Luxury Hotels To Check-In To Make Your Travel To Hong Kong Relaxing!

Post by Tuba Qureshi | Jun 14, 2018


Hong Kong is a jigsaw of islands, home to the mesmerizing seaside charm and the very famous landmark, the Disneyland. The warm friendly local, the incredible tourist attractions, mega shopping centers, restaurants, lively nightlife and lavish hotels, Hong Kong is a perfect travel destination for people of all ages. So whether, you are planning to take your family on a vacation to Disneyland or simply want to explore the breathtaking beauty or simply wish to explore a new culture, people, and place, you must plan a holiday in Hong Kong at least once in a lifetime. 

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Gold Coast Hotel!


The Only bonafide resort hotel in Hong Kong with a spectacular seaside location, dotted with a private beach is the Gold Coast Hotel. Offering a fantastic location on the coast of Southern New Territories, the hotel is a five-star rated hotel providing exclusive hospitality facilities and services including all-suite accommodation, ocean-sized swimming pool surrounded by palm trees, landscaped gardens, kid's play area and tennis courts.

Silvermine Beach Hotel!


Yet another luxury beach hotels, you must consider to check-in for a comfortable accommodation while traveling to Hong Kong this holidays season, is the Silvermine Beach Hotel. The shiny brown office desks and floral curtains at the reception indeed provide Silvermine a splash of the eighties. Furthermore, its elegantly designed and well-furnished with all modern amenities, spacious guestrooms allows you make the most of vacation. Tennis courts, outdoor swimming pool, and sauna are some other hotels amenities, you will be enjoying over here.

Disneyland Hotel, Hong Kong!


A luxury resort located with the close proximity of Disneyland, the Disneyland hotel is decked out from toe to tail in Disney regalia. Designed in mock Victorian style and plastered with wonderful Disney fittings and fixtures, the hotel is well set up for relaxation and rest. From full-service modern spa to outdoor & indoor pools to basketball & tennis courts to in-house restaurants offering satisfying meals to the lavish guestroom, you will find everything at your doorstep over here. 

So, these are the top rated hotels you must choose to check-in, in order to make your trip to Hong Kong relaxing and worth-memorable.

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