How You Should Select Watches For Men And Women Online!

Post by Sameena Farooq | Jun 13, 2018

Watches have become a trend in every class of people. Whether you are a professional working class or a college-going student; a watch is a must style trend that must be worn out to look trendy. 

Even when talking about what that whether men prefers watch or women then straightway both stands out. Yes, no one is lesser than any other person when it comes to shopping for a watch and wearing them. You can choose Zalora for shopping best watches online and get it deliver to your doorstep. This post will definitely help you find best watches to buy in the year 2018 and make your casual look stand out.

In recent times, the watch trend got highlighted so much that they are already sprung up in the market. There are so many brand and designs options you can choose and let it wear at any event or occasion. 

Now, the watches designs and style do not differ between men and women. About both the class prefer wearing same style watches and design. 

When you are shopping a watch, make sure you see these following points that just how men and women watch differ. 

The size

We know the fact that men prefer to wear a heavy watch that has large designs and dial. Men usually prefer to wear these watches while women prefer to choose lighter and smaller ones. You can take for example the Citizen Skyhawk watch, it is quite big in size and most men prefer to wear it and not women. One more reason for this is because it doesn't offer too many features for a women's version as there are too many features on a watch that would be not required for women's watch market. 

The design

The women and men watch are very different and unique in their own style. Whether due to colours, designs and decorations or more. Men usually prefer dark and plain colour watch like typical black as well as silver, and some are gold or two tones. But when women shop watches, they mostly prefer more types of colours such as red-colored, pink, ruby, etc and often those watches that have a mother of pearl dials. 

Also, the design also differs in choosing the watch like men prefer to have simpler and organic watches while the women prefer to have the one made with delicacy. In addition, the patterns and decorations of the watch also have a great influence on the watches’ look. While women prefer to have a watch set up with diamonds, which will help them make them look more elegant as well as precious than the men’s one, as men watches do not have diamonds and extra decorations. 

The function

When talking about choosing a watch based on its specification and features then hands down men prefer more functional and features watch. This can be the reason that men watches have more functions and specifications, unlike women's watches. Calendar and stopwatch can be some basic features which every men watch has and which is the neccessary priority of men s too before buying a watch. 

However, more functions in a watch will make the actual watch look much more complicated although some do that with style like Citizen watches for men.


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