elephant, Mr. toads wild ride. Peter pan’s fight, royal hall, storybook land canal boats, snow 18white’s scary adventures, theater and many other things. 

Mainstreet USA

This place is famous for the trains and castles. You can enjoy super exciting fun and adventures. All the main streets have the train accept, Tokyo, and Shanghai Disney resort. The most amazing parks and the main street cinemas, the parade are all inclusive of the fun and excitement that you will witness in Mainstreet USA. Disneyland band is also a major attraction of Hong Kong Disneyland.

Toy Story Land

Toy story land is another yet a fun place to enjoy all other activities and witness the famous characters and toons in reality. This place was opened in November 2011. You can also take the amazing view of the roller coaster. You can enjoy the best of the activities and lifetime enjoyment.


The land of technology and the vision of future. This place is specially designed for the kids to seek knowledge related to various scientific theories and other scientific facts. The visuals displayed here is really mesmerizing and inexplicable. You can definitely visit to know about the growth and achievements of our science.

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