Let’s Observe What Hong Kong’s Street Have To Say To Us?

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Jan 11, 2017

The best part about traveling is exploring the local lifestyle of that place not by getting indulged in just site seeing but also visiting the local places. Yeah, Hong Kong is a model of contemporary place with an essence of old values and culture, hence there is a lot to be explored but to get into the skin of this city you must stroll around its alleys and feel the essence. 

The local street markets are the best thing to explore when traveling somewhere as here you can experience the real culture, the dialect, the food and traditional elements. So when visiting the lovely city of Hong Kong don’t miss to walk down its alleys. 

Trust us, you will enjoy looking at the fancy things available in the city, meeting the real crowd, not the ornate one which you see at posh hotels and resorts. Must be excited to stroll down the streets of Hong Kong, let us suggest you the names of the most popular street and their popular things. 

Temple Street

It is a perfect place to eat and shop. Yeah, it’s a place where you can taste local delicacies and then calm down your shopping hunger with ample of bargain opportunity. 

You can find lots of stalls serving unique snacks, and clusters of fortune tellers offering palm readings, face readings, and tarot cards. Also, you can enjoy there Cantonese opera near Tin Hau Temple. 

Ap Liu Street

Paradise for gadget lovers as here you can buy gadgets and electronics at reasonable rates. You can also find toys and gifts for children, antiques, watches, coins, and clothing here. 

Going there is not difficult as it is about 3 kms away from north of Temple Street where you can be via MTR. 

Lascar Row

Also called as Cat Street, is separated into Upper Lascar Row and Lower Lascar Row by the Lok Ku Road intersection and here you can find number of antique shops. 

You can find there oriental antiques, including porcelain, jewelry, silk, fabrics, coins, jade articles, copperware, embroidery, paintings, and wooden works of art.

Hollywood Road

This is an interesting street as here you can see the amalgamation of east and west. Here you can buy Chinese-style furniture, scroll paintings/calligraphy, and porcelain. Also, you can find antique electronic fans, phonographs, watches, lighters from Western countries and gold, silver, jewelry, and much more. 

Seafood Street Market

Seafood lovers can get here a variety of dried seafood including dried abalone, dried scallops, dried sea shrimp, and dried fins. Besides various dried seafood, you can also shop dried medicinal materials, cured meat and much more at mouthwatering rates. 

Okay, these were few popular streets and a market to stroll around as here lies the real Hong Kong.