Partake In Extravaganza During Chinese New Year In Hong Kong

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Jan 19, 2017

The Chinese New Year is just here. And consider yourself in the list of lucky ones if you’re traveling Hong Kong during the festivity time. The place's biggest celebration is mixed of vibrant colors, old traditions and beliefs with new customs of the young’s. It is next to impossible not to be caught in the liveliness as you scroll through the vibrant streets, crowded temples and festive markets selling auspicious food, blooms and shock-red lanterns.

The festival is celebrated on the first moon of Lunar Calendar. And this time of the year is great to travel and have incredible experiences and fun in Hong Kong. Experience the Chinese New Year like never before. You’ll definitely be astounded with stunning fireworks, parades, festive markets, lip-smacking cuisine and so much more. But above the all, the red lanterns lighting up the city makes it an even more magical experience than you can imagine.

The 15 days festival is full of activities and incredible things that one should see and do ones in their life. Better not to miss the opportunity to get into the festive vibes of Hong Kong during Spring Festival holidays to have never forgotten the moment. We’ve getting you a list of things that shouldn’t be missed during CNY, scroll down-

The parade here is held on the evening of New Year's Day and winds through the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui. CNY parade is a classic feature of colorful floats, marching band, acrobats, lively dragons, traditional dancers, drummers, Chinese lions and incredible firecrackers. There will be traditional lion dancers along with the colorful dragons.

The CNY firework is the main attraction to enjoy there on the second day of spring festival holiday. The Victoria Harbour is scheduled to roar with half-hour firework display with laser and choreographed building lights. It can be seen from both sides of the harbour.

Lion dance and dragon parade is an essential part of the celebration. This art is for more than thousand years. Besides being incredible acrobatic performances, it is believed that the Lions and the accompanying revelry of drums, gongs and firecrackers, will scare away the bad spirits. It is performed just about everywhere.

Spring Lantern Festival falls on the 15th day of lunar month. Hong Kong is a beautiful sight during this event, when colorful lanterns are hung in parks, flower markets and restaurants.

Chinese New Year is a busy time to travel. So it’ll be best to reserve all transportation and accommodations earlier.