Latest Travel Trends to Watch Out This Year

Post by Sameena Farooq | Aug 19, 2019



One best way to make your travel trip interesting is to watch out the latest trends for travelling and plan to explore popular places. When you step ahead in booking your travel deals, the latest travel trend list will give you insight into things to try for a joyous time.


Getting details about tour and activity operators is a challenging task to find the current travel trend and statistics data without having to research across the web. In this post, you will find about the travel and tourism trends in 2019 that makes it easy to understand more deeply about what things to follow and what things to ignore.


Get ready for a memorable summer travel trip and expect many adventure travel opportunities.


1. Hot destination


According to many expert travel sites like Lonely Planet, Klook, Kkday and many other portals, it records that besides just the beautiful beaches, many other places make one of the favourite spots to travel. Check about the trendiest travel destinations you will want to see in the coming future.


Greece is among our top destination to travel this year as it has the best opportunities for both worlds. Visitors can relax on the beach and then on the next day head to ancient ruins.


Among other destinations - Denmark, Italy, New Zealand, Germany, France, Singapore, Mexico are among the hot destinations in the world where you can plan your dream vacation. You can be ready with amazing opportunities by booking the best Klook adventure activities to do in these places.


The below chart will give you better insight into what are the popular and most visited places in the world since 1950.



2. Ecological and educational tours are in demand


If you love spending time in nature then ecological tours are also one of the demanding tour preferred by many travellers. It is a rare experience that educates you about the ecological community and nature. Tours can help you gain insight on how to protect nature. Fund your adventure tour such as forest or animal surroundings restorations for a better cause.


3. Driven by wellness


The wellness tourism will rise rapidly in the next few years and with the aims in meeting the general tourism twice what is today and is expected to reach $919 billion in 2022 from the $639 billion in 2017.

This also creates a need for spa resort and fitness-centric resorts and hotels that make travelling more exciting leaving you rejuvenated and surrounded by better lifestyle. You can choose a cosy and budget-friendly resort for yourself using Kkday promo code on your bookings.


4. Last-minute bookings are increasing


In the global tourism trends 2019, about 30% of participants say that last-minute booking was the most common trend for their business. Booking data by CollectOffers even show a reservation for tours and activities lasted for 1 to 4 hours just before the arrival.


It was reported that booking was made 13 days advance. This trend makes it difficult for tour and activity operator to find the best time as it depends on the weather mainly.


5. Booking in advance is chosen for multi-day tours


There have been more inclination towards the multi-day tour. Some prefer to book in advance and is considered a preferred option for many travellers. It is a more convenient option for travellers to spend time in planning various activities. Use Klook promo code to reserve your multi-day tour activities and experience the best vacation.


So, as soon as you are ready to leave in for a vacation, plan a journey that stays on your mind and locate all the trendy and better way to enjoy with these above travel trends.