No Paucity Of Food When Staying In Hong Kong! Experience Food Cosmic With Amalgamating Cuisines!

Post by Sayantika Mukherji | Apr 20, 2017

Getting scrumpy with the above displayed feature image? laughs* why not? Anybody can go scrumpy getting such blinks of food. Taking forward this craving and making your mouth more watery I will be taking you to the drive of succulence that would make you stand upon your toes and get ready to grab some amzaing delicacies of Hong Kong! Hong Kong has never disappointed in terms of food and if your are thinking that to have some sort of scrumptious food you got to pay heavy pennys then let me break the glass of your imagination. Hong Kong is the city where nobody could experience paucity of food and street foods are the major attractions of the city. All the time visiting the elite restaurants are something to be experienced once in a while but the street foods taste will drag you always towards the food stalls. Street food completely satisfies your soul, letting you go crave for more and more of such succulence. Why food has been emphasized because soul satisfactory food upshots positively. Isn't it?

Let's dive into the bragging of in Hong Kong city:

Sichuan Uprising

Sweet and sour taste of chicken has always laid an identity in many cosmopolitan cities. But the irresistable Hot and sour taste of Sichuan is the uprisng trend regarding food at Hong Kong. This dish has earned many stars and upraisals that now it is considered as the must tasted dish if visiting Hong Kong.

Grocerant an astonishing fusion

Now here why I mentioned fusion is beacause this term "Grocerant" is the combination of grocery stores and Restaurants. Where there is a space which has been acquired to sell fresh foods and are cooked by the chefs that are there at grocery stores to whip up the meal for shoppers.

Indian cuisine with no spoons or forks:

Indian cuisine is always known for it's bold and proud taste and not to forget the food that you eat by using your hands which sprinkles the authenticity of Indian cuisine is now not only limited to India but has winged up in many countries world wide specially Hong Kong.

Bowl served as consumers plate

Gone are those days when consuming the food in the plates where considere elite. Now a days bowls is completely giving away the shape to the perfect food held cravings at Hong Kong where food is served in bowls.

Mocktail Mixing:

This is the new technique being used to add up the flavour to the drinks so that rather than consuming drinks that ruins up your body it's better to consume the drink that is the fusion of juices, fresh citrus fruits and litght sweeteners that vitalises the mood and keeps you fresh.

So enjoy your travel days with great delectable taste at Hong Kong!!