Let Classical Chinese Style Blend In Your Modern Home This Chinese New Year

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Jan 23, 2017

Spring Festival is on the way. As Chinese New Year approaches, home is dressed in their holiday best just like in the West at Christmas time. You’ll see red and gold everywhere around you. Bright lanterns and auspicious plants and flowers are the hallmarks of the season, heralding the arrival of the largest and most important festival of the year.

Although people begin to decorate their home 1o days before the CNY Eve. If you're panicking because the only festive-related home decor you have is the dead kumquat tree from last year, don't fuss. There are few traditional decorations that are used in Chinese New Year which hold specific symbols that are must to keep in the house inside or outside.

Add a festive touch to your home just with few things-

Chinese Red LanternsHanging a red lantern is believed to kick off the bad luck and negative vibes from your home. You can hang it at your door or if want to try something else, hang it on the window or keep it at the entry gate.

Door CoupletsExpress your good wishes and statements on these couplets. It is affixed on sides of the doorway. Many times, they are about spring arrival poems. Some are statements about believes of residents in harmony or prosperity.

Paper CuttingIt is the art of cutting designs out of paper. Pasting a paper cutting on contrasting or transparent background signifies luck and happiness. It can be of any color, but typically red for Spring Festival. 

FirecrackersAccording to customs, firecrackers are lit in front of the house to scare evil spirits away. Rather than just burning them, grab a cracker garland and hang in the front door.

Blooming FlowersThe festival is called a Spring Festivals, and the flowers symbolize the coming of spring and wishes for a prosperous new year. Most popular traditional blooming plants are orchids, branches of plum blossoms, peach blossom, peonies.

And you're done with all the decoration for the festival. Wish you all the luck for the Rooster Year.


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